Mayor Summers' Deposition In Its Entirety

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Re: Mayor Summers' Deposition In Its Entirety

Postby Jim O'Bryan » Fri Mar 25, 2016 10:50 am

Dan Alaimo wrote:The more I know of our local government's shenanigans, the more I think we are very deep in a very dark rabbit hole following the Mad Hatter.


This group is easy to figure out, they give insight into their thoughts, but never when talking about the subject.

Example: "We are worried the people at the Barton Center cannot afford a tax raise."
Translated: We over bought and/or are Neocons that believe in cutting taxes first and always, and can't afford to live here. Most seniors at Barton Center pay no taxes)
This was during the Westend.

Example: "Wouldn't it be cool if we were like Tremont."
Translated: "We couldn't afford Tremont, so we settled here and will try to change Lakewood..."

Example: "Taxes are high here, we are going to have to move."
Translated: "We overbought and there are more brown faces around."

Since the West End they have done their planning in secret and through charades, perhaps if they tried to do it openly, and really include people in the decision making, they would really end up with better ideas and more community buy in for their newest strip mall idea.

Wild group of people, who like the Mayor seem unwilling to tell the truth ever.

Pretty wild when you think about it. Pretty wild the residents puts up with it too.


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