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Brad Hutchison
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Postby Brad Hutchison » Fri Nov 02, 2007 9:43 am

dl meckes wrote:
Brad Hutchison wrote:The beauty of democracy is that they have to show results even to maintain a position, let alone climb to a new one.

I wish that were true but have found that not to be so in every level of government.

Sometimes it's about name recognition or the slickness of the campaign. I do not believe Democracy equals a Meritocracy.

You're right, certainly. I was trying to make a broader comment on political ambition - in my head I was contrasting our version of democracy with a one-party or totalitarian system - but perhaps that got lost.

In any event, the spirit of my intended post is still valid, I think. Whether or not you have higher political ambitions than your current office, you still have to answer to the voters.

The voters' ability to make an enlightened choice is another matter. :P

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Bill Call
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Postby Bill Call » Fri Nov 02, 2007 2:28 pm

Brad Hutchison wrote:The voters' ability to make an enlightened choice is another matter. :P

All I know for sure is that the politician that agrees with me is a genius and the one that doesn't is ...not. :lol:

Dan Shields
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Postby Dan Shields » Fri Nov 02, 2007 10:23 pm

Thank you all for your participation and your posts - maybe it would be helpful to dive in here.

I have to say, one of the funny twists that this Ward 2 race has taken, is that 'age' and 'freshness' of ideas seems to be at issue. I certainly hope that my ideas are not 'stale' because I happen to be the older (47) candidate. I'm full of fresh, new ideas myself that I would like to bring forth onto council and throughout Lakewood.

I have tried my best to outline these ideas - economic development, safety, foreclosure protection, and arts promotion, in the various political forums, and through my door to door campaign.

By the way, it seems that there are those on this board and throughout the city, that stand ready to give Mike Summers a chance...and he is someone to whom I would concede both age and civic experience.

Also, I am disappointed that I seem to have become characterized as the 'older', 'established' candidate that needs to be replaced. I find it odd that I am somehow lumped into the 'old' order that has run out of ideas, and therefore must be set aside for the 'new'. For the record, I would like a chance at elected office before I'm thrown out of elected office.

There is no doubt that I am leaning on my experience as I seek this position. That's what I know. I don't claim to have all of the answers, but I do know that I have seen enough council meetings, participated on enough Boards of Trustees, and volunteered enough for various organizations, to understand how organizations work. I believe this is essential to being an effective council member. What I bring to the table is proven leadership and experience. I am certain that I can come to council and work with six other individuals for the good of the city. I can do so in a positive, relaxed manner that would lead to consensus rather than division.

Is there ambition here? You bet. I don't consider ambition to be a dirty word. It's what drives the ambition that's important. My ambition is to see the city move forward with smart, creative development, and to be a part of that planning process.

I've lived in other communities, I've always been active, and I feel that I am the right person with the right experience at the right time for this council seat. Thanks,

Dan Shields

Shelly Gould Burgess
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I withdraw my support for Tom Bullock.

Postby Shelly Gould Burgess » Mon Nov 05, 2007 4:48 pm

Below is a copy of an email I sent to Tom Bullock this afternoon. As a Democratic Precinct Committee Person in Ward 2, I eagerly supported Tom Bullock when last spring he entered the City Council race. I had known Tom for about a year and had found him to be very bright, fair, and enthusiastic. I liked that he seemed to rise above the typical Dem-on-Dem in-fighting of Lakewood politics. However, I have been increasingly concerned about the trend in his campaign in which he raises so much concern about negative issues, such as crime, in Lakewood. I believe Lakewood, like all cities, has some problems, yes. However, I believe Lakewood is a terrific place to live. This negative trend in Tom's literature was contradictory to the positive person I thought Tom had been. When I received his mailer this Saturday in which he "went negative" against Mayor George and Dan Shields, I finally felt I had to withdraw my support. Because my name has been associated with Tom Bullock's campaign, I feel compelled to state this publicly. Dan Shields had not yet entered the race when I committed my support to Tom Bullock.

I withdraw my endorsement of Tom Bullock. I think Dan Shields would be a better choice for Lakewood.

Below is my email to Tom:

Hello, Tom,

I am sorry to have to say that I've decided to withdraw my support of your campaign. I was so enthusiastic about your bid for City Council because I believed that you were a person who would help to unify the divisive factions in Lakewood politics. The mailer I received this weekend in which you attack fellow Democrats Dan Shields and Mayor George were completely out-of-line with the candidate I thought you were. When I spoke in your favor to neighbors and friends, I praised you for your ability to get along with people from all different camps. I am embarrassed by the betrayal of that message. As a community activist and Precinct Committee Person, I have an image of myself that I hope to portray to the public. I am ashamed that my values will now be associated with negative campaigning. Out of fairness to you I must let you know that I plan to make a post on the Lakewood Observer website stating the above and that I will be switching my endorsement to Dan Shields.

I believe you are energetic and that you have a bright future ahead of you in public service. I hope that in the future you will not choose to campaign negatively against fellow Democrats. We're all on the same team.

Shelly Gould Burgess

"Be like the waterfowl. It goes into the water and comes out dry." - Shri Ram Chandra of Fatehgarh
Frank Murtaugh
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Postby Frank Murtaugh » Mon Nov 05, 2007 7:39 pm

Knowledge, excellent character, experience, and long term commitment to Lakewood are what I have observed in Dan Shields for many years. We will indeed be fortunate to have him as our Ward 2 representative.

Dan has run a clean campaign and deliberately steered clear of the mud.

He knows the City, the complex issues, and the people of Lakewood well. He has years of experience and is best prepared to interpret and write legislation. He is capable of running serious formal meetings, and is very familiar with the City Charter.

These are some of the reasons why as a Dem Club member, Democratic Executive Committee member, and long time Lakewood resident I voted to endorse Dan. I will be very comfortable voting for Dan Shields tomorrow morning.

Most of us have learned the hard way that when choosing a leader, experience and good character count most. Dan has both.

Lakewood will truly benefit from his presence on Council during the next four important years.

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