Meeting Minutes 011908

Lakewood is Art is a non-profit 501-C3, that is dedicated to creating, funding, and planning "art projects" in the public space of Lakewood.

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Meeting Minutes 011908

Postby Christine Kazimer » Wed Jan 30, 2008 6:51 pm

Lakewood Is Art
Meeting Minutes
January 19, 2008

The sixth meeting of the Lakewood is Art organization was called to order at 12:15 pm on January 19, 2008 at Bela Dubby, Lakewood by Ruth Koenigsmark.

Ruth Koenigsmark, Chair
Jill Crino, Vice-Chair
Barbara Michel, Marketing/PR Director
Jim O’Bryan, Community Liason
Christine Kazimer, Secretary

Meeting Minutes:

Review and approval of meeting minutes from 12/15/07: Jill Crino called for approval of the December 15th 2007 minutes with addition of edit to be done: Jill’s idea to commission artist to paint the AT&T switching boxes, lightspeed and u-verse boxes on the street.

Announcements: Jim O’Bryan announced that all LIA members were invited to attend the Lakewood Observer’s bowling party on Sunday, January 20th at Mahall’s Bowling.

Vote of proposed by-laws: Ruth Koenigsmark called for a vote on the revised by-laws; all members present approved unanimously.

Barking Dog Project Update: Jill Crino spoke to Gayle Higgins of Lakewood City Hall; Gayle very interested in what LIA is doing. Gayle indicated that LIA would have to go through new public works director, Dave Seman, for approval. Gayle concerned about safety issue of cut out forms of the dog due to the sharp edges. Architecture Review Board would have to review them first. City must install the artwork. Gayle is open to the idea. She is with Lakewood is Beautiful and told that group about the project; they would like to support LIA on this project. Jill reiterated that the first step is to talk to Dave Seman and approval of the design by the Architectural Review Board. Ruth suggested that before we approach any review board, we put together a proposal and it would be helpful to engage Lakewood is Beautiful and other groups to go in as a community effort. Jim O’Bryan said he will contact Dave Seman since he already knows him. He also suggested we have a fall back plan to put larger versions into the pocket parks. Jim offered to put together the proposal suggested by Ruth; he’ll include pictures of the locations and photoshop in the figures. In regard to the public art grants, Jill suggested two of LIA’s members meet with Gayle Higgins since Lakewood Is Beautiful has been around for long enough to request grant money. Jill & Ruth will meet with Gayle to discuss this possibility.

Chair’s Report - Ruth started the report with a discussion of Fundraising. Jim suggested booth at Lakewood Art Festival in August; we could sell T-shirts with the LIA logo on them to raise money and offer space in the booth for some sort of artistic creativity such as a sandbox where kids could build sandcastles. Jim to meet with her later this week to discuss. LIA would need brochures to hand out and Jill suggested we have the Barking Dog prototype on view and doing a 50/50 raffle. Christine suggested a call to artists to provide small pieces of art for sale with a barking dog theme…small statues, small paintings, etc. and/or small scale finished prototypes. Barb suggested raffling off one finished prototype to raise additional funds. Jim suggested providing local galleries with the smaller versions as well.

Ruth moved on to discuss Community projects. She asked if we want to commit to Mama LIA artwalks in May and October of 2008. Jim said first year yes, but later we need to push for a city of Lakewood artwalk. As far as the two Mama LIA artwalks, MAMA needs to take the lead and advise what support they require from LIA. We want to be a driving force in Lakewood, not doing just worker bees for other organizations. We should continue in 2008 to be supportive of MAMA and determine at the beginning of each new year our focus. Our expectation would be to just work to provide / hook up MAMA with artists for these artwalks eventually. Ruth will be meeting with Justine from MAMA later this week for planning of the May art walk. Invited other LIA members to join her. Ruth brought up the next community project – “Kid’s Rock Outâ€Â

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