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Norwegian Constitution Day (equivalent to America's 4th of July)
12:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Origin of Ohio Norsemen Club--
On June 27, 1993 arrangements were made by a small group of Clevelanders calling themselves the Cleveland Viking Ship Centennial Committee to celebrate the centennial voyage of a replica Viking ship to Cleveland, Ohio in 1893. The ship, the Vikig, was a Gokstad exact replica ship which sailed the Atlantic and arrived from Buffalo, New York en route to the Chicago World's Fair. The crew and Capt. Andersen participated in the 4th of July parade from coaches and carriages in Cleveland.
Quotes from the event follow: "Intercepting the Viking was a delegation of tugs...Meanwhile everyone was looking for the Viking. From the lighthouses to the viaduct was a solid line of people, apparently expecting the craft to come up the river. The flag of the Norsemen was flying over the high,red tongued, green eyed dragon's head on her prow, the red pennant of the Vikings floated from the mast head with the stars and stripes while the Norwegian standard with blue trailed from the dragon's tail. Lake View Park was crowded with thousands to greet the ship on July 3rd."
One hundred years later our local centennial celebration featured a program, refreshments, exhibition, speeches and ceremony on board the Steamship William G. Mather Maritime Museum on July 4, 1993. As a consequence, our Ohio Norsemen club was formed to promote and preserve our heritage.
The annual May 17th celebration is in honor of the amicable separation of Norway from Sweden in 1905--The most bloodless revolution known to history.
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