Lakewood Board Adopts New District Vision

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Lakewood Board Adopts New District Vision

Postby Edward Favre » Wed Aug 07, 2019 4:36 am

The Lakewood Board of Education, at its August 5 meeting, adopted Vision of a Lakewood Graduate as the District’s strategic vision moving forward.

“The Vision of a Lakewood Graduate represents the hopes, dreams, and aspirations that the Lakewood Schools community has for its graduates,” Superintendent Mike Barnes said. “The Vision of a Lakewood Graduate will serve as our District’s North Star. It moves Lakewood City Schools’ students and staff members to look beyond the high-stakes testing environment and to help students develop skills, abilities, and habits of mind that will help them succeed and compete in this complex and rapidly changing world.”

The Vision of a Lakewood Graduate was developed based on feedback received from nearly 2,000 stakeholders over the course of last school year. Stakeholders were asked what 21st Century skills, abilities, and habits of mind will a Lakewood High graduate need in order to succeed when they graduate.

Through research conducted via community listening sessions, surveys for community members, staff and parents, and facilitated discussions with business leaders, spiritual leaders, PTA groups, community organizations and the Board of Education, the following six core competencies emerged:

Critical and Creative Thinking




Growth Mindset

Global Awareness/Citizen

The Vision of a Lakewood Graduate transforms a traditional organizational vision from a set of words and sentences on a page to a concrete set of outcomes that our District and stakeholders can expect to see in our graduates, said Barnes. All resources, time, and activities will align with the new vision and will empower teachers to implement more personalized learning experiences for students.

Said Board President Linda Beebe: School is about more than testing. You can’t gauge creativity, empathy, global awareness in a test. We’ve taken a step beyond the infatuation with testing. If we don’t do more, we are doing our students a disservice. This new vision goes beyond that.”

As District administrators and staff begin to implement the new vision, they will continue to seek input from stakeholders to continue to ensure that priorities are aligned with what the community values and with what Lakewood students need.

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