"Trump's Chumps" Says One Longtime Republican

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"Trump's Chumps" Says One Longtime Republican

Postby Jim O'Bryan » Mon Jun 18, 2018 7:35 am

Longtime Republican and ex-congressman from the state of Florida, Joe Scarbourgh noticed that the trend from Donald Trump and those that support this regime have turned the corner from trying to spin things coming out of the White House to just flat out lies, repeated again and again.

Spin came about from taking bad news or or uncomfortable policies or decisions and trying to cloak them is some form of truth that could at least be defended or explained in some way or another. While Donald Trump has practiced outright lying for as long as we have known him his staff and supporters made futile attempts at spinning the stuff from him. Over the last two weeks that has changed, it is now an all out assault on facts, truth, and democracy.


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