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Postby jackie f taylor » Wed Nov 29, 2017 5:07 pm

just heard on FOX 8 NEWS, the charity known as Cops for Kids" campaign only served up 2% of the proceeds for kids, the rest was spent on salaries, overhead, travel, hotels, meals, fundraising and bonuses. WHAT "really? pos. You created a cush job for yourself, living like Matt Lauer, on generous citizens donations? If you donated a $1.00, only 8 cents goes to the kids.


Back when I was 10 years old, my family lived in a storefront on W.25th St. a storefront, near Barber Ave. across the street was the Salvation Army Store, 5 kids, mom & dad, 7 of us, it was Christmas time, I remember a guy knocked on the door, my mom opened it, and since his hands were full of gifts, she invited him in, mom said to us, go into the other room, so my mom could hide the gifts, and give them to us on Christmas day. How did he know about us? It was magical.

That's how I donate, I know the hood, I see the mom's shopping at the neighborhood stores for dinner, walking and pushing the stroller, that's where I donate.

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