Exciting Additions to the High School Gym

On September 19th, the school board held a meeting to discuss new opportunities to expand on the construction happening at the High School, more specifically, the gym. First Federal of Lakewood, who has a history of donating money to the school, is sponsoring the addition of an elevated track around the gym. The bank is giving 692,000 dollars for the project, and is willing to match 1 dollar for every 3 fundraised, up to 150,000 dollars. The money fundraised would go towards the addition of a public fitness center. It would be open to the community, making fitness and exercise readily available for everyone. These new facilities would push back the completion of the gym until November of 2017, but would not delay the opening of the rest of the academic wing. The total price tag would round out at 2.5 million dollars for the center.

(click photo to enlarge)

  • Superintendent Patterson sharing the plans for the elevated track.

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