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september, 2011 (7 Photos)
Lake photos
summer (1 Photos)
A photo of a large lake ship from my backyard
spring (4 Photos)
A violent rain and wind storm came through Lakewood. It blew down a pine tree right next to my building.
Winter Weather (15 Photos)

I was looking at my backyard today and was taken by the frozen lake. I thought it would be cool to take some photos of it. These are the result.

Tenant Meeting 1/4/11 (15 Photos)

A tenant meeting was held January 4, 2011 at Lakeshore Towers. It was attended by two Lakewood Councilwoman and a representative from Clevelands Tenant's Organization. The meeting was to introduce new tenant candidates, as well as having the current tenant members present.

Christmas Eve 2010 (10 Photos)

I walked down Clifton Blvd. and Lake Avenue to get some nice Christmas Eve pictures. It was a little cold, but I think I got some good ones.

Cove Methodist Church (17 Photos)
The Christmas Music Festival at Cove Methodist Church on Sunday evening at 7:00 P.M. It included choirs from Cove UMC, Oberlin UMC, and Lakewood Christian Church. There were also performances by the Cove UMC bell choir and many others
Virginia Marti (21 Photos)
The Virginia Marti College of Art and Design was holding their annual Christmas Window unveiling on the evening of November 23. There were numerous guest and students attending the festivities.
fall color (3 Photos)
Just a few pictures of the trees in the backyard of my apartment building. I wanted to save some art before the snows come.
Veterans Day (14 Photos)

The Lakewood Veterans Day Celebration on November 11 at Lakewood Park.

pine tree (1 Photos)

A close up photo of a pine tree branch blooming last spring. With the cold weather about to start, I thought it would be nice to remember the nicer spring weather.

ivied building (2 Photos)

The building across the street from mine, on Edgewater Drive. I took a photo of it on July, 2010, and one on October, 2010. I wanted to show the color change of the ivy crawling up the building. I kind of think it makes a kind of a nice land scape.

halloween party (7 Photos)
Lakeshore Towers thru a Halloween Party on Saturday evening. Here are a few shots of some of the tenants at the party.
soccer (8 Photos)

The Lakewood Rangers were having a soccer tournament match against the Avon Lake Shoremen on Thursday evening on the 21st. Unfortunatly, Lakewood lost the match, 2 to 0. The game was held on a cold and rainy night.

deer (1 Photos)

A Doe and her Fawn were in my backyard, at Fawn Lake Apartments, on Thursday, the 21st. I was able to get a picture of them. The picture looks a little blue because of the overcast and the threat of rain.

choral symposium (34 Photos)

Lakewood High School and Mentor High School conducted a Choral Symposium at Lakewood High School on October 19, 2010. The singing was outstanding, and so was the orchestra of violins, a cello and keyboard. There was also some piano music done for the Mentor High school choir.

spooky pooch (12 Photos)

The Spooky Pooch celebration in downtown Lakewood on October 16, 2010. There were dogs and owners on Marlow.

Lakewood Schools Spirit Parade (20 Photos)
The Lakewood Schools Spirit Parade, starting at Lakewood Park. It went down Belle Ave. to Clifton, east on Clifton to Bunts and then to the High School.
lake/ocean (4 Photos)

Lake Erie looked like the ocean on Thursday afternnoon on the 14th of October. I took some pictures to save the image. I always dug seeing the Atlantic Ocean, and these waves, and the sound brought back good memories.

Flea Market (6 Photos)

The annual Flea Market held at Lakeshore Towers on October 9, 2010. These are shots of some of the tenants selling items during the Market.

firefighters (10 Photos)
Lakewood had a Fallen Firefighters Ceremony At Station 1 on Sunday, October 3, 2010. I got there a little late but still got some good photos of the festivities.
storm (1 Photos)

A winter storm shot at Huntington Beach about 6 years ago. I saved this picture because I think it's a strong sea scape.

Recess Rocks (22 Photos)

Recess Rocks is a chance for kids to try a number of different sports. Soccer and basketball are the most popular.

lakewood walk (20 Photos)

I took a walk down Lake Avenue on Wednesday, September 22, in the early afternoon. I was going to Lakewood Park, and photographed some of the houses on the way.My wife and I lived at Hampton House, an apartment building in Cleveland near West Boulevard in the mid 70's. We used to drive thru Lakewood and admire the homes. At the park, I focused on some of the military memorials. On the way back, I took a picture of a lawn worker, and John Zappala.

birds (10 Photos)

Birds in the backyard of my building. Mainly geese, with one hawk. I think the geese are going to be migrating south and the hawk was shopping for some food.

tenent assoc. meeting (6 Photos)

The monthly Tenent Association Meeting at Lakeshore Towers on September 14, 2010. The meeting was attended by Lakewood councilwomen Mary Louise Madigan. She is the Ward 4 council, which represent Lakeshore Towers. She has had many complaints from the building and came to find out what's wrong. She listened to tenant complaints and discovered communication problems with management. She said she can't give legal advise because she isn't a lawyer, but gave good suggestions to the people about what they can do to help solve these problems.

pine tree (1 Photos)
Just a close up shot of a pine tree branch in my buildings front yard.
Golden Knights (16 Photos)

The Army Golden Knight parachute to jump at Lakewood High School. Unfortunitly, the wind was too high, so they had to cancel. But the parachutests came later to talk to the students, and stayed for lunch at the cafeteria.

air show II (10 Photos)

The Sunday Cleveland Air Show on a sunny afternoon

airshow (4 Photos)

A first dayshooting the Navy Blue Angles on a cloudy Saturday.

porches (6 Photos)
On September 1, 2010, the Lakewood Historical Society held a talk about the history of porches in the U.S. It was attended by a large crowd at the Lakewood Library Autitorium.
East End Corridor Project (18 Photos)

On Saturday, August 21, A large group of Lakewood residents gathered at Madison Park to discuss the East End Corridor Project. It was well attended and refreshments were served.

Madison Park (11 Photos)

Friends of Madison Park painting project. On Saturday, August 21, a group of Lakewood residents gathered to repaint the parking lot fences at Madison Park. It was a fine group of people doing a worthwhile project.

Hometown Band (18 Photos)

The Lakewood Hometown Band performed it's final concert of the 2010 season at Lakewood Park Bandstand on the evening of August 8, 2010. It was a beautiful evening and the orchestra performed wonderfully. There was a good size crowd and all seemed to appreciate the efforts of the " Hometown Band."

art fair (12 Photos)

The Lakewood Art Fair on Detroit Avenue on August 7, 2010. A variety of different art venues from artist from all over.

"Jazz you like it" (16 Photos)

Jazz group at The Waterbury Coach House on August 6. Doris long, singer,Drene Ivy,Keyboards, John Pastriak,drums, and Dallas Coffey, bass. They did a really great show at the Coach House, enjoyed by all.

jack mizenko (7 Photos)

Jack Mizenkom playing with his band at the Root Cafe on Monday, August 2. With Jack is Mark Ronan, in the red shirt and Tim Askin in the beige t-shirt. They were playing classic rock on string guitars and a mandolin. Jack plays at the Root Cafe every Monday, starting at 8 p.m. He puts on a great show .

storm clouds (3 Photos)

Pictures of storm clouds over Lake Erie on the evening of the 23rd

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