State of Ohio COVID-19 Update 04.15.2020

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State of Ohio COVID-19 Update 04.15.2020

Postby Betsy Voinovich » Wed Apr 15, 2020 2:44 pm

Not a lot of new information today. Governor DeWine asked businesses that are now closed to start putting together safety protocols for what they are going to do when they re-open. He said the State of Ohio would help with this, using best practices from essential business that are open now. They are working on plans for re-opening the state when they can. He urged everyone several times to remember that when businesses and schools reopen it will not be like before.

Lieutenant Governor Husted focused on when people with 1099 designation will be able to apply for relief. He said that by the end of next week early applications will be available. Funds will be available around May 15th. He mentioned that to expedite the process, when the prompt asks for an "Employer Code" you should type the numbers 2000180 to speed things along.

Dr. Acton focused mainly on the need for everyone to wear masks.

71,552 Tested
7,791 Cases
2,237 Hospitalizations (29%)
677 ICU Admissions
346 Deaths (4%)

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