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Clevelanders So Busy Believing In The "Land"

Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2019 3:27 pm
by Jim O'Bryan
That the entire county and city has failed you. The non-profits that claim they have made the city better failed you, and now you are so caught up in the marketing and bullshit you refuse to believe it.

For years I have pointed out the County is in decline, and with it, Cleveland, Lakewood. That for Lakewood to survive we must not homogenize into the region but keep our brand gold and different.

Now comes the latest from Crain's

Four Ohio cities on a list of places getting poorer

At the top of the list is income and residents leaving... Cleveland, and they are not moving to the burbs. They are going west, south, east, even north.

But here in Lakewood, with an aging population, our City Leaders bet everything, the largest asset the City had a community owned hospital making about $10 million a year. For a new multi-use strip mall for retail and housing. Something the county has in abundance, and is slowing down everywhere in the county.

I know most Lakewoodites are not readers, and hate to believe anything but the marketing. "Cle" of "land" might be proper become under the current leadership across the board, we have lost 50% of everything.