Grassy driveway

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Phil Florian
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Grassy driveway

Postby Phil Florian » Sun Aug 24, 2008 3:50 pm

Hey there!

I wonder if anyone is re-doing their driveways to look like the old ones...two strips of concrete with a path of grass down the middle. Though this is the "old" way of doing this doesn't it make green-sense to do this? It catches water and less will run down to the street at the very least. Just wondering what folks think. Seems to make sense.


Ruth Sholtis-Furyes
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Postby Ruth Sholtis-Furyes » Tue Sep 02, 2008 11:52 am

New driveway got cut from our plans this year. Originally wanted to do the beautiful cobblestone pressed concrete.

We are considering something like this:

Ecogrid with grass growing in the centers. Would be great in the summer, must less hot that our current blacktop driveway. Not sure about the winter. Still researching.

Phil Florian
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Joined: Fri Jan 20, 2006 4:24 pm

Postby Phil Florian » Thu Sep 04, 2008 7:20 pm

That looks really interesting. I would wonder too how the snow and ice is on it. It actually seems like ice wouldn't form evenly and would be easier to break up when I think about it. If you find out more, drop a line here.

Thanks for sharing!


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