Fence options?

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Jeff Dreger
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Fence options?

Postby Jeff Dreger » Thu Sep 13, 2007 6:55 pm

Please help - I am in need of opinions and/or suggestions. I have an older chain link fence that I should do something with. It's solid enough, but it's got an old peeling paint job (that doesn't even match anything else) and no shortage of rust. It's about 70' long and runs along my driveway between it and the neighbor's house - a standard 2" mesh and 5' tall. My budget is minimal, but I'm willing to put in some time and energy. I should also mention that I'm not a big fan of chain link to begin with. Also, I strongly desire to increase the privacy in the back yard (more to avoid looking at the results of an absentee landlord than privacy for myself). Finally, the other two sides of the back have a treated wood panel fence. I figure that I have two options aside from doing nothing or simply removing it.

1. paint it and add privacy slats

2. replace it with something similar to the dog ear cedar already back there

The pricing that I've done so far indicates that the paint + slats may only be marginally cheaper than inexpensive treated panels, if at all. Even if painting + slats was significantly less expensive, I'd still have the unattractive chain link and I'd probably have to repaint in a couple-few years. I haven't installed a fence before, but it doesn't sound that bad. I guess I'm wondering if I'll have a hard time with permits and trying to come up with an adequate drawing and anything else like fence height/type limitations.

Any suggestions? Any thoughts? Any other options? What experiences have other folks had with fencing?

Thanks in advance.

Stan Austin
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Postby Stan Austin » Fri Sep 14, 2007 1:50 am

Jeff-- It would be my personal opinion that the paint/privacy slats would look a little too 1960's. I would go with the treated panels.
However, you should definitely check with the building department because fences usually entail property line issues and you'll want to know the requirements.
Also, when you pull out the old metal fence posts you may want to use those holes as starter holes for your new posts--save you some digging!
Stan Austin

Dee Krupp
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Postby Dee Krupp » Fri Sep 14, 2007 11:39 am

You would definitely need a permit to replace the fence as opposed to repairing the new one, which may add added specifications which may add to your cost. Gotta love living in Lakewood...you need a permit for damn near everything.

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