Art Festival 2008

August 2, 2008 Lakewood Arts Festival

(click photo to enlarge)

  • 11am heading east on Detroit Road near Caribou Coffee
  • Just add rice... 

    (Ceramic Place Settings by Mary Gleditsch of Medina)

  • Nestled in the Wood, nestled in a tent
  • Kerin's dragons are larger than life (plush artist Kerin Houseburg)
  • The Lucky Shopping Fairy (plush artist Kerin Houseburg)
  • Block Club Program works to recruit a young father (disclaimer: the young father is the photographer's husband)
  • World's best hand-crafted crochet hooks (Artisian Bill Schmidt, [disclaimer: I crocheted my 2nd son's layette set with a hook made by this craftsman - they're WONDERFUL to work with]
  • Handling hand-carved astonishment (carving by Jim Yoger of Westlake, Ohio)
  • Leather Scrabble Board ("The Leather Set" designer Ron Musser of Lancaster, PA)
  • Perfect day for an art festival
  • Reclaiming materials into new uses, yogurt-cup plant box by H20 (Help 2 Others)
  • Glass fish, no bowl (artisan Ken Carter of Canton, OH)
  • Broken-China-Mosaic Planters (artisian Michele McCracken, Pinetree Pottery and Crafts
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