16 pump GetGo monstrosity on Bunts/Detroit for approval

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Amy l Herberger
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16 pump GetGo monstrosity on Bunts/Detroit for approval

Postby Amy l Herberger » Mon Apr 09, 2012 11:54 am

On March 20th the residents on Bunts road learned Giant Eagle has proposed to put in a 16 car fueling station at the corner of Bunts / Detroit with 63 parking spaces and a 5,581 square foot megamart. This is something Lakewood does not need and does not embody the spirit of the LAKEWOOD COMMUNITY VISION PLAN.
In addition to this -the residents have learned Giant Eagle and the powers that be are trying to get this done as soon as possible - leaving minimal time for anyone to oppose and let the community learn after the fact. They hope to get approval and start as soon as this June.

*******A Meeting of the Board of Building Standards/Architectural board of review- will be held at 5:30 this Thursday, April 12th 2012 in the Auditorium of Lakewood City Hall, 12650 Detroit Ave. Please use the west side entrance.((WE NEED THE COMMUNITY TO FIGHT FOR THE FUTURE OF LAKEWOOD and oppose this project))))

As a resident of Bunts and a citizen of Lakewood, I am opposed to this project due to the negative environmental impact and the threat to public safety it will pose to both the nearby residents and the community at large.
In addition, this project does not contain anything a pedestrian friendly community needs. It lacks architectural interest and does not match the architectural quality of the surrounding residential neighborhood. Also, the scale, specifically the number and size of the pumps, is far too large for this location. In short, it falls woefully short of the goals outlined in the Lakewood Community Vision Plan and embodied in the ordinances of Lakewood
Furthermore, additional issues include; the property on Detroit Road, where the proposed GetGo gas station is planned, has had soil stability issues in the past, resulting in a sink hole. It will be located on a busy thoroughfare in which emergency vehicles rely on daily. Lakewood High School is a block away and the pedestrian traffic both of students and surrounding residents will be a major issue. Nice single family homes values will be affected all along Bunts and the surrounding streets. This plan appears to pose serious damage to the community surrounding it. This will be a change in a direction that Lakewood will not be able to mend. This plan lacks forward thinking and the project is counterproductive to what Lakewood has been trying to accomplish.
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Peter Grossetti
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Re: 16 pump GetGo monstrosity on Bunts/Detroit for approval

Postby Peter Grossetti » Sun Feb 03, 2013 9:26 am

It should be just a matter of time now ...
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