Observation Deck founder not being called before Congress

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Observation Deck founder not being called before Congress

Postby mjkuhns » Fri Mar 30, 2018 6:28 pm

The past week or so has provided another reminder—perhaps more intense and perhaps not—that Facebook is basically a bad platform administered by a terrible company.

Which makes me feel like we could do with an appreciation for the Observation Deck's relative merits.

Not selling your data to make money.
Not, presumably, selling your data at all.
Collecting a lot less data on you, also.
Unlike Facebook, I doubt that the Observation Deck is collecting a record of all calls that you make with a device from which you access the Observation Deck.
Not allowing secret ads, not allowing ads to target based on race, not selling ads to dodgy agencies connected with hostile foreign powers… not selling ads at all in fact.

Admittedly I'm guessing on some of these things, and maybe it would be worth updating the FAQ on various points.

But basically, the Deck is local; identities can be confirmed in person. It's small and has no shareholders, so there is no need to generate cash flow. In turn, there's no need to monetize participants.

Sounds good!

Maybe… it's time to reconsider this humble forum's advantages?

:: matt kuhns ::

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