Raising the Celeste Purple Martin House

The Purple Martin House went up today! Here are some pictures. A big Thank You to Jim O'Reilly, Stephen Yusko, Lakewood Park manager Kurt Matej and his staff (Mike McCarthy, Pat Slife and Brian O'Boyle), Lakewoods Miracle Autobody, Mayor Mike Summers, and the Lakewood Foundation for the help provided. More work is needed to complete the project including pole repairs (or replacement) and more painting. The plan is to bring the house down in the Fall after the Purple Martins have left for Brazil and complete the needed work. Please see the below for more information: http://thelakewoodfoundation.org/affiliates/stephen-and-margaret-dubiel-lakewood-urban-bird-fund

(click photo to enlarge)

  • The winch for raising and lowering the Purple Martin house in need of replacement or repair.

  • Early this morning before the house was installed

  • Mayor Mike Summers and Stephen Yusko

  • Mayor Summers,Lakewood Park manager Kurt Matej, and Stephen Yusko.

  • Mayor Summers and Jim O'Reilly

  • Stephen Yusko and Mayor Summers

  • Lakewood Park staff getting ready to lower the mount for the house. Hard working guys. Thanks for the help.

  • Mayor Summers, Jim O'Reilly, and Stephen Yusko

  • Close up of the many doors. Each one is able to open and allow for cleaning.

  • The antenna Stephen Yusko made to replace the old broken antenna.

  • Stephen Yusko and Mayor Summers

  • Mayor Summers taking a picture of one of the rooms.

  • The stainless steel bolt and washer that holds the house to the pole

  • The house was pulled from Jim's truck and onto the Bobcat. Soon to be lifted into place.

  • Getting ready to be slid into place

  • From below you can see the house is in place and will sit on the round metal support. The wood pallet will be removed.

  • Stephen Yusko is ready to remove the straps and drop the wood pallet material. It's in place now.

  • Snugging up that stainless nut ...

  • It's in place now. Just needs to be raised.

  • Mayor Summers learning some more history about the Celeste Purple Martin House from Jim O'Reilly

  • The soon-to-be-added sign

  • One last check on the railing by Stephen Yusko

  • A couple more feet to go

  • Mayor Summers and Jim O'Reilly admiring the Celeste Purple Martin House

  • Sparrows aren't wasting any time invading

  • The Celeste Purple Martin House raised and waiting for this years Purple Martins.

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