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Lakewood's 2016 Strategic Objectives (25 Photos)

On Wednesday evening, March 25th, 2016, Lakewood's Mayor Michael P. Summers addressed the City at Lakewood Masonic Temple regarding the State of our City, and strategic objectives for the future- with the four primary goals being vibrant neighborhoods, economic development, safety and security, and sound governance. In attendance on this rainy evening were members of City Council, city officials and Judge Carroll, as well as Lakewood School Board members, regional officials, and a nice crowd of interested Lakewoodites.

Topics covered included quality-of-life issues, customer service issues, housing improvements, public infrastructure investment, and health, wellness, safety, and environmental stewardship concerns.

During the question and answer session that followed, there were several questions regarding why the hospital situation happened. The Mayor was engaging, polite, expansive, and forthright in his responses. He called to mind his past business experiences, particularly with respect to anticipating future trends and it was his concern that medical trends were changing as well. He stated that, (as he had done with his past business issues) he had felt the need to proactively get ahead of the medical issue in our city. Among other facts, he noted that 94% of Lakewood Hospital services were already out-patient in any case, and that around 20% of Lakewoodites had been referred to Metro as well. His thinking regarding the hospital revolved around the question of its viability before coming to the conclusion that "doing nothing was not an option". He regretted the loss of many medical jobs, but also stated that many hospital jobs were transferred to other facilities, and that Lakewood was being proactive in attracting a number of new jobs already, medical and otherwise. 

The mayor also addressed the issues of rental properties, Detroit Avenue congestion, and new business development. As he concluded his remarks with a video from the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce, he received a very loud and long ovation.

A group of around twenty-five Save Lakewood Hospital people picketed outside of the Temple, prior to the presentation. 


LHS Class of '70 and HAZE rock on! (32 Photos)

Last night, after a stellar weekend commencing Friday at the Rock Hall, Lakewood High's Class of 1970 concluded their 40th anniversary celebration at Lakewood's Around the Corner restaurant, with a reunion of the famous and fabulous HAZE rock band. Current band mates included bassist Rick Wager, drummer Declan Simon, guitarist Paul Robinson, and guitarist John Brite, and they thrilled the crowd! The band had played for the class back in 1970, as well. What a night for all concerned!!! (Dig the utterly cool "LHS" spelled out on Paul's three guitar pickup covers!

(All photos by Gary Rice)

St. James, 6-20-10...after Mass... (18 Photos)

After St. James Church's Sunday Mass yesterday, I took some pictures around the church's interior. From the statue of the Blessed Virgin, to the intimate confessional, to the stool that Father John sometimes used for his homilies...memories abound in the hearts of Lakewoodites who will always remember this sacred place.

Lakewood's Lost Or Endangered Treasures (6 Photos)
Here are six photos reflecting what Lakewood either has lost, or may lose soon. I decided to post at this time (12-23-09) because the building formerly housing Lakewood Christian Church was being demolished today, and I thought of the people and places around here... not that long ago...
Lakewood Senior Health Care Center Hosts Council-at-large Candidate Forum (1 Photos)
Lakewood Senior Health Center Hosts Council-at-large Candidate Forum On Wednesday, October 7th, 2009, all six candidates for Lakewood's Council-at-large positions were present at the Lakewood Senior Health Center. Three openings are to be filled as a result of the election in November. Present were (left to right) Brian Powers, Jared K. Shapiro, Ryan Patrick Demro, Lakewood Senior Health Care Administrator Jason Coe, Daniel E. Shields, Monique Smith, and Nickie J. Antonio. Each was warmly received by an attentive audience. Each candidate was allotted five minutes' presentation time; after which, a question and answer period was provided. Photo-Property of Gary Rice
Rock Hall hosts Les Paul! (15 Photos)
The 13th Annual American Music Masters event was held from Nov 10-15 at the Rock Hall and around town. The event was sponsored by the Hall, as well as by CWRU, Gibson Guitars, Playhouse Square, the Ohio Humanities Council, and the Cuyahoga County Public Library. Here are some shots of the event. Photos property of Gary Rice
On A Cool November Morning...Sarah Palin Visits Lakewood. (16 Photos)
On Monday, November 3rd, Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin arrived at Lakewood Park to speak. Governor Palin was accompanied by her husband, and Ohio Senator George Voinovich. Photos by Bob and Gary Rice
LO Mahall's Party 1-20-08 (17 Photos)
Observers and friends gather at the Lakewood Observer Party to benefit the Lakewood Christian Service Center
The New Lakewood! Thanks Tom, Ed, and everyone! (19 Photos)
I decided to take a drive with my camera today, and take some shots of a few of the many things going on in Lakewood nowadays under the leadership of Mayor Tom George, and of course, with the help of Ed and the rest of the city council, the school board, and the many involved and interested citizens of our community. When we think of our new library, schools, and the many construction projects and public works developments presently going on, I have to say that I'm glad to be a Lakewoodite, and I hope that you all are too!

Robert Rice honored by Harding School (2 Photos)
Former Harding Band, Orchestra, and Choir Director Robert R. Rice was honored on Thursday, May 17th, at the school's concert.

Mr. Rice received a Proclamation naming the day "Robert Rice Day" in Lakewood from Mayor Thomas George's office, as well as receiving a congressional recognition from Congressman Dennis Kucinich's office.

Rice wrote "The Harding March" for the school years ago. Present Harding Band Director Brian Griebel, invited Mr. Rice back to direct the tune.

It was a night of memories.
It was accompanied by a chorus, and the audience was then invited to sing along.
Adventures with the banjo (8 Photos)
Over the years, I've had the opportunity to play my banjo for quite a few different people. Here are a few shots of me and my banjo through the years.
Gary through the ages (7 Photos)
All of us change as we go through life. Hopefully, you will enjoy this whimsical journey through my own musical decades.
Artsy-Craftsy Photos (3 Photos)
Here are a few of my still life photos from years ago
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