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Raccoon predation

Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2011 10:57 pm
by Will Brown
I love sweet corn, and grow it in my garden. But for the last two years some beast (a raccoon, most likely) has eaten my corn before it was ripe, so I need to find a way to protect my crop.

A temporary fence around the crop is one solution, but the raccoons can climb over a fence or under it. An electrified fence is said to be a good solution. I checked the Lakewood ordinances and there is no prescription against electric fences, but I suspect the city would find a way to object.

Shooting is verboten, and I doubt trapping would work, as raccoons work in packs, and even if I trap one and loose it a few miles away, it is likely it will find its way back, and its comrades will raid my crop anyway.

Does anyone have any experience in protecting a small corn crop in Lakewood? What will work best.