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2014 4th of July Parade (26 Photos)

Misc photos from today's parade.

taken by Mary Breiner

Fourth of July (12 Photos)
LEAF (6 Photos)
Halloween 2010 (17 Photos)
Trick or Treaters on Homewood Dr.
Spirit Parade 2010 (25 Photos)
Lakewood House Tour (1 Photos)
Homewood Drive ladies headed out to the 2010 House Tour.
Misc (1 Photos)
Clifton Beach at sunset
Meet the Trucks (15 Photos)
Summer Days (1 Photos)
Fiona,Grace, Hannah, Mollie and Emily were busy over the holiday weekend selling koolaid to passersby.
Ambulance Chase (15 Photos)
Rutabaga Nights (18 Photos)
February (4 Photos)
Miscellaneous photos in and around Lakewood.
Light Up Lakewood (2 Photos)
November (5 Photos)
October (1 Photos)
Spooky Pooch Parade (21 Photos)
VoteToday Ohio (1 Photos)
Ohio's "Golden Week" (Sept. 30 - Oct. 6)was an opportunity to REGISTER and VOTE in the same day. Three young women from Brooklyn NY, Soo Na, Amy and Ani drove to Ohio to help with the push to get people registered to vote. They stayed with a Lakewood family and managed to squeeze in a visit to Flower Child, Aladdin's and Phnom Penh. They thought Lakewood was very picturesque and loved the walkability. Being from NewYork they were also exited about seeing trees...yes trees! Amy was impressed with how appproachable and friendly people were to them. Yes, they will come back again.
Mary Breiner's photos (1 Photos)
LHS today commemorating 9/11
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