Lakewood Summer Meltdown

Eaters of Lakewood and Pillars of Lakewood watermelon eating contest, and the Meltdown 5K.

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  • A beautiful day for the Lakewood Summer Meltdown

  • Kristen Bindel stands in front of the Pillars of Lakewood and Eaters of Lakewood Table

  • Contestents for the watermelon eating contest ready to go.

  • And their off!

  • Standing helped some

  • Picked clean

  • As well as this one

  • But the winner was John Manning

  • John Manning with his winning watermelon, and his prize, 2 passes to the Pillars of Lakewood Wing Crawl.

  • The aftermath

  • Runners preparing at the starting line

  • The crowed awaiting the start of the race

  • And their off!

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