RNC July 20

Today was invigorating. The energy in Cleveland this week is unreal. I personally witnessed an attempt to burn the American flag, a man trying to instigate fighting (which I will talk more about), wonderful musicians performing around town, and the constant presence of police officers keeping us safe.

One thing I had a hard time seeing was the blatantly sexist anti-Hillary propaganda and merchandise being sold around town. She was reduced to body parts and her husbands past mistakes. T-shirts with sexual innuendos were being sold on every street corner and in between. How would a party so desperate for the support of woman tolerate such propaganda.

As a young Photographer, I haven't been in such volatile surroundings before. I felt the need to mention the fact that an adult male rammed into my shoulder with his, when passing, as I looked through some pictures I had just taken. I had moved to a less populated section of Public Square, so there was no reason for him to have slammed into me like that aside from trying to instigate a fight. I witnessed him move on and do the same to two other people.

What made me especially proud of Cleveland was when a man, after witnessing the incident, came up to me and apologized on behalf of the instigator. He said that actual Clevelanders are far too polite to do something like that.

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