Wireless router needs a home.

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Wireless router needs a home.

Postby Will Brown » Thu Dec 04, 2014 11:11 am

I've had to get a more powerful router as, while the old one handled three pcs and a printer well, when we added two smartphones it was overmatched and we need a reliable WiFi hot spot for the phones, as the networks are apparently weak where we live.

I hate to throw away something that still works, so I will give it to anyone who wants it.

It is seven years old. The model is Linksys WRT 54GL. Linksys is a subsidiary of Cisco Systems, so this is a quality product. I have the router, the software, the power supply, and a cable to hook it to your modem (I think; I actually used the old cable to hook up the new router, and pulled what looks like an identical cable from my box of old cables).

PM me if you want it.

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