CBO for the City/County?

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CBO for the City/County?

Postby Bret Callentine » Wed Mar 30, 2011 7:17 am

Okay, there's been talk about what the people want from their elected leaders. "Clean, Safe, Fun," etc...

Here's what I would like to see... whenever I want to investigate what's going on in congress, my first stop is always the Congressional Budget Office website, to see if they've done a review or rating on the proposed legislation.

I think it's an incredible asset to have a third party evaluate the bills inside and out and give real life (and non-partisan) expectations as to results.

I would love to see the county put together a team of socio-economic experts from the local community/universities/businesses/etc... and have them get together maybe even just once a month to issue policy statements, evaluations and recomendations, or, like they do in washington, to answer specific questions by local elected officials.

Is there such a panel now? If so, where can I see their findings, if not, why not and do you think it could be done?

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