Meeting Minutes 111707

Lakewood is Art is a non-profit 501-C3, that is dedicated to creating, funding, and planning "art projects" in the public space of Lakewood.

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Meeting Minutes 111707

Postby Christine Kazimer » Sun Nov 18, 2007 1:00 pm

Lakewood Is Art
Meeting Minutes
November 17, 2007

The forth meeting of the Lakewood is Art organization was called to order at 12:05 pm on November 11, 2007 in Bela Dubby by Ruth Koenigsmark.

Ruth Koenigsmark, Chair
Jill Crino, Vice-Chair
Barbara Michel, Marketing/PR Director
Christine Kazimer, Secretary

Meeting Minutes:
Ruth greeted everyone and opened the meeting.

Jill Crino reviewed the minutes from the November 6th meeting and called for a vote to approve the minutes as they stood – all members approved.
Barb discussed the fund raising / grant workshops she is planning on attending through the Cuyahoga Arts & Culture Project. She reiterated that she had learned that our organization must be in business for a minimum of 3 years in order to apply for grants. Ruth mentioned that there are two types of grants – project and operating. Our organization would be interested in project grants. Ruth is planning on attending a grant writing class via the Foundation Center on November 19th. Both Barb and Ruth will be researching other organizations and options for education in this area.

Discussion moved to future fundraising ideas. It was agreed that LIA needs to have ideas prior to bringing on or engaging volunteers or any new members. Jill mentioned that there are many established artists who look for opportunities to have their art on display in public spaces. She suggested that for a fund raising event, we focus on artists. We could have an event with food, wine, entertaining, show a prototype of the barking dog sillouette and include a dog sillouette to design as part of the ticket price. Ruth suggested including businesses in this fund raiser and auctioning off the dogs (for placement & design). Ruth felt businesses would be interested in buying the sculpture and the artists would pay for the artistic supplies to produce the art. Christine suggested including city officials such as mayor, city council members, chief of police, fire chief, etc along with state and U.S. representatives. It was agreed that the first event would be a launch of Lakewood Is Art along with the Barking Dog Project. Barb suggested having 1 finished dog sillouette statue at the fundraiser so attendees could see the finished product.

The discussion then moved specifically to the Barking Dog Project. Ruth expressed concerns about the locations Jim O’Bryan had previously mentioned were available for public works. It was not clear if the locations were already owned by the city or by private citizens or businesses. Ruth also felt it was important that the board visit the sites presently available to see what options are available. Jill said her understanding was that the locations were already owned by the city and that the city has staff for actual installation of the statues. Jill suggested we need to get in touch with the proper city personnel to find out what specific steps we need to take to move forward with the Barking Dog sillouettes (i.e. approval of design, location, etc.) Jill and Ruth will contact city hall to determine the process for approval. Barb mentioned possible need for bases for the sillouettes since they will only be 3-4 feet high and not visible from a distance. Chris suggested offering options such as statue with base, free standing statue and hanging sillouette. Barb suggested contacting other non-profit organizations for specific support on this project such as Friends of Lakewood Dog Park, Lakewood Animal Hospital and Lakewood Shelter. Jill will follow up with the designs and post to our Lakewood Observer meeting site.

Due to time constraints, review of the Bylaws will be pushed out to next meeting on 12/15/07. All members should review the bylaws, note suggested revisions and deliver their copy to Ruth so she can put together necessary changes. Final review to be at the next meeting.
Agenda for Next Meeting:
Review of finalized bylaws
Vote on designs for Barking Dogs
Ruth & Jill to report on processes for city approval of project.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:15 pm by Ruth Koenigsmark.. Next meeting will be Saturday, December 15th at noon. Location – Bela Dubby
Minutes submitted by: Christine Kazimer

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