UPDATED - Tomislav Mihaljevic - Said "Ohio Peaks In Mid-July"

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UPDATED - Tomislav Mihaljevic - Said "Ohio Peaks In Mid-July"

Postby Jim O'Bryan » Fri Apr 03, 2020 5:58 am

This was from an interview at 6am on MSNBC. At 10:am they updated this comment with "A peak between mid-May and mid-June"

Emergency rooms in the CCF run Lakewood Family Health Center.

Why do we care about what Tomislav Mihaljevic says? Well he is the new head of the Cleveland Clinic.

In an interview today while refusing to answer how the Federal Government is doing. he mentioned, "In early January we started to run models about what would happen if this should come to America and it was not good." While indicating the Federal Government was slow to react, he mentioned Ohio was slightly better.

When asked when he thought Ohio would be out of danger, his answer was sobering. Out current model shows it peaks between June 14 and July 14, but more like mid-July.

This of course aligns well with the much lower but longer flatter curve, Dr Amy Acton has been showing and pushing on all of us. For it proves social distancing is working. While we might be in it longer than we had ever hoped, it is working and that is good.

A curve chart from 03.25.2020, You can see that with social distancing the BLUE curve is much lower, but much longer. We are lowering the curve so that hospitals are not overwhelmed.

Stay home, be safe.

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