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Mayor's Corner: Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I hope that all of you had a wonderful holiday season. It’s been a treat to see the way so many of you have decorated your homes and celebrate the holiday spirit.

As we enter 2022, I’d like to express my gratitude for the service of Judge Patrick Carroll, who retired from the Lakewood Municipal Court bench earlier this month. Judge Carroll has been a pillar of Lakewood city government for over three decades. His status as the longest tenured judge in our city’s history happened for good reason.

Since 1990, Lakewood has benefitted from Judge Carroll’s fair-minded approach and innovative views on how to make the court serve the people of Lakewood and everyone who came before it seeking justice. Just consider that Judge Carroll has won the President’s Award for Judicial Excellence from the Association of Municipal and County Court Judges of Ohio twice in the past five years.


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Volume 18, Issue 2, Posted 10:15 AM, 01.05.2022

Lakewood Dads Celebrate 10th Episode Of "Better Off Dad" Podcast

Matt Bixenstine (right) and Tim Dewald, co-hosts of the Better Off Dad Podcast, posing at Madison Park with their kids.

Months into their respective stay-at-home journeys, Tim Dewald and Matt Bixenstine have reached a milestone they did not necessarily plan for: ten episodes of the Better Off Dad podcast.

The thirty-something fathers and Lakewood residents launched their production six months ago as a passion project to embrace progressive parenting while developing a platform to help others in their journey.  Better Off Dad aims to offer dad jokes, self-deprecating learning moments and a fresh take on topics ranging from parenting to childhood development to progressive family issues.

Now 10 episodes into their podcasting careers, and having garnered more than 1,000 streams, this dad duo has had time to properly reflect on their transition from cubicle to caregivers, and they’re convinced neither fatherhood nor podcast were ill-conceived.

"When we started this project, I figured I'd spend a lot of time talking without anyone actually listening to a word I said - so basically just like parenting," said Tim. "But we've gotten a great response from dads and all kinds of parents that just want to share stories and a laugh. I knew it would be cathartic recording this podcast, but I've been so excited to see a community build as well."

Tim and Matt began recording in Tim's attic last summer and have since covered everything from childbirth (episode 4) to traveling with kids (episode 5) to insufficient paternity leave policies (episode 8).  In episode 9, the duo took on the particularly taboo topic of the urologist and shared personal experiences with infertility and vasectomy.  Each episode features coverage of topical news and updates on their ever-changing children. 



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Volume 17, Issue 24, Posted 10:15 AM, 01.05.2022

New Year's Eve In Lakewood 1973

December 31st, 1973 in Lakewood, Ohio...
What are you doing on this New Years Eve?
An elegant dinner at the Blue Fox, or perhaps a low key takeout evening with Lawson's chip dip and sandwiches from the Beef Coral?
How about a movie at the Detroit Theatre, perhaps American Graffiti or the The Poseidon Adventure?
Get your reservations early if you want to dine at Millers, and gear up for some sticky buns and the world's most eclectic salad tray.
If you want some fresh air, exercise and maybe some romance, think about a skate a Winterhurst. (Not sure about the rumors of a new, indoor rink) or if the weather cooperates, at Lakewood Park by the Old Stone House.
For ice cream, it's the upstart Helen Hutchey's or the venerable Malley's—or take out at Franklins.

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Volume 18, Issue 2, Posted 10:15 AM, 01.05.2022

Statement Regarding Marine Towers West Parking Garage

On December 23, 2021, at approximately 10AM, the parking garage at Marine Towers West collapsed.

Lakewood City Fire and Police Departments responded immediately, along with the Westshore Trench Collapse Rescue team. Mayor George  and Building Commissioner Parmelee are also on scene.

The City of Lakewood will continue to provide updates as the situation evolves.



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Volume 18, Issue 2, Posted 10:15 AM, 01.05.2022

Starr Gazer


ARIES: The Sun starts the year off in your career house, the Ram’s New Year’s Resolution: “Wouldn’t it be great if you could finish just one thing?” We know how many projects you have going.

TAURUS: It's time for the Bull to get out of the Bullpen, the Sun’s focus is on foreign travel, New Year’s Resolution: make a change, come out of your comfort zone for goodness sakes.

GEMINI: Jupiter, the benefic planet is in your house of career, slow down…the Twins are like the roadrunner, have a little patience this year, take time to actually see where you're going.

CANCER: For the Crab Jupiter & the Sun have aligned themselves in your house of relationships & foreign travel, this year…do something that scares the living hell out of you.

LEO: The Lion starts the year off with the focus on health & other people's money, take your generosity this year & make this the King/Queen’s year of the cause, donate to a charity or two.


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Volume 18, Issue 1, Posted 10:15 AM, 01.05.2022

Community West Foundation Awards $2.6 Million In Grants, Announces New Grant Cycle For 2022

The Community West Foundation Board of Directors approved $584,300 in fourth quarter grants bringing the grand total to $2.6 million awarded in 2021 to 81 non-profit agencies located in Cleveland, western Cuyahoga and Lorain Counties. The recipient organizations for fourth quarter grants include:

  • to cope with the after-effects of the pandemic
  • Galilean Theological Institute - $5,000 – Capacity Building grant supporting the En Conjunto Community of Hispanic Houses of Worship Collaborative
  • Good Knights, Inc. - $5,000 – General operating support to build and provide beds and bedding to children in Lorain County       
  • LifeAct – $20,000 - Program Support for suicide prevention programs for Grades 6-12
  • Love, INC. - $10,000 – Program support for housing vulnerable Clevelanders
  • Rocky River Meals on Wheels - $10,000 - General operating support to provide low-cost, nutritious meals to Rocky River, Fairview Park and Lakewood residents
  • Lakewood Community Services Center -$40,000 – General operating support for emergency food programming
  • Church of the Open Door/Generations House - $20,000 - Funding transitional housing for homeless families in Lorain County
  • Lorain County Safe Harbor - $25,000 - General operating support for shelter and support to men, women and children of all ages who are victims of domestic violence
  • Seeds of Literacy - $35,000 - Continuing support of basic education programs
  • Village Project - $40,000 - General operating support to provide nourishing meals and extended care and services to people experiencing cancer
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Volume 18, Issue 1, Posted 10:15 AM, 01.05.2022

Fishing With My Dad

While coming home through the park on a 40-degree December afternoon from completing some errands. I noticed many anglers out taking advantage of the nice weather. I particulary noticed what appeared to be a father with his young daughter fishing on the bank of the Rocky River. This  sight took me back 50 years to when I was a young boy fishing on the banks of the Rocky River with my own father.

My father, who passed away thirty plus years ago, liked to take us fishing in the evening, then for an ice cream cone, if neighbor kids or friends were around he would take them too.

My Dad worked two jobs but always seemed to find some time to spend with us doing an activity we enjoyed like playing Baseball, Bicycling or Fishing etc. Sometimes it was not a lot of time, but he was available for us.

As I got older my pastime became golf. My dad was not a golfer, but encouraged it. I still fish when I have time, which is not often due to career and golf coaching demands. When I do fish I head for Lake Erie for Perch or Walleye or an Ocean Fishing Charter trip to chase the big fish I dreamed about as a young boy, but what I do miss and remember is the life conversations I had with my Dad on those fishing trips along the riverbank.


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Volume 18, Issue 1, Posted 10:15 AM, 01.05.2022

Rotary Foundation Awards $74,455 In Grants

Grants totaling $74,455 from the Lakewood-Rocky River Rotary Foundation will provide scholarships, encourage student achievement, fight hunger, and foster programs for community health and wellness.

Each year, the Rotary Club of Lakewood and Rocky River seeks grant applications from non-profit organizations that serve our youth, adults and community within Lakewood and Rocky River. Since its creation in 1952 by then-Club President Carl Dryer, the Foundation has enabled the club to provide over $1.25 million in student scholarships and grants. This has been accomplished due to the generosity of the club’s philanthropic membership.

This year, the club will award $15,000 in scholarships to high school seniors and present $7,000 in prizes to student winners in the club’s annual speech, music, and art competition.

A $5,000 award goes to the Lakewood Community Services Center for its food delivery program.


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Volume 18, Issue 1, Posted 10:15 AM, 01.05.2022

January Virtual Story Times- Children’s And Youth Services

Virtual All Day Just Baby 'N Me

For You and Your Birth to 24-Month-Old Baby

Just Baby 'N Me is a six-week virtual lap-sit story time ideal for babies from birth through early walkers. The focus is on rhymes, songs, finger plays and exploring short books together. Register to receive access to a video link for the entire day of story time. Registration is required. Register once for all six weeks.

Thursdays, January 13, 2022- Thursday, February 17, 2022

Virtual All Day Pre-school Story Time

For You and Your 2 to 5-Year-Old Pre-schooler

This six-week pre-school story time is ideal for walkers, new talkers, and learning early literacy skills. You and your toddler and pre-schoolers will enjoy short books, songs and rhymes. Register to receive access to a video link for the entire day of story time. Registration is required. Register once for all six weeks.

Wednesdays, January 12, 2022- Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on library news, programs and events. 


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Volume 18, Issue 1, Posted 10:15 AM, 01.05.2022

Lakewood League Of Women Voters Mary Warren Impact Scholarship Winner: Annabelle King Sorge

Of course voting is our civic duty, our ode to democracy and our expectation as a citizen, but voting possesses more than that. As a seventeen year old AP Government student anxiously awaiting the end of my senior year, I am even more anxiously awaiting the day I turn eighteen and am granted the ability to vote. If society loses the urgency to vote, democracy will be in danger. 

We must examine two terms when determining why voting matters so much in our Democracy: social capital and political efficacy. In Robert Putnam’s Bowling Alone, he addresses how the American community’s decrease in both social capital and political efficacy will result in the demise of the country. Social capital is the networks of relationships among people who live and work in a particular society, enabling that society to function effectively. As Putnam states, “Americans of all ages, all stations in life, and all types of disposition are forever forming associations…” (Putnam, 65). These associations that take place at the booths keep democracy alive--voting keeps democracy alive. Similar to social capital, is political efficacy--the citizens’ faith and trust in government and their belief that they can understand and influence political affairs. If people vote, the trust in government increases as the results are coming from the people.


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Volume 18, Issue 1, Posted 10:15 AM, 01.05.2022

Calling All Lakewood Conservatives And Patriots

Two things became very clear to me during this past election.

First, the Conservatives in our city, which surprisingly there are quite a few, would like to have the ability to get together and express their opinions with other like-minded individuals. Second, the voter turnout in Lakewood, Cleveland and the nation as a whole was pathetically low. 

It hit me, that if the Conservatives in Lakewood and Cleveland would unify and get to the polls, we could make a significant impact on the outcome of ballot issues and elected offices. This will be especially important in the upcoming 2022 election.

As a result, we have decided to start up a new organization of Conservatives and Patriots residing in Lakewood and the Cleveland West Park area. The vision for this organization is to meet on a regular basis to discuss and educate one another on the important issues of our time. We intend to always seek the truth and not be swayed by certain news outlets or other social media sites. 

We will encourage getting our family, friends and neighbors out to the polls to vote in local, state and national elections. We will work to make our organization a credible voice for Conservative principles and values.  


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Volume 18, Issue 1, Posted 10:15 AM, 01.05.2022

January Virtual Meet The Author Events

Lakewood Public Library will premiere virtual Meet the Author events in December. You can watch these programs on and at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday evenings.

January 6

Ohio author Jyotsna Sreenivasan talks about her award winning collection of short stories, "These Americans." The stories are inspired by Sreenivasan's own experiences as an Indian-American growing up in the Midwest. Sreenivasan is also the author of the novel "Laughter Fell from the Sky," as well as two children’s books and numerous short stories for literary magazines.

January 13

Rock photographer Janet Macoska and writer Peter Chakerian talk about their book, "Bruce Springsteen in the Heartland." Cleveland was instrumental in launching “the Boss” to stardom. This collection of rarely seen photos capture Springsteen in concert in Northeast Ohio throughout his career.


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Volume 18, Issue 1, Posted 10:15 AM, 01.05.2022

Beautiful Music, Magical Concept, Lakewood Schools' Annual Choral Concert - You Can Watch Online

The combined LHS quartets: Vive L'Four and Fourtes. 

On December 13 Lakewood Schools hosted their annual High School and Middle School concert,  featuring the 8th grade choir,  Symphonic Treble Choir, Symphonic Mixed Choir, Chamber Choir, Vive L'Four, and Fourtes.

The concert began with all of the lights down and choir members entering from each side with electric candles, singing Silent Night, and from there the night just got more magical.

One feature of the evening was that alumni were invited to the stage during the performances of the Fourtes, the girls' quartet, and the final songs of the evening. Members from the audience of all ages left their seats and joined the full choir on stage for the finale.

Much thanks to Rayna Brooks, Grace Dahl, her student teacher, and Mrs. Blasko for putting on a professional, beautiful and inspiring show, and thanks to the choral students, past and present for their warmth, enthusiasm and talent. It was a wonderful way to kick off the season as students begin their vacation at the end of this week. You can watch the livestream from the comfort of your home here:  You'll be glad you did. 

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Volume 17, Issue 24, Posted 2:26 PM, 12.15.2021

Mayor's Corner: Many Accomplishments In A Difficult Year

Happy Holidays from all of us at City Hall! The past year has been filled with many achievements for our city, even as the pandemic continues to affect our lives. As we bring 2021 to a close, I’d to spend a few lines highlighting some things we can all be proud of accomplishing here in Lakewood over the past 12 months.

Rising to the Challenge of COVID-19: It’s hard to remember, but when we began the year, vaccines were still not in general distribution and protocols were still very restrictive. Despite this, our city workers truly rose to the occasion and made sacrifices to keep services in place while also keeping us all safe. I am also grateful to all of you who have offered kind words and thanks to our staff – it means so much to all of us.

Caring for Those in Crisis: Our continued response to the impact of the pandemic included using some of our federal COVID dollars to provide rental assistance that kept people in their homes. The funds are dedicated exclusively to low-income recipients who are at risk of losing their housing due to the pandemic and have helped hundreds of our neighbors weather this storm.

Fiscal Excellence: Our commitment to fiscal excellence, transparency, and stewardship at City Hall was recognized externally this year when both the Ohio Auditor of State and the national Government Finance Officers Association both presented awards to our Finance Department.


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Volume 17, Issue 24, Posted 2:26 PM, 12.15.2021

Dr. G's Rangers Round-Up: Basketball

Senior Hakeem Quaran, the First-Federal Lakewood Player of the Game, led all scorers with 21 points.

December 10

Boys Basketball: Rangers Defeat Invaders

After opening the season with three tough road losses against elite opponents, the Lakewood Rangers led wire to wire and defeated Normandy 44-41 in our home opener.
Senior Hakeem Quaran (the First-Federal Lakewood Player of the Game) led all scorers with 21 points, using the 3 point shot and strong drives to great effect. Senior M.J. Grayer scored a modest 3 points, but was a force on the boards, somewhat neutralizing Normandy's significant size advantage.
Senior Andre Hallenburg tallied 7 and played his usual strong all-around game, as did senior Michael Hamdan who didn't score tonight, but played solid at point guard. Senior Khaled Kutkut hit a 3 pointer and provided valuable minutes off the bench.
Yet, within this senior dominated line-up, the key play of the game came from sophomore Drew Jablonowski (9 points). After storming out to an early 14 point lead keyed by intense team defense, the Rangers went cold, and Normandy closed to within 2 with 5:54 left in the game. All the momentum was with the visitors. But then, Jablonowski cooly knock down a corner 3-pointer—followed by a Quran 3—to repel the Invader surge, and the Rangers were on their way.
Hats off to Coach Alex Cammock and all the guys from 44107 for this team victory.

Girls Basketball: Rangers Defeat Heights Tigers

December 8

Led by a torrid 3-point shooting steak by senior Mollie Henrikson (pictured/18 points) the Lakewood Rangers Girls Basketball Team (3-2) defeated Cleveland Heights 53-43 tonight at the Tigers gym.

Henrikson led all scorers, but many Rangers contributed to this team win. Starters junior Ava Carroll, senior Molly Pilgrim, junior Sam Hudak and sophomore Delaney Garcia scored, played strong defense, and rebounded well.  

The Lakewood bench was superb—there was no drop off in play when substitutes entered. Junior Aya McAuliffe hit a couple of 3's and had a solid all around game. Junior Annette Doren didn't score, but played strong defense and handled the ball well. Junior Brigid McKenna played tenacious defense and scored on a driving layup.  

But after Hendrickson, the Rangers most valuable player tonight was Jacquie Hudak (7 points), who hit a key 3 pointer to stem a Tiger rally, snagged several key rebounds, and was, as usual, an aggressive pest on defense.   Every Ranger played with heart and an unselfish attitude tonight. Great effort by the squad from 44107

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Volume 17, Issue 24, Posted 2:26 PM, 12.15.2021

Rep. Skindell's Statement As Legislature Approves More Than $4.18 Billion To Invest In Jobs, People And Families

Representative Michael J. Skindell


Majority of funds are part of President Biden and Democrats’ American Rescue Plan

Rep. Michael J. Skindell (D-Lakewood) voted in favor of Substitute House Bill (HB) 169 to appropriate $4.18 billion to support education, expand access to childcare and improve public health, among other investments in Ohio’s working people, families and communities amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The bill is funded through several federal COVID-19 relief packages, the majority of which comes from the American Rescue Plan Act backed by Democrats and signed into law by President Biden earlier this year.

Hundreds of millions of dollars allocated to Ohio under the American Rescue Plan were at risk of expiring had the General Assembly not taken legislative action on the funds this month.

“It is essential to distribute these funds in order to advocate and provide for all Ohioans during these unprecedented times, and I was pleased to cast a vote in favor of the work put forth by the Biden Administration with the American Rescue Plan to help all the people of Ohio,” said Rep. Skindell.

Sub. HB 169 includes:

  • $2.48 billion for K-12 schools;
  • $1.05 billion to help health care providers hire and retain employees;
  • $639 million in supplemental child care grants to enhance the hiring and retention of staff and improve access to child care;
  • $250 million in grants for law enforcement agencies;
  • $91.1 million for the Department of Health to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and address other public health priorities;
  • $7.3 million to prevent youth homelessness.
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Volume 17, Issue 24, Posted 2:26 PM, 12.15.2021

District Extends Finance Committee Application Deadline

The Lakewood Board of Education is seeking applicants to fill two positions on its Financial Advisory Committee (FAC), which is dedicated to the District’s finances. Applicants must be Lakewood residents. The original deadline for applicants has been extended to January 3, 2022.

Duties of the committee include reviewing the annual state audit, conducting pre- and post-audit meetings, sharing business and financial “best practices” information, and reviewing the treasurer’s five-year forecast. The committee meets on a quarterly or as needed basis. 

These positions are voluntary appointments beginning January 1, 2022 and are the result of a resignation and a term expiring on December 31, 2021, which will run until 2024 and 2025, respectively. Applicants must be specific in the letter of interest whether they are applying for the term ending in 2024 or the term ending in 2025. Subsequent term renewals will be for three years. 

Board members expect the committee members to work in a “cooperative, collaborative and consensus-driven manner.” Applicants for the positions are expected to have strong experience in areas of finance or audit experience, especially CPAs, CFOs, CEOs, or bankers. 




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Volume 17, Issue 24, Posted 2:26 PM, 12.15.2021

Kindergarten Parent Info Night Set

The Lakewood City Schools will return to an in-person format for its Kindergarten Parent Information Night for the 2022-2023 school year. The event is set for Thursday, January 20, 2022, at 6:30 pm at Grant Elementary School. Students must be 5 years old on or before September 30, 2022 in order to be age eligible to enter kindergarten in Fall 2022. 

The program will include a presentation by Director of Teaching & Learning Steven Ast, who will share details about the kindergarten curriculum and the registration process. Registration for the 2022-2023 school year begins on Monday, January 24. District Nurse Katy Corrigan will also be on hand to provide information on immunizations needed and other health care protocols. Following the presentation, parents/guardians will have the opportunity to ask questions and view the Grant kindergarten rooms. Some principals will also be on hand to answer questions.

If you plan to attend, please note that masks are required in all Lakewood City Schools buildings. 

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Volume 17, Issue 24, Posted 2:26 PM, 12.15.2021

The Work Begins, In Chimoio, Africa

Botanic Garden.

Chimoio, 2018.

Hello People! My name is Fernanda. You may have seen me around town or read my story in a previous issue of The Lakewood Observer. In that story, I arrived in Mozambique, Africa, to start a wonderful experience that for sure made me appreciate and see the world from a better perspective learned from amazing and strong people. 

After spending a few days in Maputo, I embarked on a journey in normal time, I mean, roads in good condition etc. It would last approximately 5-6 hours, it took us 18 hours, no kidding hahaha!... to Chimoio, the place I would live for 6 months working with the communities.

The trip was very happy and new but very uncomfortable. We stopped in uninhabited places, like where there was nothing at all, to go to the bathroom where there was no bathroom. Women have no problem with that because they use capulanas, whichis a large fabric that they tie to their body as a skirt, the capulana has a thousand uses, carry babies, cover the hair, carry things either fruit or bread, load support on the head, etc.

I, who had no experience and no capulana, had to wait until I saw a place with a bathroom, which was about 5 hours later.

In some places of the trip there were small vending stands of fruits, bread, boiled eggs, soft drinks, and well water in recycled bottles.


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Volume 17, Issue 24, Posted 2:26 PM, 12.15.2021

Holiday Greetings From Nora Katzenberger

The Katzenberger Family

Happy Holidays, Lakewood Friends!

Thank you, Lakewood voters, for electing me to the school board! I can’t wait to be sworn into office in January, so I can get to work for Lakewood students, teachers, families, and community members. This holiday season, I hope you find joy in celebration with friends and family, as well as quiet moments to rest and restore. Best wishes to all for a happy, healthy, hopeful new year!

Nora Katzenberger

Lakewood Board of Education

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Volume 17, Issue 24, Posted 2:26 PM, 12.15.2021

Wishing Our Community A Wonderful Holiday Season

Tess and Bentley

HAPPY PAWLIDAYS! No matter where life takes you, I hope that your adventures bring you home for the holidays. Wishing you and your loved ones a joyous and fun holiday season.


1 loaf cinnamon swirl bread                        1 tablespoon vanilla extract

8 large eggs                                                     ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon

2-1/2 cups half-and-half                               ½ teaspoon ground nutmeg

1 cup milk                                                        Praline Topping (below)

2 tablespoons sugar

Praline Topping: 2 sticks butter; 1 cup backed light brown sugar; 1 cup chopped pecans; ½ teaspoon each of cinnamon and nutmeg (combine all ingredients in a bowl and blend well and spread over bread)

Arrange slices of bread in two rows, overlapping in a 9 x 13-inch flat baking dish that is prepared with non-stick spray.


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Volume 17, Issue 24, Posted 2:26 PM, 12.15.2021

Holiday Greetings From Jason Shachner And Family

Happy holidays, from our family to yours! This year brought us the wonderful addition of our daughter, Olivia, who brings us an endless amount of joy. We also experienced the loss of our pup, Tessie, who had been our faithful companion for the past 14+ years and whom we greatly miss. As I reflect upon the past year, I am inspired by the resilience of our City and its residents, and I am grateful for all the friends we have made in this community. We wish you and your families a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season.


Councilmember Jason Shachner & Family

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Volume 17, Issue 24, Posted 2:26 PM, 12.15.2021

Tom Bullock's Holiday Greeting

To our Lakewood neighbors,

We wish you the peace of the holiday season, joy in your hearts, that your New Year shines with possibility!

 The Bullock family
Tom, Molly, Tommy, William, and Bridget



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Volume 17, Issue 24, Posted 2:26 PM, 12.15.2021

Tristan Rader's Holiday Greetings

Have a very Merry Christmas. Joyful Kwanzaa. Happy New Year. And the best Festivus money can’t buy.” From Caitlin & Tristan Rader

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Volume 17, Issue 24, Posted 2:26 PM, 12.15.2021

Holiday Reflections From Sarah Kepple

Dear neighbors,

Each holiday season, I find myself reflecting on the past year. This has been a year of firsts for our family; my first full year on City Council, Andy’s first year as a campaign treasurer, Quill’s first year of college, and our cats, well, not much changes year to year for house cats, but they had the house to themselves for the first time in a quite a while as we all returned to our in-person lives. This is also my first holiday message, and I’m cognizant that while many of us are joyfully anticipating reclaimed traditions, we all find ourselves marked by this tumultuous time in different ways. For some little ones in our community, these will be the first gatherings that they’ll remember with extended friends and family, and for some of us it will be the first holiday with folks missing from the table. As we work to show each other a little extra patience, tenderness, and grace, I am grateful for the impressive generosity and acts of kindness I see displayed throughout the year from one Lakewood neighbor to another, for the hard working public employees serving our city, the dedicated folks at Lakewood Alive and Lakewood Community Services Center helping us thrive, and the incredible healthcare professionals who continue to work to keep us safe. Lakewood is a special community. Thank you for being part of it.

Happy Holidays,

Councilperson Sarah Kepple

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Volume 17, Issue 24, Posted 2:26 PM, 12.15.2021

Lakewood League of Women Voters 100th Anniversary

As we prepare to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Lakewood League of Women Voters, please consider a tax deductible year end donation and the gift of membership.  One Hundred percent of the money donated to the Mary Warren Impact Scholarship goes to Lakewood High School Seniors that exemplify her qualities of community service, citizen participation, and humanitarian care.  To make a tax deductible donation to the Education Fund, please visit and add Mary Warren Impact Scholarship to the comment box.  While you’re at the site, please consider joining.  The Lakewood Chapter is at 86 Members and hoping to increase to 100 for our anniversary.  We’d love to have your help defending democracy and empowering voters. Everyone is welcome to join.  Peace.

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Volume 17, Issue 24, Posted 2:26 PM, 12.15.2021

December Art At Root Cafe

The Root cafe is happy to welcome and announce Wanda and Erika whose paintings and drawings will be showing at the Root Cafe through December.  

We are proud to offer a space for introducing to the public these creative talents which have been nurtured in one family through generations. Wanda can always remember her parents actively painting and sketching. Yet somehow, she felt as if this talent did not belong to her until her daughter Erica encouraged her and inspired her to pick up a pencil and to get to work being herself. How does one be an artist? How does one create? She attempted it and then joy and talent began to color her heart, bringing up emotions which she hadn’t even known before. Painting and art became Wanda’s escape in the hard times and a surface on which to map out the heart’s traffic in the good times. 

But what about young Erica? She has inspiration from parents and grandparents both. And Larry also. Some of her earliest memories were studying color with Grandapa, learning that there are words for colors like feelings, words like warm/cool or primary/ secondary. She remembers Grandma painting landscapes together with Uncle Larry. Always fearless, Erica found a natural wellspring of emotion when she hit charcoal. Finally Erica’s perfect clarity of raw emotion, lovingly developed in her family since childhood, has a natural home. It’s a shade of black or a strong line on a variously white or tinted canvas.  Come see black and white compositions in the hands of an expert colorist. Color gives you names for feelings. A black and white drawing can provoke different emotions in different viewers or various emotions in sequence as it is encountered by an individual viewer.  


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Volume 17, Issue 24, Posted 2:26 PM, 12.15.2021

Healthy Lakewood Foundation Accepting Applications For Board Member Position

The Healthy Lakewood Foundation (HLF) is actively seeking a passionate, diverse, and committed member of the Lakewood community to serve on its Board of Directors. Interested members of the community are invited to apply to serve on the Foundation’s Board of Directors for a 2-year term commencing in March 2022.

At this time, only Lakewood residents can be considered for this open position in order to maintain a board composition whereby at least 2/3 of members are Lakewood residents per the organization’s by-laws. 

The HLF Board values inclusiveness in its membership and seeks diversity to ensure that a range of skills, professional backgrounds, and lived experiences are represented and actively involved in the pursuit of its mission: To advance programs, policies, and practices that inspire a Lakewood community in which health and wellness are reflected in all aspects of life.

For a link to the online application and more information about the Healthy Lakewood Foundation and its Board of Directors, please visit HLF’s website at:

Applications will be accepted until January 15, 2022. Following an initial review of applications by HLF’s Governance Committee, a select number of potential candidates will be interviewed for consideration.


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Volume 17, Issue 24, Posted 2:26 PM, 12.15.2021

Governor Dewine Appoints O'Sullivan To 8th District Court Of Appeals

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine today announced five appointments to fill judicial vacancies. He appointed Cornelius J. O'Sullivan to serve as a judge on the Eighth District Court of Appeals; Kenneth R. Callahan, Wanda C. Jones, and Mark R. Majer to each serve as judges on the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas; and Sergio I. DiGeronimo, to serve as a judge on the Garfield Heights Municipal Court.

O'Sullivan, of Lakewood, will assume office on Dec. 15, 2021 on the Eighth District Court of Appeals and will be filling the vacancy left by Judge Larry Jones who died. O'Sullivan must run for election in November 2022 to complete the unexpired term ending Feb. 9, 2027.

O'Sullivan most recently worked as a civil trial attorney, mediator, and arbitration chairman for Weston Hurd LLP, where he was a partner. In his prior position, he was a senior litigation attorney, where he handled major cases for CNA Insurance for 15 years.

O'Sullivan received his law degree from Cleveland State University's Marshall College of Law, where he was an editor of the Cleveland State Law Review, and his undergraduate degree from the John Carroll University.

He currently is a certified mediator, Partner in Justice with the Legal Aid Society, director of Flock Community Meals, and a member of St. Edward High's Alumni Board of Directors. In the past, he was president of the Cleveland Association of Civil Trial Attorneys and Legal Eagles, and chairman of Mayors Task Force on Winterhurst.

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Volume 17, Issue 24, Posted 2:26 PM, 12.15.2021

December Virtual Events

Lakewood Public Library will premiere virtual Meet the Author events in December. You can watch these programs on and at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday evenings.

December 16

Local journalist and Duran Duran fan Annie Zaleski talks about her book Duran Duran’s Rio. The book includes interviews with band members, and examines why the album took a while to catch on in the United States, and more.

December 30

Lakewood author Kathy McKinsey shares her love of writing and storytelling, and talks about her most recent book Gifts of Grace.  This collection of novellas tell the stories of three women, and how their faith helps them through difficult times.

If you miss the premiere, the videos will also be available on the Library’s website

Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on library news, programs and events.  


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Volume 17, Issue 24, Posted 2:26 PM, 12.15.2021

Neighborhood Family Practice Continues Efforts

Since the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Neighborhood Family Practice (NFP) has targeted efforts to increase awareness, education and outreach and later, testing and vaccines, to at-risk and underserved community members. Those efforts continue today. 

“Throughout the past year, we’ve worked independently, with state and local government, and other community partners to increase awareness and knowledge about COVID, along with access to testing and vaccines for the more vulnerable and underserved Black, Hispanic/Latino, low-income and refugee populations in our community – the very populations that have been disproportionately affected by the virus,” says Jean Poster, RN, MS, NFP’s president and CEO. 

Since January 2021, NFP has:

•    provided 29,000 vaccinations to 15,000 individuals
•    4,250 shots since August
•    Conducted 100 community vaccination clinics with community partners

Along with participating in The Cleveland Community Health Centers COVID Services collaborative in partnership with the Cuyahoga County Board of Health, Cleveland Department of Public Health and local hospital systems, NFP partnered with LaSagrada Familia Church, the Hispanic Roundtable. Saint Paul AME Church and other local community organizations to prioritize the information and care provided to communities of color. 

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Volume 17, Issue 24, Posted 2:26 PM, 12.15.2021

New Jewish Center Opens

 A new Jewish Discovery Center is opening in Lakewood. 

Chabad of the West Side, a local non-profit organization serving Cleveland's western suburbs for the past 5 years under the leadership of Rabbi Mendel and Devora Jacobs is excited to announce that their new center is finally ready to open for the community.   

The ribbon cutting and mezuzah affixing ceremony were held at the center with Mayor Meghan George of Lakewood and dignitaries appearing at 2:30 PM, at 15618 Madison Ave. in Lakewood.  

Future programs include children's extracurricular activities and afterschool programs, adult education opportunities, and Jewish holiday celebrations.   

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Volume 17, Issue 24, Posted 2:26 PM, 12.15.2021

Trash Tips For The Holidays


1.) The Lakewood Refuse Department will be closed on Monday 12/27 and Monday 1/3.

2.) Residential pick-up will resume on Tuesday 12/28 and 1/4. Carts and bulk trash should be out on your regular scheduled pick-up day.

3.) When at all possible all cardboard should be broken-down and placed in the recycle cart. Excess cardboard must be tied or boxed for easy pick-up and to prevent littering the street.

4.) Non-glitter and non-foil wrapping paper and the cardboard rolls they come with ARE recyclable.

5.)ALL styrofoam is GARBAGE. If you place a TV box on the tree lawn and it contains styrofoam, it will be taken as garbage.

6.) Christmas trees must be free of lights and not enclosed in plastic bags so they can be recycled.


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Volume 17, Issue 24, Posted 2:26 PM, 12.15.2021

Detroit Sloane Project Nears Completion

The City of Lakewood expects the Detroit Sloane improvement project to be fully completed before the end of December. 
The work done will significantly improve pedestrian and cyclist safety at this high-use intersection which serves as a key gateway to both our city and the Rocky River Reservation. 
The project also incorporated water and sewer upgrades to address compromised, century-old infrastructure while the street was torn up, saving time and taxpayer dollars by completing the work simultaneously.
Construction Updates: 
Lauderdale Avenue: Work continues on Lauderdale, with notices and electronic message boards being updated to keep residents up-to-date on the work being done.

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Volume 17, Issue 24, Posted 2:26 PM, 12.15.2021

The Picture

I have often heard it said a picture is worth a thousand words or beauty is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to art. I never thought too much about it until the other day when having a phone conversation with a friend who is into art.

She said what I really want for Christmas is for my daughter to paint me a picture. I have saved a space on the wall above my buffet for it, but she says she is too busy with her career to paint, but I think she would have the time if she watched less TV.  We talked some more about the art in our homes and how mine is mis-matched and I was thinking about doing something different. and concluded or conversation.

I had a tough time sleeping that night as I frequently do since my wife passed away just over a year ago. I walked around the house looking at the different pictures none of which are a Rembrandt or Picasso and realized each one had a story of how it came to be in my home. Then I looked at the picture that hangs in my bedroom. I always thought it represented the ocean at sunset, over the last year I have found much peace and relaxation looking at it. I wondered what the artist was really trying convey, so I texted her the next morning and her reply was as follows.


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Volume 17, Issue 23, Posted 2:26 PM, 12.15.2021

The Top Traditions Of Light Up Lakewood 2021

Light Up Lakewood is returning on Saturday, December 4 from 4 to 8 p.m. The spirit of the season will come to life with holiday cheer at the most joyous event of the year in Downtown Lakewood!

Holiday traditions abound at Light Up Lakewood taking place December 4 in Downtown Lakewood! Here are 11 of our favorites.

Help us to usher in the spirit of the holiday season! At Light Up Lakewood, traditions abound, instilling a sense of comfort, belonging and excitement into the wintertime season. After a year apart, this popular community event comprised of many holiday rituals is returning in-person to Downtown Lakewood.

Here’s our list of the top traditions associated with Light Up Lakewood 2021, which is presented by LakewoodAlive and sponsored by First Federal Lakewood.  This festive community event takes place Saturday, December 4 from 4 to 8 p.m.

  •   Holiday Street Festival & Local Retailers 

Light Up Lakewood provides many opportunities to shop local! Peruse area merchants and shops in Downtown Lakewood and find unique gifts for everybody on your list.

  •   Huskies & NatureTracks 

Siberian Huskies are known to be loyal, mischievous and outgoing. With beautiful gray-and-white coats and distinctive eyes, it’s no surprise that they’re a crowd favorite at Light Up Lakewood. These intelligent canines thrive in wintry weather and in some ways have become synonymous with Lakewood’s annual holiday festival. In addition to huskies, NatureTracks, the Cleveland Metropark’s mobile outreach vehicle, will also be onsite bringing the parks to the people with a unique outreach experience that offers free environmental educational programs.


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Volume 17, Issue 23, Posted 12:10 PM, 12.01.2021

It's Back! Christmas Sale @ Nicholson House

The Lakewood Historical Society's annual Christmas Sale on the Grounds is back after a year hiatus. This sale has everything you need for holiday decorating, entertaining and gift-giving. Everything to Deck your Halls and support a great community organization. We are bursting at the seams with holiday treasures, plan plenty of time to see it all. 

The sale occurs the weekend of Light Up Lakewood the perfect combination to put you in a holiday mood. Shop during the day, have dinner out at a great local restaurant and take in the festivities in Downtown Lakewood in the evening.

Christmas Sale on the Grounds offers the opportunity to recycle treasures of the past, providing one-of-a-kind gift ideas. Beautifully displayed new and nearly-new gift items, tree trimmings, decorations, wrapping paper and anything you need for holiday entertaining share the space with antiques, collectibles, vintage linens, glassware, silver and delicate heirloom ornaments. We have ruby red, snow white and patterned china to set the most festive table. Hundreds of ornaments and lights galore. This year we have a huge collection of Dept. 56 Village pieces, Ruby Glassware, new jigsaw puzzles and many Hallmark, Hershey, Campbell and train themed ornaments. If you're watching your budget, you can't afford not to shop here many items are just one dollar--don't miss this event! 


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Volume 17, Issue 23, Posted 12:10 PM, 12.01.2021

Lakewood High School Community Drive Saturday Dec 4

This Saturday, December 4th from 9:00 - 11:00am, the School Counseling Department, in partnership with H20 and Student Council, will be hosting a community drive to assist our families.

Requested donations include new/unused hygiene products, new/unused cleaning supplies, and gift cards and can be made at Door 32 near the Book Room at the high school.

Student volunteers will be on hand to collect donations so that those who participate do not even need to leave their vehicle! Monetary donations can also be made using the QR code below.  Please note - the QR code is available beginning Friday, December 3. 

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Volume 17, Issue 24, Posted 12:10 PM, 12.01.2021

Mayor's Corner: Safety Is Number One Priority

Safety remains the number one priority for Lakewood – we hear this from our residents on a daily basis and we share this overarching goal for our community. Recently, some high profile crimes have occurred in our city, and we want to use this opportunity to provide an update on safety efforts in Lakewood.

As you probably are aware, we have seen a rise in violent crime nationwide recently, and local communities in Ohio have suffered from the same disturbing trend. In late September, the FBI released its annual uniform crime report. The FBI’s data showed that after reaching a low point in violent crimes in 2014, our nation has seen a disturbing uptick in these most concerning crimes – and that has been especially true over the past two years.

Unfortunately, Lakewood is not immune to the national trends, as shown by the recent high profile robberies. We can assure you that our police are fully aware of these trends – we are studying them to understand their impact for our city, and then taking affirmative steps to address these them.


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Volume 17, Issue 24, Posted 12:10 PM, 12.01.2021

Municipal Parking Lot Update

The City of Lakewood has updated its parking payment system in Downtown Lakewood for city-owned lots A, B, and C, located behind buildings on the north side of Detroit between Gladys and St. Charles. Moving forward, the City is working with Park Mobile to provide several contactless payment options for parking in these lots while also maintaining a select number of meters to accept coins from those who prefer to pay in cash.
As part of the update to the municipal lots, new signage is also being installed both inside and along the edges of the lots. The signs along the edge of the lots intend to provide clearer guidance for patrons towards the different parking options provided in each lane – whether for contactless payment, coin-operated meters, or city-issued parking permit spaces. The internal signs designate permit areas and provide instructions on the use of contactless payment methods. Contactless payment areas are broken into numbered zones (top of sign) that correspond with specific time limits of 2, 4, or 10-hours (bottom of sign).
As part of implementing the new system, the City continues to work with LakewoodAlive to engage Downtown Lakewood business owners and learn more about parking usage, preferences, and customer needs. The use of Park Mobile in Lots A, B, and C will be evaluated to test and refine the benefits of the app as the City considers expanding the contactless payment options citywide, including to all City-owned lots and as an added option for existing street parking meters across Lakewood.
Key Points:

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Volume 17, Issue 24, Posted 12:10 PM, 12.01.2021

Lakewood Council Seeks Applicants To Fill Vacant Ward One Seat

Lakewood City Council is seeking applicants for the Ward 1 seat soon to be vacated by Councilmember Tess Neff. Councilmember Neff has been elected Municipal Court Judge and will soon be resigning from council to assume her new position. The candidate appointed to this council seat is expected to serve the remainder of the term, which expires December 31, 2023.

Article 2.2 of the Third Amended Charter of the City of Lakewood stipulates that each member of council representing a ward must be both a resident and registered voter of the ward for at least one year immediately prior to taking office, and shall continue to be a resident and a registered voter of the ward.

Interested and qualified individuals may submit a cover letter and resume to the Clerk of Council, 12650 Detroit Road, Lakewood, OH 44107, or by email to City Council anticipates conducting interviews of finalists prior to making a public appointment.

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Volume 17, Issue 24, Posted 12:10 PM, 12.01.2021

Sounds Of The Season Dec. 9 & 10

Lakewood High School's Sounds of the Season concert is back! This concert is the highlight of the season! As in the past, there are two performances to choose from: Thursday, December 9 or Friday, December 10. Both performances begin at 7:30 pm in the Civic Auditorium.

Come and enjoy holiday favorites performed by The LHS Chamber Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Mixed Choir and members of the Lakewood middle school and elementary honors choirs. This well-choreographed concert moves seamlessly from one group to the next with little to no applause. Purchase a raffle ticket for a chance to be the guest sleigh ride whip player with the full orchestra. Join in a community and sing along. Sounds of the Season is truly the way to bring your family together and get in the holiday mood! 

Tickets can be purchased at the Lakewood Civic Auditorium ticket booth the day of the event for $8.00 or you can purchase online at Online tickets are $5.00 in advance or $8.00 the day of the show.

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Volume 17, Issue 23, Posted 12:10 PM, 12.01.2021

LHS Earns Financial Literacy Award

Lakewood High School recently earned a Gold Standard School award from Next Gen Personal Finance for being among the top high schools in the nation in financial literacy education course offerings. 

Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF), a non-profit with a mission to ensure every high school student in America takes a personal finance course by the year 2030, teamed up with Montana State University researchers to evaluate thousands of high school course catalogs and graduation requirements on the following scale:

  • Bronze Standard Schools offer some personal finance instruction in less than one continuous semester, often by embedding it into other courses (e.g. Economics).

  • Silver Standard Schools offer at least one semester of personal finance as a standalone elective OR offer a standalone personal finance course as one option among multiple that can fulfill a one semester graduation requirement.

  • Gold Standard Schools ensure all students take at least one standalone semester course in personal finance before graduation.

Outside of the six states that currently require every high school student to take a personal finance course, researchers identified 1,591 Gold Standard Schools, Lakewood High School among them.  


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Volume 17, Issue 23, Posted 12:10 PM, 12.01.2021

District Seeks Applicants For Financial Advisory Committee

The Lakewood Board of Education is seeking applicants to fill two positions on its Financial Advisory Committee (FAC), which is dedicated to the District’s finances. Applicants must be Lakewood residents.

Duties of the committee include reviewing the annual state audit, conducting pre- and post-audit meetings, sharing business and financial “best practices” information, and reviewing the treasurer’s five-year forecast. The committee meets on a quarterly or as needed basis. 

These positions are voluntary appointments beginning January 1, 2022 and are the result of a resignation and a term expiring on December 31, 2021, which will run until 2024 and 2025, respectively. Applicants must be specific in the letter of interest whether they are applying for the term ending in 2024 or the term ending in 2025.  Subsequent term renewals will be for three years. 


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Volume 17, Issue 23, Posted 12:10 PM, 12.01.2021

Welcome, St. Anselm!

St. Nicholas (aka Reverend Sean Templeton) has been a favorite among Light Up Lakewood visitors.

Lakewood Anglican Mission Is Now St. Anselm Anglican Church

An Anglican Christian congregation that has been part of the Lakewood community since 2014 was officially welcomed into the Anglican Church of North America (ANCA) Diocese of the Great Lakes on November 5 with joyful celebration. At a recent service the Rt. Rev. Mark Engel, bishop of this area, initially recognized this historic milestone and confirmed ten new members. Formerly known as Lakewood Anglican Mission, the congregation is rapidly growing and has a new name: St. Anselm Anglican Church.

St. Anselm is now an official parish (a fully functioning congregation) in the ACNA, an important milestone in the life of the church. "This is a historic day as God has brought a congregation of 100 from a small group of seven" said the Reverend Sean S. Templeton, who is the vicar at St. Anselm and has led this flock as its priest since its beginnings as a small house church in 2013. "From the beginning we have made Psalm 127 our focus, ‘Unless the Lord builds the house the laborers labor in vain.’ God has built it and we praise Him for it!" Father Sean will be installed as rector (head pastor of a parish) along with the vestry at St. Anselm’s parish dedication on February 20, 2022.

The congregation worships in Gethsemane Lutheran Church at 14560 Madison Avenue.

What is the Anglican Church?

St. Anselm is a part of the ancient Anglican tradition. Anglicanism is a worldwide body of Christians responding to God’s revelation through Jesus Christ. Anglicanism brings together the authority of the Bible, the historic faith, and the beauty of structured prayer. It is rooted in tradition, yet contemporary in practice. Globally, Anglicans form the third-largest body of Christians in the world (around 80 million members) behind the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches.


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Volume 17, Issue 23, Posted 12:10 PM, 12.01.2021

Help For Youth Aging Out Of Foster Care

Aging out of the foster care system can be a very challenging time for youth who are also navigating the transition from childhood to adulthood. Without a birth certificate, social security card, or other identifying documentation, it can be extremely difficult to get a job or a driver’s license.

Attorney Danielle Gadomski Littleton and social worker Dani Lachina, both of The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland, have several tips for people who are transitioning out of the foster care system.

First, if you have a case worker, ask him or her for access to your documents or for help applying for new copies.

Second, call the Identification Crisis Collaborative (IDCC). There are 29 community organizations in the IDCC that help people obtain birth certificates, proof of social security numbers, driver’s licenses, state IDs, and other important documentation. For more information on how IDCC can help you, call the West Side Catholic Center at 216-631-4741, ext. 300.

Also, find out if you are eligible to receive help from Ohio Bridges. Ohio Bridges helps youth ages 18 to 20 who have aged out of the foster care system. The organization assists with issues regarding housing, education, employment, and mental and physical health. For more information, go to

Finally, call YWCA’s A Place 4 Me program. A Place 4 Me helps youths from 14 to 26 with issues regarding housing, jobs, and other areas to help create a stable and productive life. For more information, call Kate Lodge at 216-881-6878 or email her at


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Volume 17, Issue 23, Posted 12:10 PM, 12.01.2021

21 Greater Cleveland Nonprofits Receive $2 Million To Improve Access To Care - Three Arches Foundation Announces 2021 Annual Grants

Three Arches Foundation, a community-focused grant making foundation, announced $2 million in annual funding towards one-year and multi-year grants to twenty-one local nonprofit organizations for their work to improve the health and well-being of people in Lakewood and surrounding communities. Each grant award reflects the Foundation’s priority of access to care, specifically the advancement of solutions to remove barriers and improve behavioral and physical health.

This year’s recipients include a combination of new and previous grantees and reflect several common themes including youth-focused, supporting our seniors, intersection of arts and medicine, community collaboration, substance abuse and serving the health and well-being needs of specific populations. “We are grateful for the opportunity to help fund new initiatives and expand programs that will have a direct impact on the lives of people,” shared Kristin Broadbent, president and CEO of the Foundation. “These efforts vary in size and scope but together our grantee partners share a collective commitment to improving access to health care.”

For the second consecutive year, the Foundation maintained its increased funding to help meet the immense needs of the community. This includes a newly-created fund to support an unforeseen and emergent need experienced by a nonprofit organization. “We continue to be inspired and motivated by our grant partners,” said Mary Anne Crampton, board chair of the Foundation. “Throughout the year we’ve observed the flexibility and resiliency of community nonprofits as they shift program models, deliver new services, and intentionally work towards equitable access to resources.”

Highlights of 2021 grants approved by the Foundation’s board of directors include:

B. Riley Sober House - $60,000 for a trauma-informed care practice and awareness program to help adult members of the LGBTQ+ community achieve long-term sobriety.


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Volume 17, Issue 23, Posted 12:10 PM, 12.01.2021

Starr Gazer


Aries: If I know the Ram, you’ll whip through that Xmas list, saving time to take a trip to a foreign land, the hotter the better, Santa Claus is Coming to a Beach Town near you, get ready

Taurus: The Sun shines in the house of career & other people’s money this month, yep…buy those luxury gifts, don’t forget the chocolate shop, & go Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Gemini: The Twins are in for double the pleasure in the relationship sector, business & personal, just watch the Xmas eggnog at the office party, go on a Sleigh Ride for two, the stars are aligned

Cancer: Jupiter is lined up in other’s resources this Holiday, & the Sun is spending time in your daily routine & service to others, stay home baking Xmas cookies & Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Leo: Leo’s are King/Queen of the Jungle & Christmas is no different, that Jungle is rocking with love & romance, take a risk, shine like only you can do, you’ll be singing Under the Mistletoe


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Volume 17, Issue 23, Posted 12:10 PM, 12.01.2021

Tess Neff: Council To The Court

The November 2 General Election results were certified on November 22, and I was officially declared the next Lakewood Municipal Court Judge. Winning the election was a team effort that required an enormous amount of dedication and work. I am truly appreciative for all the amazing support I received for my judicial campaign. My husband Rich served as my campaign manager and my biggest supporter. He did a fine job for a novice. I will forever be grateful to all those who helped me prevail, whether by placing a yard sign, canvassing, or sharing my information with other Lakewood voters. Every task was important and impactful. We conducted a consistently positive campaign during some very difficult and challenging times, and this makes me very proud. For those who did not support me, I believe I will earn your trust and confidence through my future work with the court. 

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Volume 17, Issue 23, Posted 12:10 PM, 12.01.2021

"With Music And Justice for All" Live Virtual Event With Anne E. DeChant

Lakewood Public Library is thrilled to announce a live virtual event, “With Music and Justice for All” featuring singer songwriter Anne E. DeChant and author Frye Gaillard on Tuesday, December 7, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. on Facebook Live.  

In an evening filled with stories and songs, Gaillard will be reading selections from his historical works, which will be accompanied by original music written and performed by DeChant. This unique musical performance seeks to touch the hearts and minds of people with its themes of justice and human rights.

Nashville-based DeChant grew up in Avon Lake, Ohio and is still a staple on the Cleveland music scene, along with venues all across the country.  A five-time winner of the Cleveland Singer-Songwriter Award and a finalist for the Kerrville Folk Festival in 2020, she has performed on stage with Stevie Nicks, Sheryl Crow, Melissa Etheridge and countless others.  


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Volume 17, Issue 23, Posted 12:10 PM, 12.01.2021

Never Too Old To Find Love In Lakewood Part 2

Part 2 of the love story of Ron and Lillie

“Were you looking for someone?" I said to Ron. "I mean, I think we’re always looking.” Ron stopped a minute, thoughtfully, and replied, “Well I was. I would never puff myself up or anything, but a lot of women approached me, they really did, and still did up until recently. I was just not interested in that kind of relationship. I wanted someone who was honest and she had to love the Lord, that had to be number one. And I could see that in Lillie, that she really loved the Lord. That was really the big attraction because other women I talked to, if I talked about the Lord, they seemed to shy away, or they’d say, 'My dad was a preacher, or I used to go to this church,' and all that kind of stuff. Lillie seemed to be the real deal in that respect and not only in just that respect but in everything else. She seemed to be as honest as the day was long, nothing pretentious, and was the real deal and still is that way. And one thing led to another." 

"You bike, golf, play guitar, love music, and volunteer. Do you think that part of the reason you and Lillie hit it off so well is because she’s more the stay-at-home person? She was more interested in home and family events and things she was invited to join. So there’s no conflict for you to have the hobbies you have and Lillie isn’t the jealous or possessive type. Do you think, if you had met someone who had as many hobbies as you, a relationship would not have worked?" Ron replied, “Well I think you touched on the stability aspect. She’s fine with me doing my hobbies and stuff. Even when I do them I don’t neglect my part of housekeeping and sharing responsibilities. And she is very good at what she does and likes. She does more ministry than I do, does more with prayer, she's more behind the scenes than I am. She encourages me. I’m just the person that people see. Lilie agrees that she’s better behind the scenes because she is a little on the shy side, not as outgoing initially. That’s what tied the ties for me. If I had seen some kind of conflict, I may have hesitated." 


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Volume 17, Issue 22, Posted 12:10 PM, 12.01.2021

2022 Budget

Building our Post-Pandemic Future

Dear Residents of Lakewood and Members of Lakewood City Council

It is my privilege to present you with the City of Lakewood’s 2022 proposed balanced budget, reflecting our community vision, values, and priorities while also remaining fiscally responsible and seizing the opportunity to take on transformative projects that improve the quality of life for our residents. We look forward to a bright future as we finish landmark 2021 projects while introducing unique quality of life projects for 2022 and beyond.    

Public Safety & Human Services 

  • Community Center at Cove Church/Clean Water Act Project: By spring 2022, this historic building will serve as Lakewood’s new community center and the headquarters of the Department of Human Services. Meanwhile, planning and development continues on a portion of this property dedicated to the City’s Integrated Wet Weather Improvement Plan for stormwater management compliance with the federal Clean Water Act.    
  • Fire Station 2: Construction will be completed in the spring of 2022 on this historic century-old building that meets today’s modern standards for fire apparatus and makes exhaust improvements that keep our first responders safe from harmful diesel exhaust carcinogens. The updated facility also provides our first female firefighter hired in 2021 with new quarters to accommodate an increasingly diverse workforce.

Parks & Public Spaces 

  • Foster Pool: Efforts in 2021 to engage the community have led to a plan that will upgrade Foster Pool by addressing long-term maintenance issues, resolve severe water loss from leakage, and incorporate new features that create a useful and friendly environment for intergenerational users.
  • Parks & Fields: A momentous agreement with the Lakewood City School District provides for long overdue and necessary improvements to baseball fields, beginning with Kauffman and Foxx Parks in 2022.
  • Lakewood Pier: Planning work begins as we explore establishing a public access multi-use pier, allowing residents to fully enjoy and experience the wonders of Lakewood’s scenic location on the shores of Lake Erie.

Services and Community Priorities 


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Volume 17, Issue 22, Posted 2:04 PM, 11.17.2021

Thank You, Ed Favre

This is a thank you to Ed Favre, long time School Board member who will no longer be serving after Nora Katzenberger and incumbent Betsy Shaughnessy won the two seats in the three person race. (FYI I have great confidence in the abilities and character of Nora and Betsy).
I've known Ed since well before I was a teacher, through levy campaigns and other civic endeavors. In all these years, Ed always had time to talk over issues, to offer advice and critiques. Ed is a fierce advocate for public education and our schools, who was not afraid to take unpopular positions if he thought doing so was best for our students.
Ed keeps up on state and national tends, and always sees the bigger picture when it came to the challenges that our local district faces.

Each year, I have organized a Civil War project in my APUS History Class, held at the Lakewood Women's Pavilion (Of course, on hiatus for a couple of years). I always invite the Superintendent and the School Board, and several attend every year. But the one who came most often, who would never miss it but for family commitment, was Ed.
Thanks, Mr Favre.

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Volume 17, Issue 23, Posted 2:04 PM, 11.17.2021

Hours And Hours And Ours And Yours: Reviews Of Recent Releases By Local Bands, Pt. 120

Richard Hamilton - Kiss Touch 2000 - Tetryon Tapes - 9 songs - cassette, digital

This is now the second album from the ever-prolific Ricky/Richard Hamilton (stay tuned, a review of the third album will be in these pages soon). As I mentioned in my review of his previous work, "My Perfect World," I'm not sure whether you'd count this as his second, third, or fifth solo album, but I consider Richard Hamilton to be a separate project from works released as Ricky Hamilton, so I'm calling it his second. It definitely continues the general sound of "My Perfect World," although this one finds R.H. back to recording by himself without any extra musicians (supposedly– more on the credits of this thing in a minute). With these records under the Richard name, he's really gone wholeheartedly into ultra-hooky pop rock and once again he pulls it off on this tape. "My Very Own (Brooke Davis)" is a great opener (Brooke Davis is a character from One Tree Hill, I'm told, so if that grabs your attention maybe you'll know what he's talking about more than I do) and he's really elevated the already decent tune with some excellent little attention-grabbers: the synth line that sometimes seems completely dissonant (but in a good way) and sometimes sounds like a harmonica; the guitar lead towards the end that comes in with some mandolin-like tremolo picking. As bad as a song called "Kissing And Dreaming" should rightfully be, our friend Ricky somehow pulls it off and turns it into a good track. While "Playing The Fool Again" feels like it goes on forever, it's a good melancholy one and so it earns its place on here. I like the sorta backhanded lyrics of "Miss Ventura Country"; while it's undoubtedly an ode to the title character, there are a few rather snippy lines that are kinda reminiscent of "Bye Bye Love" by The Cars (a band I know Ricky is a fan of). There's a few covers on here as well: the Lee Hazlewood classic "Houston" (made famous by Dean Martin), which R.H. changes the beat of and in doing so alters it from country pop to his dreamy, jangly alternative pop sound in a way that works surprisingly well; Squeeze's classic tragedy "Up The Junction," which gets renamed "Up The Pavement" for some reason even though the lyrics remain unchanged (and we get a return of the classic Richard Hamilton faux-British accent); and "Go Ask Your Man," which I think is a Bob Lind song and finds Richard Hamilton at his most nasal, albeit in a way that kinda works for the song. Strangely enough, the credits on here say "all songs written by Richard Hamilton." I'm gonna assume this was an oversight as I certainly don't think Ricky is dishonest enough (or obtuse enough) that he would try to take credit for songs as popular as the ones he covers on here. I mean, there's not even a track list on this thing (I had to get it from Bandcamp), so I'm assuming it was just kinda hastily thrown together and that slipped through. In any case, another success for Richard Hamilton with this one. 4/5

( for digital, for the tape)

Suitor - Communion - Just Because Records - 10 songs - cassette, digital

I'm not entirely sure what the background is with this band (research is dead), but it's a new group and this is their debut release. Suitor's music is a very '80s-inspired mix of post-punk, new wave, and synthpop (with little hints of goth and what I believe the kids call dance punk sprinkled in). Usually I think bands that do this kind of thing are pretty dull, but I ended up liking this tape quite a bit. The

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Volume 17, Issue 23, Posted 2:04 PM, 11.17.2021

Mayor's Corner: Happy Thanksgiving

November in Lakewood is beautiful and busy. It’s a time to simply stop and enjoy the colors on display in our gorgeous trees during this autumn season, but it’s also a time to think about the future and our community priorities as we enter budget hearings here at City Hall.

Over the past weeks, our award-winning finance department has been working closely with each department to develop a budget that reflects our community vision, values, and priorities. Our goal is to remain fiscally responsible and maintain the quality of our city services while also seizing opportunities to take on transformative projects that improve the quality of life for all Lakewood residents. Despite the financial challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has presented, we expect to finish the 2021 fiscal year in a strong financial position and enter 2022 again with a balanced budget.

Each November we also honor the men and women who have served our country at our annual Veterans Day ceremony. We had to pause this celebration in 2020, so I was especially excited last week to gather in person again to celebrate our veterans. I enjoyed seeing many of you at Lakewood Park for a fantastic ceremony. Lakewood is home to over 2,200 veterans who add so much to our community, and our own city workforce also is fortunate to have a number of veterans across our departments.


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Volume 17, Issue 23, Posted 2:04 PM, 11.17.2021

Blame The Chain

Beauty products are not showing up after they are ordered. Distributors of the products keep telling us "keep reordering." High gas prices, shipping from where they are made, then shipping from the beauty supply house, makes for higher prices. Things that took a week or two now take 5 weeks or more, or they are not delivered at all. 

When we asked our sales reps they told us that the companies are not getting the ingrediants that they need to even make their products, that explains a bit of this new  problem. So sometimes if the ingrediants are offered by another company just switch for now untill the desired products return is an option.

In the past we made sure we placed fairly large orders to keep the shipping prices per item lower and passed that on to our customers. Now that large orders come in a small box, we know the price is raised because we didn't get the products we ordered.

It is lucky that we ordered in August, we received many holiday items that we would not be seeing now. 

At our salon Carabel Beauty Salon & Store, we try to get the quality beauty products and accessories at good prices and hope that all of these problems end which, after over 50 years in business, we have never seen before.

Bonnie Fencl has owned a salon since 1969 and was licensed as a cosmetologist in 1964. 

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Volume 17, Issue 23, Posted 2:04 PM, 11.17.2021

Thank You Lakewood

Lakewood City Councilperson Sarah Kepple

Dear neighbors,

As we head toward our collective day of Thanksgiving, I want to express my deep and abiding gratitude to all of those who contributed their time, talent, or treasure to Keep Kepple on Council; to each voter who took the time to participate in our democracy on November 2nd; and to each of my fellow candidates for running positive campaigns focused on service to our great city.

With such a strong field and spirited race, I am honored and humbled to have earned the support of our community and to return to Lakewood City Council as your elected Councilwoman at Large. Our campaign, fueled by a broad coalition of supporters, reflects Lakewood’s diversity and our potential as a community to work together to identify and accomplish shared goals.

However you voted, or whether you voted or not, I intend to keep working hard for you and to bring us together toward a bright Lakewood future. Thank you for giving me the opportunity.

Sarah Kepple serves all residents as Lakewood City Councilmember at Large. She is the owner of Gigalearn, LLC and led Action Together Lakewood Area for many years. Reach her at or 216.200.5050.

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Volume 17, Issue 23, Posted 2:04 PM, 11.17.2021

Partnership With MetroHealth

Dear Members of Council,

We are pleased to share with Council that a partnership between the City of Lakewood’s Department of Human Services, the Center for Health Resilience, and the MetroHealth System’s Institute for HOPE has been established to provide training for Human Services staff members. The goal of this no-cost, twelve-month pilot partnership is to support the staff in building a trauma-informed team rooted in the expertise and passion of an experienced staff, while enhancing opportunities to cultivate informed powerful connections as they transition to our new Community Center.

Over the next year MetroHealth will provide 5 key services:

1. Center Transition Meetings (beginning 10/21)

2. Trauma-Informed Consultation and Transformational Planning focused on Team Building, Connection, and interpersonal growth (scheduled for 10/22/21)


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Volume 17, Issue 22, Posted 2:04 PM, 11.17.2021