Missing Mini Schnauzer Pup

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Lauren Smith
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Missing Mini Schnauzer Pup

Postby Lauren Smith » Mon Mar 24, 2014 1:12 pm

Dear Editor,

Since March 6th, I've been desperately seeking Simon, my lost dog. I've done everything:

* Email blasts to animal organizations (animal clinics, hospitals, vets, groomers, shelters, & rescues)
* Continue to check Lakewood, Cleveland, and Cuyahoga County shelters. They all also have his flyer posted
* Renew Craigslist Lost & Found/Pets postings several times/week
* Continue to post on/update on Facebook walls, and lost pet websites all over the web
* Paid PetAmberAlert to call 500 neighbors
* 2 week paid ad in the Plain Dealer
* Created a Facebook page (Desperately Seeking Simon) * Multiple articles written about Simon online (you'll find those on the Facebook page)
* Printed & posted hundreds of flyers throughout Lakewood in businesses, buildings, train stations, and bus stops
* Distributed hundreds of postcards door-to-door in select neighborhoods throughout Lakewood
* Posted 10+ yard signs throughout Lakewood
* "Tagged" my car with car paint
* Changed voicemail message
* Have consulted with 3 separate pet detectives/organizations

I'm at my wit's end in trying to find this missing 10-lb bundle, and am beside myself until I do. Please, please consider posting his information, his loss, or his flyer in the Observer. I'm so desperate: I know Cleveland and Lakewood publications have better things to do, but I know all it could take is one wide-spread announcement to bring Simon home. In case you need to reach me:

Lauren Smith

Thank you so much.
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