Working Marketing Plan - MAMA LIA

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Working Marketing Plan - MAMA LIA

Postby Jim O'Bryan » Wed Sep 05, 2007 1:08 pm

Working Marketing Plan
MAMA LIA Event: October 5th

Bring additional traffic to Madison Avenue.
Create additional awareness of Madison Avenue businesses and vitality / resurgence of area.
Provide free cultural arts for the community.
Give artists, of all mediums, a venue to display and sell their art.
Promote MAMA - gain additional membership and participation.
Stimulates businesses into working together.
Revive Madison Avenue culturally and economically.
Continue to enhance local pride and promote community investment.

Time frame - the next 30 days will be centered on making the MAMA LIA Event an enormous success.

Need to walk or cover art walk route encouraging every business to participate. We can offer support through artist match ups and suggestions. For example, maybe bars and / or restaurants offers a special drink or dessert for the Art Walk – could name after a famous artist.

Have the opportunity to be all inclusive and involve / invite all the galleries and music operations in Lakewood to participate.

Form Possible Collaborative Partnerships / Sponsorships
Beck Center for the Arts
HYPERLINK ",-81.77806&sspn=0.087575,0.159645&ie=UTF8&cd=1&latlng=41483660,-81769151,1846269244480096435&ei=gcTdRqSvAYnKrAK0hNyCAw" Virginia Marti College of Art & Design
HYPERLINK "" Junior Women's Club of Lakewood

City Government
MAMA Members
Restaurants / Bars in Art Walk Area
Lakewood Businesses that are not part of MAMA and are not on Madison Avenue
L.H.S. Art Department
Potential Donors and / or Trustees
Artists and Artist Groups
General Public, including Lakewood Residents


Featuring Art Walk information: Who, What, When and Where
Email as .pdfs with personal invitations.
Post .pdf on LIA web page
Give access to .pdf on LO
Could additionally be used as self mailers
Possibly post in library, coffee shops and business windows
Banners (2 – 4)
Install banners above street or on light poles, at each end of the Art Walk, at least a week prior to event. If budget permits, place 1 – 2 additional banners spaced between each end of Art Walk.

Maps / Guides
Map identifying participating businesses available to everyone attending. Possibly post to LIA web site.

To leverage biggest bang for effort we may want to blow up flyer. This would also help with continuity of message and image. Post in library, coffee shops, business windows, churches etc.

Print Publications
Plain Dealer
Free Times
Artist Group Publications

Non Print
List event in
Arts In Ohio web page: HYPERLINK ""
Lakewood Observer
Publications from Artists’ Groups

Signage at the entrance to each exhibit will indicate audience age appropriateness. Possibly use movie ratings PG, PG-13 etc. in b/w flyer format.

Feedback Form
Could have one for artists, including how much sold etc. and another form for businesses.

Who, What, When & Where
Possible Feature Story – centering on a Madison Avenue business or businesses – possibly Wobblefoot Gallery, Bela Dubby and/or Pop Shop.

Feedback from MAM members, Artists and additional Participants.
Feedback form from Participants

Working LIA Marketing Plan

The next 30 days will be centered on making the MAMA LIA Event an enormous success

Need identity / logo developed, possibly with tag line, ASAP. Trees – Lakewood is Art could be a possibility.

Develop / Review a clear mission, vision, strategy, positioning and objective. Create marketing plan.

Launch LIA in the community.
Rejuvenate the visual appearance of the city of Lakewood, Ohio, through the selection and placement of major pieces of public art throughout the city.
Bring to our city a body of permanent and temporary sculpture to improve and enhance the overall experience of living, working and playing in Lakewood
Generate funding for public art from a variety of sources including corporate, philanthropic, and governmental entities.

Organizing speaking engagements at local community events -- Rotary, Legion, Community Foundation -- any public service organization that might decide to take us on as a pet project. Sometimes they will adopt an organization for a year or two and fundraise on their behalf.

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