Filming of The Avengers

Marvel's upcoming film The Avengers, slated for a Summer 2012 release, is filming in the Cleveland area through the end of August. As one of a total of 7 movies being filmed in the area, bringing upwards of $90 Million into the area's economy, The Avengers boasts a $250 Million budget. (David Lay/The Lakewood Observer)

(click photo to enlarge)

  • Military reinforcements have arrived...
  • Is it real...or is it a foam prop?
  • Extras waiting in the alley. They look a little worse for wear...
  • Moving a very large light diffuser into place...
  • Straight-shot view of the Director's Booth.
  • Captain America's stunt double? Nope.
  • We were allowed to get surprisingly close!
  • Setting up the perfect shot.
  • OK, so where's Jon Favreau?
  • No ramp? No problem. Just use a Forklift!
  • Captain America's stunt double (really!) with a female fan. How about those jeans?
  • Who let the Traffic Cops on set?
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