FitzGerald Debate Answers

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FitzGerald Debate Answers

Postby Ed FitzGerald » Sun Sep 09, 2007 4:21 pm

Below I have pasted my answers to the "media questions" posed to the mayoral candidates in the "virtual debate." The responses are in the order the questions were posed. There have been several technical glitches along the way of this format. We were originally to submit our 3 key issues by a certain date and time, but the website did not allow me to post my responses. Later, one of the media questioners basically ignored the format, asked many more questions than was allowed on topics not covered by the rules, and submitted them hours after the deadline. This morning, my email wouldn't allow me to attach my word document, so a friend of mine and I had to sort it out. Eventually we converted it to another format and submitted it. In the meantime, I hear the "debate" had been "cancelled."

In any event, posted below are my responses. I hope the debate continues in a constructive manner.

1. Crime: Do basketball hoops create crime, or attract it, or are they an amenity that makes the city attractive by giving people a healthy way to play? If people who play basketball suddenly have no public, easy-access place to do so, will they not find something else to do? How can a city of 56,000 peopleâ€â€

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