And They're Off!

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And They're Off!

Postby Steve Hoffert » Tue Nov 06, 2007 6:59 am

Win, lose or draw? Our system necessarily disenfranchises those who lose. How many great ideas have been lost due to our societies propensity to allow total domination by the victor? This election was more like a soccer match with rabid fans than a civil discourse as to what is best for the City of Lakewood.

Each of the candidates had good ideas…and bad ones. This includes Ryan Demro who quite probably was the most articulate and organized in presenting his case to the people. The unfortunate part is that ideas of the two candidates who do not win will be discarded in a show of chest beating by the victor at the end of this evening.

The incivility of accusations and counter accusations, dirty tricks, law suits and rumors of law suits and general discontent on the deck and in the public is counter productive to our city and society in general. I for one believe we need a total overhaul of our system of government.

There are those who argue that the police must crack down on certain behaviors by our youth. After this campaign is there any wonder why they act as they do? This election is the proverbial underwear hanging out of the back of the pants. We don’t want to see it but they certainly want to show it.

My wish for this election is that those who truly have the best interest of Lakewood in their hearts win tonight no matter who they may be. I urge the winners to swallow their pride, create a cooperative environment in which the best ideas from all of the candidates can be used to make Lakewood the best city on the planet.

Peace people and good luck candidates.

Anyone feeling disenfranchised (like me) by this whole thing interested in civil discourse is more than welcome to meet at Bela Dubby tonight at 7 for beer and good conversation (at least before the beer.)

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