A Valentines Day poem for my wife

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Alex Belisle
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A Valentines Day poem for my wife

Postby Alex Belisle » Fri Feb 14, 2020 8:48 am

A Valentine's day poem for my wife:

She Stole My Heart

I gently move her arm from my chest

As I roll out of bed for my morning run

"Going running dear?" as if she isn't sure

Her blue eyes still clearly closed.

The run starts slowly, more so now than before

We are both aging together - she's handling it better

Maybe she is because she has something of mine?

She sure does - she has my heart.

As the first miles flow by

My heart is beating in my throat

A feeling of heavy sludge heaving about

Is this "my" heart reaching for the right rhythm of my run?

My heart finally falls into line

Beating in my chest now, not my throat

The run ends as my wife meets me

Wrapping her arms around my waist

"Did you have a good run, dear?"

She knows

She has my heart

The one she stole many years ago.

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