ADH needs help..

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ADH needs help..

Postby Missy Limkemann » Tue Nov 09, 2010 4:28 pm

Hi guys. We are in need of help. You see, we recently took in a sweet, loving, severely abused boxer man. He is covered in scars, and clearly he was starved. You can see every knot in his spine, every single rib and his back hip bones are sticking way out. We are looking for a foster home that has no dogs, or cats. He loves humans!!!! He craves attention from humans, and while I would not suggest you put your hand in his bowl when he is eating, he pretty much is a gentle baby with humans. Kids too. He cuddles with my 2 boys and kisses them all over. The only thing he needs right now is a neuter which will be done asap, but he needs a home where he can be spoiled and the only dog. He spent 4 years being attacked by other dogs, I want to give him the best. I want him to be spoiled. He walks great on a leash, housebroken, and just a true baby.

ADH currently has 19 dogs in foster care, ok who are we kidding, they are at my house. We are still reviewing applications for the dogs we have (or email server was down and we are now finally up and running) and we are hoping to start placing our pups soon. Our focus right now is on Petey though. He needs so much. If we did not have that many dogs, or if my beagle was not so dog aggressive Petey would be no problem.

If you know of anyone willing to foster this sweet boy, or even looking for a boxer (again only dog) please let them know of Petey and how we are willing to do anything to save this boy's life.

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