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Highschool (1 Photos)
Exciting Additions to the High School Gym (2 Photos)
On September 19th, the school board held a meeting to discuss new opportunities to expand on the construction happening at the High School, more specifically, the gym. First Federal of Lakewood, who has a history of donating money to the school, is sponsoring the addition of an elevated track around the gym. The bank is giving 692,000 dollars for the project, and is willing to match 1 dollar for every 3 fundraised, up to 150,000 dollars. The money fundraised would go towards the addition of a public fitness center. It would be open to the community, making fitness and exercise readily available for everyone. These new facilities would push back the completion of the gym until November of 2017, but would not delay the opening of the rest of the academic wing. The total price tag would round out at 2.5 million dollars for the center.

Lakewood Volleyball Car Wash Fundraiser (20 Photos)

The Lakewood High school volleyball team fundraised for the upcoming season with a car wash.

RNC July 20 (37 Photos)
Today was invigorating. The energy in Cleveland this week is unreal. I personally witnessed an attempt to burn the American flag, a man trying to instigate fighting (which I will talk more about), wonderful musicians performing around town, and the constant presence of police officers keeping us safe.

One thing I had a hard time seeing was the blatantly sexist anti-Hillary propaganda and merchandise being sold around town. She was reduced to body parts and her husbands past mistakes. T-shirts with sexual innuendos were being sold on every street corner and in between. How would a party so desperate for the support of woman tolerate such propaganda.

As a young Photographer, I haven't been in such volatile surroundings before. I felt the need to mention the fact that an adult male rammed into my shoulder with his, when passing, as I looked through some pictures I had just taken. I had moved to a less populated section of Public Square, so there was no reason for him to have slammed into me like that aside from trying to instigate a fight. I witnessed him move on and do the same to two other people.

What made me especially proud of Cleveland was when a man, after witnessing the incident, came up to me and apologized on behalf of the instigator. He said that actual Clevelanders are far too polite to do something like that.
Lakewood Summer Meltdown 2016 (27 Photos)

In true Lakewood Style, the community came together to beat the heat and have some fun.

LHS After Prom (30 Photos)
The Parents of LHS students put together an amazing after prom party!
LHS Prom 2016 (25 Photos)
This years Prom was Downtown at the Rock Hall!
Exciting things at The Root (3 Photos)
On March 10th, I stopped by The Root when I saw news trucks outside the building. I went in, and snapped a few quick shots on my cellphone. The nice employee that helped me did not know specifics about what exactly was going on.
Barnstormers January Coffee House (13 Photos)

This year, the Lakewood Highschool Barnstormers have started a new tradition of hosting coffee house style events a couple times a year. It's a great time for the community to support the group by buying concessions, and seeing the abundance of talent Lakewoods students have to offer.

Lakewood Project 70's tribute (4 Photos)
Just a few "behind the scenes" shots I was able to snag in-between performing.
LHS Swim Meet vs Avon Lake (10 Photos)
The boys scored a win against Avon Lake, making both swimming and diving 7-1.
Senior Night (3 Photos)
Just a few photos of the excited student section
LHS Pink Out (7 Photos)

Even though it was raining, and at one point hailing, there was a great turnout at the football game dedicated to supporting a great cause.

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