Parade the Circle 2016

At the Wade Oval put on by Cleveland Museum of Art

(click photo to enlarge)

  • She asked me if I wanted to sit. i sat down.

  • I had to take this shot. She has freckles. ;-)

  • This is how one types in Braille.

  • Practicing for the parade.

  • They called themselves the "posse."

  • There's trees in her glasses.

  • He asked. I took his picture.

  • They let me into their makeup tent.

  • He wanted to give the impression he was thoroughly enjoying his popcorn.

  • Leicester City - the Cinderella winner of the English Premier league!

  • I asked her if she could bend backward and touch the floor. This is what I got.

  • He didn't know he was giving me a great shot.

  • I called them the "headbanders"  LOL

  • She gave me this cool shot of the parade through her crossed legs.

  • "I love your hair!" She gave me this smile in turn.

  • Don't ask.

  • "I love your cool shades!"
    "They were only $10"

  • "Show me your pensive side."

  • Another shooter.

  • He wanted me to take this profile shot. I did.

  • "Did you intentionally color coordinate this?"
    "Yes, I did."

  • We talked about the RNC.

  • A Lakewoodite.

  • Julia

  • Julia again.

  • Loved her hat.

  • They were constantly doing handstands.

  • Nice glasses!

  • Can I take your picture?

    "No problem."

  • "Don't you see I was sleeping?"

  • Jim's alter ego.  ;-)

  • Showing the Cleveland police some love.

  • Andy lives!

  • Exuberance personified!

  • My neighbor Steve. He painted all these umbrellas. Very talented.

  • She was trying to cast a spell on me. Didn't work.

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