This is so frustrating

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Bill Call
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This is so frustrating

Postby Bill Call » Sun Feb 15, 2009 8:36 am

The Plain Dealer editorial titled Medical Mart Make Sense contains the statement:

Who will actually own the convention center medical mart complex?

Okaaayy. We have being payng millions in extra taxes for over a year, the people involved have spent thousands of hours discussing and planning and the Plain Dealer has published dozens of article about the subject and we still don't know who will own the facility?

Can't anyone here play this game?

Read it and weep: ... xml&coll=2

I'm still trying to figure out how the answers make sense if the answers dont' answer the question: Who Will Own It?

Valerie Molinski
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Postby Valerie Molinski » Sun Feb 15, 2009 9:29 am

Medical Mart= The Monorail (see The Simpson's ep. #71)

Marge vs. the Monorail


After being caught dumping nuclear waste in the city park by the EPA, Mr. Burns is fined three million dollars. A town meeting is immediately held so that the citizens can decide what to spend the money on and Marge suggests using it to fix up Main Street, which is in a bad condition. The town shows enthusiasm for this idea and is about to vote for it when suddenly a whistle is heard and a silver-tongued, fast talking gentleman named Lyle Lanley suggests the town construct a city monorail. He leads them in a song, which convinces the town to buy the monorail.

Even though Lanley succeeds in winning over the entire town, including skeptical Lisa, Marge is unhappy with the purchase, believing that the monorail is unsafe. While watching TV, Homer sees an advertisement that suggests he become a monorail conductor and Homer, claiming it to be a lifelong dream, immediately agrees. After a three week course described by Lanley as "intensive", Homer is named the monorail conductor. Still feeling uneasy about the monorail, Marge decides to visit Lyle Lanley and discovers a notebook that reveals Lanley’s true intentions of running off with bags of money while everyone else falls victim to a faulty monorail. Marge immediately drives to North Haverbrook, which Lanley mentioned was a previous purchaser of one of his monorails. Once she arrives, Marge discovers that the town is in ruins, and that those still living there deny that they ever had a monorail, despite the fact that the town is covered in advertisements for it. While exploring, she meets Sebastian Cobb, the man who designed Lanley's monorail. He explains that Lanley cut costs everywhere when building it, and that the entire thing is a scam.

At the maiden voyage of the monorail, the entire town has come out, including Leonard Nimoy. Lanley grabs his money and jumps in a taxi, which takes him to the airport. The monorail leaves just before Marge and Cobb arrive. At first things run smoothly, but the controls malfunction, causing the monorail to accelerate dangerously. Meanwhile, Lanley’s flight makes a brief unscheduled stop in North Haverbrook, where Lanley is immediately attacked by a group of locals. Back in Springfield, Cobb tells Homer that in order to stop the train, he needs to find an anchor. Homer grabs the giant "M" from the side of the Monorail and uses it as an anchor. Eventually, it latches onto a giant doughnut, stopping the monorail and saving its passengers.


Jim DeVito
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Postby Jim DeVito » Sun Feb 15, 2009 10:20 am

What She Said ^^^^^^


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