Lakewood's Lost Or Endangered Treasures

Here are six photos reflecting what Lakewood either has lost, or may lose soon. I decided to post at this time (12-23-09) because the building formerly housing Lakewood Christian Church was being demolished today, and I thought of the people and places around here... not that long ago...

(click photo to enlarge)

  • My former classroom at Madison School 2005
  • Old Harding's last days. Former Harding teacher Robert Rice standing in front of the soon-to-be-gone old Harding 2007
  • The former 1870 historic Matthew Hall house is reduced to kindling wood 2007
  • Former Lakewood Library director Kenneth Warren departs from the helm of the library earlier this year
  • The former Lakewood Christian Church building being reduced to a brickpile two days before Christmas 2009
  • Will St. James be next?
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