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AT&T vs. Cox 3Mbps internet

Posted: Mon Nov 22, 2010 9:23 pm
by Jeremy Hoag
Hi all, just wondering if anyone can speak from experience as to whether they're getting the advertised connection speed from either of these companies.

I've been using Cox's 12Mbps service for 3+ years, and never see downstream speeds greater than 1.5Mbps anywhere other than, and that's a rare peak. Speedtest shows 9-10Mbps with nearby servers, but I never see a fraction of those speeds when downloading or streaming.

I want to trim my internet bill, but I'm wondering what I can really expect. If Cox's 3Mbps plan performs like their 12Mbps plan, I'd be looking at dial-up speeds :/ I do use Hulu quite a bit, and occasionally play online games, and I've read about AT&T service elsewhere being unstable or intermittent.

Thank you for any info.

Re: AT&T vs. Cox 3Mbps internet

Posted: Mon Nov 22, 2010 11:52 pm
by Jerry Ritcey
AT&T's speeds seem ok to me - they register around what I pay for on the speed testing sites. I don't do a ton of downloading but we seem ok with running TV/Internet on three machines/wireless at the same time without problems. Have not had Internet service outages that I had to call them about yet, had them since around 2003ish. That being said, their Internet/TV service is probably pricier than Cox's - I don't use a voice service, I just use my cell.

Re: AT&T vs. Cox 3Mbps internet

Posted: Tue Nov 23, 2010 4:25 am
by David Lay
Jeremy - Have you called Cox Tech Support regarding your speeds?