what's with removing facebook comments?

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Re: what's with removing facebook comments?

Postby Jim O'Bryan » Fri Apr 22, 2011 1:55 pm

chris richards wrote:Jim, just pointing out your hypocrisy about claiming not to delete posts and LO people using fake names to attack and bully others. and showing how people at the observer treated me from the start when i raised concerns over issues that i felt seemed rather ethically questionable.

if you want me to submit the email from dl to the board, i will. you already know where the comments on my blog are. but this was years ago, and really, i'm just using it as an example of my experience with the observer project.

No you do not have to submit anything from DL to the board, She is pretty good at telling
us exactly how she feels. One of the beautiful things about the LO Board is that we rarely
agree on anything, but at the end of the meeting are all friends and move on.

There is absolutely no doubt, that the net is ripe with Bullies, some are bullies, some are
packs of bullies, some are just bitchy people and some are just having bad days. I really
hope that I was not one, as much as you and I have been at opposite ends of a subject,
I really respect you as an artist, and a person that has tried to help others.

However, in this imperfect way of communication, mistakes happen, and people
misunderstand. One of the many reason I do not go trolling on other boards, and have
told "official members" to not do it either.

Thanks again, this thread is not being deleted but moved, not sure when, but...

Jim O'Bryan
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