This is a storage area for FACTS that have been found during the two year fight with City Hall for Public Documents. These are being posted for reference and historical purposes only. We encourage any conversations about these documents n "Lakewood General Discussion." Here you will find the Highlight the lie, with the document proven the lie.

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Jim O'Bryan
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Postby Jim O'Bryan » Mon Sep 18, 2017 3:43 pm

Brian Essi's amazing Laid Bare collection of documents, letters and scans from the moment, Lakewood Law Director claimed to lay bare the truth and all the documents.

Thousands of pages and documents, missing? destroyed? hidden? He has told the courts, he will produce no more documents even if they have been deemed public by the courts.

So here is a look at a small selection from a small sample of what was returned and very quickly you will see for your own eyes, with their words and documents, you were lied to and played.

Thank you to Brian Essi, and everyone that has helped on this. We still have more documents to see.

I present in order "Laid Bare":

Records Bombshell: Bullock Planned Crime to Rig Hospital Vote and...
Click here:

Butler's Magical Thinking: Whatever City Hall Hid From Us Was "Laid Bare" Because We Voted on Issue 64
Click here:

LAID BARE $100M Questions--What is a "Communications Strategy"?
Click here:

LAID BARE: LKWD Discontinued Internet Tracking Software As Internet Harasser Uldricks Was Hired
Click here:

LAID BARE: Angry Mike Summers & Buddy Trying to Shut Down Free Speech And Use of Public Records
Click here:

LAID BARE: Who Wrote This as Part of Council's Secret "Communication Strategy" on Dec 2, 2015?
Click here:

LAID BARE: "Cancerous" O'Leary Record Indicts Bullock, Marx....
Click here:

LAID BARE: Direct Evidence Exposes Cover Up of Secret City Council Meetings (Part I)
Click here:

LAID BARE: Ka Boom! O'Leary Admits Council Made "Decision" Before "Public" Vote, But He Testified to the Opposite
Click here:

LAID BARE: Juris Call Cops on Essi-Wants More Cops at Council--Clerk Calls Scene's Eric Sandy "Punk Ass"
Click here:

LAID BARE: Butler Email Exposes Yet Another Open Meetings Violation (Part 2)
Click here:

LAID BARE:Butler, et al Snookered Anderson on Executive Sessions & Thompson Hine?
Click here:

We have added many more to this collection.

Jim O'Bryan
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Postby Mark Kindt » Mon Sep 18, 2017 4:13 pm

Human Resources Policy 1.03 Ethics of Public Employment states:

"All employees shall maintain the highest ethical and moral standards and perform their duties within the parameters of the laws of the State of Ohio and other ordinances rules and regulations that may be set forth
by the City."

It seems obviously clear from all of the above posts that few in the city administration can even begin to comply with the city's own basic policy document.

If they can't even meet this basic threshold of performance, it is obvious that the citizens of Lakewood must demand reform of their municipal government.
City of Lakewood -- Human Resources Policy -- Long Ignored.pdf
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