February 2012

Photos in and around Lakewood Febriary 2012. All photos are the property of the Lakewood Observer.

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  • 02.11.2012

  • 02.11.2012

  • 02.11.2012

  • Sunset 02.12.2012

  • 02.12.2012

  • Lights at Manor Park coming down.

  • Birth of a new day on Lake Road.

  • Photo of Cleveland from Lakewood's Pier W Restaurant.

  • Photo of Cleveland from Lakewood's Pier W Restaurant.

  • Armed robbery in the muni lot between Warren Road and Cook Ave.

  • The police with two suspects arrested and the car surrounded. A third was caught blocks from the scene.

  • Rufner Towing removes a sewer grate where the make in the blue was seen going twice and bending over.

  • Office pulling from the swer things on the surface, Drugs, and more drugs.

  • A call comes in Hayes School Surrounded by Police!

  • Ahhhhh, WEB's K9 Units praticing in the emoty school to find all sorts of items. Carry on nothing to see hear.

  • Party for the launch of Clifton Pointe, by Adobe, at their Eleven River. In the photo are Dru Silley, Rhonda and Mike Loje, and a bunch of other people.

  • Lakewood's Mayor Mike Summers goes back to his football days with my old partner and Cleveland Browns legend Hanford Dixon.

  • Lakewood celebs everywhere.

  • Top Dawg Handford Dixon checks out the Mayor's Biceps while hearing about Mike's grid iron days.

  • Lakewood Alive's Ian Andrews, with me

  • Ian, "What is your problem?

  • Handford with County Council Member Dale Miller

  • Brian McMahon, stops by Lakewood, on his way to getting some old vinyl repressed, of some of his various bands music. Brian was 1/3 of the seminal punk band the electric eels, which is often given credit as being the first punk bands in the world. Right here from Lakewood!

  • Jupiter, the Moon, Venus, and Uranus above the Emerald Canyon 02.26.2012

  • At the front gate of Cain Park in Cleveland Heights at midnight, on a hot fall night, months after concert season. Walking around, talking about parks, music, cities, and life.

  • Wlaking through the back on Cain Park at midnight.

  • With a flash

  • Walking into the park, we run into more life.

  • 02.29.12

  • Mars above the city of Cleveland as a storm rolls in. 02.29.2012

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