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Could Lakewood Be Home To Those Visually Impaired?

Posted: Thu Jan 06, 2011 8:44 am
by Jim O'Bryan
One of the latest things to drip out of the Thought Puddle known as the Visionary
Alignment For Lakewood is that no cities in the USA are marketing themselves to
the blind or visually impaired.

Here we have a walkable easy to get around community with sidewalk crossings designed
to help those with eyesight problems get around. Two linear business districts with but
two blocks between them, parks, food, shopping, schools everything a person would need
to make their lives complete but we have never reached out or to my knowledge even
explored the idea of reaching out or creating a "welcome wagon" for those who would
make great neighbors.

Lakewood, much like Cleveland spends very little money marketing itself outside of Lakewood
and while we send LOs out of the city to NY and San Diego, very few real efforts have ever
been spent on "searching for new residents" maybe we should look seriously at that and at
becoming a city for the visually handicapped.