Let's Stop the Plain Dealer Weekly Litter

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M Dolan
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Let's Stop the Plain Dealer Weekly Litter

Postby M Dolan » Mon Mar 28, 2011 8:34 pm

Every week the Plain Dealer litters my neighbor hood with the PD Wrap Up, a so called edition of the Sunday paper. It's really just a solicition with a bunch of ads wrapped in a plastic bag. The bag has a warning that it is a choking hazard.

It seems that this litter is thrown out to the houses that are not PD subscribers. I am really tired of the litter. Two weeks ago, one of these litter bombs busted my snow blower.

I'm really bothered by our "leading citizen" polluting the neighborhoods. It seems they do it all over town and in other cities and neighborhoods.

Anyone else bothered by this pollution?

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