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Meet The Trucks (78 Photos)

June 1st, Lakewood Park.

Joe (12 Photos)

I went back to Edgewater today after yesterdays clean up. A man was swimming. His Name is Joe. (former Bull Fighter and Boxer) He met his wife at that beach in '51 after he returned from the Korean War and has raised four children. He will only swim when the water is the 50's,60'sor70's and advises not to go in when the water temp reaches the mid to upper 70's or higher.  He has been swimming there for over 40 years and has been named and known as the "mayor of edge water".

 He explained much more to me, but for now let's try to keep the beach clean.

Skate (5 Photos)

I am not a very good skateboarder. I can move on one however, that is about all. These represent my admiration for skateboarding. Photographed at the Lakewood park.

Beach Cleanup (8 Photos)


Scenes around town. (5 Photos)

Same as forms, though these are stepped back some.

Forms around town. (15 Photos)

These pictures are a visual catalog of what I have been seeing these days and would like to share them with you.

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