Temporary Porch Gate

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Phil Florian
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Temporary Porch Gate

Postby Phil Florian » Sat Apr 14, 2007 8:04 pm

As the parent of a new toddler (our 1 year old is walking around like crazy, now), I am looking for a temporary gate of some sort on our front porch. I have some ideas but wondered what others have done. It needs to be strong enough to take a toddler throwing their body into it, tall enough to not climb over, etc. I don't want to attach anything permanent as I don't like to do that into the brick that line the steps.
There is a metal railing that goes all the way up and I thought about making something to attach to that but wanted to know if anyone had found an elegant solution. It is 62" across from rail-to-rail and add another 4 or so from brick to brick.




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