Basement Water Problem.

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Jim DeVito
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Basement Water Problem.

Postby Jim DeVito » Sun Mar 08, 2009 2:08 pm

So I am sitting in my basement office and look over an notice about 6 stream of water coming from what appear to be very tiny cracks in the blocks that make up the wall. The streams of water are coming in a quite a rate. If I were to wipe the wall off then they come back very quick. After noticing this I scanned the rest of the basement walls only to find 2 more spots where water looks to be coming in. At lease in the other two spots the water does not appear to be flowing fast. It might also be of interest to point out that in all the places the water is coming out of the wall seem to be inline that is about 12 in off the floor or 4 feet below ground level. So the ground below just looks damp. So some advice on who to call would be good. In the mean time I will be building a makeshift damn to funnel the wall water into the drain.

Stan Austin
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Postby Stan Austin » Sun Mar 08, 2009 2:33 pm

Jim--- 95% of all basement water problems are due to clogged gutters and downspouts. With a little break from the cold weather, you can head up the ladders and make sure the gutters are clean and run a stream of water into the downspouts to make sure it flows.

Jim DeVito
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Postby Jim DeVito » Sun Mar 08, 2009 3:28 pm

Thanks Stan. I will check that out once it is safe to do so.

Charlie Page
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Postby Charlie Page » Sun Mar 08, 2009 7:06 pm

If that doesn't work, call Integrity Waterproofing. They are a Lakewood company.

They did our basement two years ago and we are very happy! Steve is awesome!

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