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Lakewood Dog Park Swim Coming To Foster Pool

credit: Maureen Kane

Got dogs? Got water? Mix the two together and you have a recipe for a tail-wagging good time. Join Friends of the Lakewood Dog Park (FLDP) for the 2019 Dog Swim at Foster Pool in Lakewood Park, 14532 Lake Ave., on Tuesday, September 3 from 5-7 PM.

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Volume 15, Issue 16, Posted 3:19 PM, 08.21.2019

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State Names Roosevelt Elementary High Progress School of Honor
- Board of Education, January 7, 2019 Read More
DeWine Nominates Cabinet Heads for DAS, DSA, OOD, DRC, Taxation, Appoints Numerous Senior Staff members
- Government, January 3, 2019 Read More
District to Renovate Taft for Curricular Expansion, Central Office Home
- Board of Education, December 18, 2018 Read More
Lakewood’s Roosevelt Elementary Named High Progress School of Honor
- Board of Education, November 16, 2017 Read More
Lakewood Empowers Young People to Say Something and Save Lives!
- City Hall, October 17, 2017 Read More

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Workshop For Ranger Athletics Families Set For Aug. 23

The Lakewood City School District has partnered with the Positive Coaching Alliance. PCA will work alongside District coaches, parents, and athletes to help create a positive sports culture within the Ranger program, allowing for athletes to not only get the best experience, but excel on and off the sports arena. 

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Volume 15, Issue 16, Posted 3:19 PM, 08.21.2019

Demolition of Lakewood Hospital

After photographing the demolition of our hospital I came across the front and quickly snapped a photo. Added a little caption !!!

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Volume 15, Issue 16, Posted 3:19 PM, 08.21.2019

Regionalizing Emergency Dispatch Not Worth The Cost Of Lakewood Lives

Laura with supporters Emily, Ruby and Max.

There is talk of regionalizing Lakewood’s emergency dispatch. Lakewood is a densely populated city with a busy dispatch line. Managing safety in Lakewood is a major function of our city government and we should be looking to support and expand our team of dispatchers, not outsource services and put Lakewood’s families at risk. In an emergency, one minute lost to transferring calls is too long.

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Volume 15, Issue 16, Posted 3:19 PM, 08.21.2019

Lakewood Mayor Talking Our Of Both Side Of His Mouth

After lying to Lakewood citizens that Lakewood’s hospital was losing money and had to be shut down when he knew full well that the Clinic had a contractual duty to run the hospital at no loss to the City until 2026, Mayor Summers has now connived the City into another giveaway contract. 

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Volume 15, Issue 16, Posted 3:23 PM, 08.21.2019

LakewoodAlive Partners With Cleveland Police And Fire Departments To Assist Local Hero

Members of the Cleveland Police and Fire Departments prep the house for painting.

Lakewood resident and retired Cleveland Police Officer Kenneth Gibbons sat comfortably in his armchair with a smile across his face as he took in the sounds surrounding his home. Outside, a crew of volunteers hoisted ladders and sanded off chipped paint in preparation for the weekend-long job to come.   

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Volume 15, Issue 16, Posted 3:19 PM, 08.21.2019

Jeff Wise Receives National Endorsement

Jeff Wise, Candidate

Councilperson, Ward 3

The nationwide grassroots organization Democracy for America has selected Jeff Wise as one of eight endorsements in 2019 city council races. Wise is running to represent Lakewood Ward 3 on City Council.

Democracy for America CEO Yvette Simpson, herself a former member of Cincinnati City Council, said that Wise and other endorsed candidates will genuinely improve their communities.

"The city council candidates we’re endorsing today will not only make sure the potholes are filled and budgets are balanced, they also want to take meaningful municipal action on criminal justice reform, climate change, and income inequality," said Simpson.

Founded in 2004, Democracy for America organizes for progressive issues and candidates throughout the country, following a 50-state strategy.

Wise said that the recognition by Democracy for America complements his campaign's focus on Ward 3 residents.

"I am running for city council to provide a real, ongoing dialogue with residents, and to take a stand for them when decisions are made," said Wise. "Democracy for America consistently emphasizes that public service calls for both good policies, and the courage to speak up for them."

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Volume 15, Issue 16, Posted 3:19 PM, 08.21.2019

Dale Is Our Guru: Reviews Of Recent Releases By Local Bands, Pt. 92

Junkhouse Bones - Safari - self-released - 6 songs - digital

This band or project or whatever it is is one of those things that I know I've reviewed before but cannot remember anything about it. The name Junkhouse Bones made me think it was gonna be bluesy or swampy or something like that. It's not. I'd say it's alternative rock/pop punk (pop punk to me always means bands like the Undertones, but I mean the other definition of pop punk). The first three tracks are in a full band kind of mode and the remaining three are more subdued, with more sparse arrangements. I think I like this second half better. "God's Eye View" goes on a bit too long, but it's at times reminiscent of Nirvana with a drum machine. The closing "A Million Years Of Lies," which is just acoustic guitar and vocals, is probably my favorite of the bunch. This is what I assume Brand New sounds like, though I'm not familiar enough with Brand New to make a definitive statement in that regard. It's actually decent stuff, song-wise. My problem with it is the same as my problem with almost everything in this genre (the alternative rock/pop punk/emo continuum), and it's the production. The vocals are mixed too loud (at the same time, the vocals feel kinda quiet, so I guess it balances out), I just don't agree with the guitar and drum sounds (or they don't agree with me, rather). I don't know. I have a friend who absolutely loves music like this (and has no problems with the production and thinks I'm nuts), so I'm happy to have this to recommend to her. Decent stuff, but it doesn't quite grab me. 3/5


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Volume 15, Issue 17, Posted 3:19 PM, 08.21.2019

The Rockport Miracles-Part 4: Episode 13: "The Ballad Of Derecho Dan" Continues

Maynard Gridley was as gray as a ghost while recounting his harrowing tale from his days in Vietnam.

“Me and the wounded sapper were flushed down that ‘Poontang Valley’ with only two inflated hemorrhoid cushions between us and the Almighty. We floated a half mile until becoming snagged by the roots of a banyan tree.”

“Monsoon Charlie was directly over us and it became dark as night. I did what I could for my wounded comrade. All I had to cover up the hole in his chest was an empty pack of Lucky Strikes.”

“‘L-S-M-F-T, bro’, he said, before passing out.”

“The Lieutenant ordered the men to hunker down and hold onto their hemorrhoid cushions like they were their mothers and girlfriends. The blast hole was packed with every last bit of explosives on the firebase. We expected a pretty big bang but not at all what happened after the Lieutenant triggered the detonator.”


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Volume 15, Issue 16, Posted 3:19 PM, 08.21.2019

Starr Gazer


Aries: Patience isn’t the Ram’s strong point, however, this month you’ve been awarded the Badge of Patience! That’s right, keep practicing & you’ll even be able to wait in line at Marc’s.

Taurus: You’re being asked to come out of the Bull Pen, try something new, talk to a stranger, go wild & crazy, (yes, you) & when it’s all said & done, you will have met a new friend.

Gemini: The Twins are quite the social chatterbox, sometimes maybe a wee bit rough on those around you, Try a Little Tendernessit worked for Three Dog Night, put away Mr. Hyde…

Cancer: Turn the dial on the radio Crab, you’ve just dialed into a higher frequency, and your potential is skyrocketing, use it, or lose it, it’s time to think big, & go for the pie in the sky.

Leo: All that good Juju carried over from last month, the Lion/Lioness is moving toward greater consciousness, old habits & negative thought patterns are slipping away, the Jungle is calling.

Virgo: The Sun/Mars are visiting & Mercury/Venus stay around till mid-month, it’s time for you to get back to Nature, get out of the house, go hug a tree, smell the flowers, go to the Metroparks.

Libra: Venus & Mercury show up Mid-month, the voice of love & communication is beckoning to you, it starts out as a whisper, then bellows through a Megaphone, be inspired O Romeo…


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Volume 15, Issue 16, Posted 3:19 PM, 08.21.2019

LPL Calendar Of Events Compiled By Elaine Rosenberger

Friday, August 23, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.
Front Porch Concert Series Presented by LakewoodAlive

Main Library Front Porch
The Front Porch Concert Series adds vibrancy and an enhanced sense of community to Lakewood’s urban core. Concerts, which take place on the Library’s front porch, are sponsored by Bentley Wealth Management of Raymond James and are presented by LakewoodAlive. Tonight we welcome Drumplay.

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Volume 15, Issue 16, Posted 3:19 PM, 08.21.2019

Fall Art Programs

Fall is nearly upon us, which means it’s time to take a break from raking those leaves and come on down to the Lakewood Public Library for some creative inspiration with our fall art programs.

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Volume 15, Issue 16, Posted 3:19 PM, 08.21.2019

Children/Youth Events At Lakewood Public Library

Kidical Mass Bike Ride and Storytime

For the Whole Family

The Lakewood Public Library, Bike Lakewood and Beat Cycles invites the whole family to enjoy a fun morning bicycle ride around the neighborhood. The event includes bicycle safety instruction, a story time, an art project and a refreshment to end the event. No registration is required.

Sunday, August 25, 2019, at 10:00 a.m. at Lakewood Park Solstice Steps.

International Day of Peace - Origami Paper Crane Folding Tutorial

For All Ages

Celebrate the International Day of Peace by making origami cranes. Come learn how to contribute paper cranes to the display by learning and practicing how to fold your own origami paper cranes.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019, 4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. in the Main Library Multipurpose Room.

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Volume 15, Issue 16, Posted 3:19 PM, 08.21.2019

LakewoodAlive, DLBA To Host Search Engine Optimization Workshop For Small Businesses On September 12

LakewoodAlive's Search Engine Optimization Workshop for small businesses takes place September 12th. 

Looking to improve traffic on your small business’ website and generate more sales? You’ve come to the right place.  Effective Search Engine Optimization will help ensure your website appears prominently on the first page of search engine results.

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Volume 15, Issue 16, Posted 3:19 PM, 08.21.2019

District Adopts New Strategic Vision

The Lakewood Board of Education, at its August 5 meeting, adopted Vision of a Lakewood Graduate as the District’s strategic vision moving forward. 

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Volume 15, Issue 15, Posted 3:19 PM, 08.21.2019

Former Local Poet Dillon Bodnar Publishes Second Volume Of Poetry, "Harmonic Emotions: A Resonating Assembly Of Reflections"

I am so proud as Dillon’s Editor and Press Agent and Publicity Chief to introduce to you, "Harmonic Emotions: A Resonating Assembly of Reflections," his second volume of poetry! Dillon moved to Lakewood at age 3 and went through Lakewood City Schools where his talent for poetry was recognized and nurtured from a very early age. After graduating from Lakewood High School, Dillon attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY and earned a Physics Degree in 2017. Up until recently, he was building lasers for Spectra Physics in Silicon Valley, CA where he moved after college graduation. Dillon’s "Music of Our Spheres: A Roundabout Collection of Ruminations," his first volume of poetry, was published in 2014 when he was only 19. It consisted of poems he wrote between the ages of 10 – 18 and received wide acclaim from readers and critics alike. "Harmonic Emotions: A Resonating Assembly of Reflections" includes poems written between ages 19 – 23, plus some early childhood gems.

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Volume 15, Issue 15, Posted 2:59 PM, 08.07.2019

City Workers Endorse Meghan George For Mayor

Councilwoman Meghan George with Mike Satink, Local 1043 president and an employee in Lakewood's streets department.

The union which represents nearly half the City of Lakewood’s employees has endorsed Meghan F. George for mayor.

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) represents more than 150 public works and administrative employees in Lakewood.

Local 1043 President Mike Satink, who works for the streets department, says that, “Councilwoman George respects the hard work we do every day. All residents of the city can expect that same respect from their mayor, with her leadership.”

Satink says that straightforward, honest respect is the main object of workers he represents in Lakewood’s streets, refuse, building and other departments. “Respect for fairly bargained contracts, and respect for people,” he says.

A Lakewood employee for 12 years, Satink says that he has gotten to know George very well during her time on city council, and that she has impressed him with her interest in the details of city services and the people who keep them running.

“We have been meeting with any and all candidates” in this year’s local elections, Satink says, but George distinguished herself through months of dialogue about ways the union can help improve local services in the years ahead.

“She’s here for life and loves the city of Lakewood,” Satink says of Meghan George. “In my opinion, Meghan is the right person to lead this diverse city.”

George says she is especially grateful for the endorsement from local city workers.

"Administrations come and go, but the hard-working employees of Lakewood are the backbone our residents rely upon year in, year out, decade after decade. I am deeply appreciative of the support of these hard-working employees.”

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Volume 15, Issue 15, Posted 2:59 PM, 08.07.2019

The Rockport Miracles-Part 4: Episode 12: “The Ballad Of Derecho Dan” Continues

Maynard Gridley guzzled down another 8 oz. bottle of Coca-Cola and followed it up with a belch that could wake the dead. As Little Dan and the three Joes sat in rapt attention inside the Gas & Lube, Maynard told a story he’d brought home from Vietnam, along with his scars, his mental wounds, and a souvenir silk jacket embroidered with the words, “I’ve Served My Time In Hell-Vietnam.”

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Volume 15, Issue 14, Posted 3:19 PM, 08.21.2019

Herb Guild Garden Club

The July meeting of The Herb Guild Garden Club will be held on July 10, 2019 at Westlake Porter Public Library.  The meeting will start at 10 am. Following lunch, guest speaker, Pete Kamples will talk about solutions for senior citizens who want to remain in their home.  His business, "One Call for Seniors" is located in Bay Village and offers help finding reliable people to take care of everyday problems like household chores and other things, such as plumbing, heating, and lawn care. The service is free for those 50 and older. 

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Volume 15, Issue 13, Posted 3:19 PM, 08.21.2019

Statement On El Paso And Dayton Massacres

Last night, I began writing about the heartbreaking shooting in El Paso only to awaken this morning to another shooting, this time in my home state. I want to go on record as condemning, to the fullest extent possible, the premeditated cold blooded murders of 20 El Paso residents and 9 Ohioans. Both shootings clearly establish horrific and dysfunctional motives emboldened by the divisive political rhetoric that has been terrifyingly normalized by our current Presidential administration. 

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Volume 15, Issue 16, Posted 3:00 PM, 08.07.2019

Labor Lines Up For Tess Neff, Candidate For Ward 1 Lakewood City Council

I am honored to be endorsed by the dedicated and hard-working men and women in labor. The members of the Cleveland Building & Construction Trades Council, AFLCIO, Laborers' Local 310, AFSCME Ohio Council 8, and Electrical Workers Local 38 have placed their trust and confidence in me to represent their values as a member of Lakewood City Council. Having some type of job since I was twelve years old I understand and appreciate the importance of maintaining a strong work ethic. As an attorney, a former police officer and magistrate in both the Lakewood Municipal Court and the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court, I have always conducted myself with integrity and transparency. Open and honest conversations with the new mayor, the City's partners including police, fire, public services and community members will unite Lakewood and drive our City on its continuous progressive path. We are a successful inner ring suburb that is accepting and inclusive. It is critical we stay this course and strive to improve on our accomplishments because the alternative is unacceptable.

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Volume 15, Issue 15, Posted 2:59 PM, 08.07.2019

Voluptuous, Political And Bawdy: Burlesque In Clevelad

Photographer, Bob Perkoski

Burlesque. The word brings up images of early 20th century stages with scantily clad women dancing and telling bawdy jokes in front of raucous audiences. Photographer Bob Perkoski and writer Erin O’Brien decided to bring that image up to date with the release of their book, “Rust Belt Burlesque: The Softer Side of a Heavy Metal Town.”

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Volume 15, Issue 15, Posted 2:59 PM, 08.07.2019

Marching Band Festival Preview Set for August 14

Join the Lakewood Ranger Marching Band as it showcases our students' musical talents in the band's annual preseason Festival Preview on Thursday, August 14 from 6-9 pm at Lakewood Park.

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Volume 15, Issue 15, Posted 2:59 PM, 08.07.2019

Supplies 4 Success Collecting Donations Til August 15

The annual school supply drive, Supplies 4 Success (S4S), has kicked off! Many of Lakewood City Schools students find it difficult to buy the supplies necessary to compete academically throughout the school year and Supplies 4 Success helps relieve students and their families of this burden. Over the past seven years, the summer supply drive - organized by a committee of the Lakewood Area Collaborative in conjunction with the Lakewood Foundation - has been able to support over 500 students each year with the supplies needed. Generous cash donations over the years have allowed the organizers to open a calculator library for students who need pricier calculators for advanced high school math classes.

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Volume 15, Issue 15, Posted 2:59 PM, 08.07.2019

Poetry + Presents Philip Terman And Sandra Feen

Poetry Plus at Art On Madison will triple your pleasure in August with readings by two acclaimed featured poets - Philip Terman (Clarion, PA) and Sandra Feen (Columbus, OH). Open mic to follow the features, emceed by Ohio Beat Poet Laureate John Burroughs. Doors open on August 20th at 7 p.m. and reading starts at 7:30 p.m. Poetry+ is free and open to the public.

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Volume 15, Issue 16, Posted 3:00 PM, 08.07.2019

How To Use The Lakewood Tool Box

The Lakewood Tool Box is a tool lending library offering residents an affordable and educational option for borrowing tools that are essential for completing home repairs.

Lakewood is a city of beautiful old homes. Thankfully, it’s now easier than ever before for Lakewoodites to give their homes the TLC they deserve.

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Volume 15, Issue 16, Posted 3:00 PM, 08.07.2019

LPL Calendar of Events Compiled by Elaine Rosenberger

Thursday, August 8, 2019
Nonfiction Book Club
Main Library Meeting Room

Come and join the conversation with our newest book club. There are sure to be serious and thought-provoking discussions about many subjects inspired by these non-fiction works. Tonight we will discuss Educated: A Memoir by Tara Westover.

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Volume 15, Issue 15, Posted 2:59 PM, 08.07.2019

Dining At Sarita August 14 Supports Meals On Wheels

Lakewood's "sarita," a restaurant, continues its support of West Shore Meals on Wheels on August 14, when 20% of meal tabs will be donated to the organization. Call (216) 226-5200 for dinner reservations.

Wednesday, August 14 offers an opportunity to enjoy fine dining and support a worthy local cause as Lakewood’s "sarita," a restaurant, will donate 20% of meal tabs to West Shore Meals on Wheels (WSMOW). As with every Wednesday at sarita, diners can also order bottles of wine at 40% off. (In case you are wondering, sarita styles its name all lower case.)

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Volume 15, Issue 15, Posted 2:59 PM, 08.07.2019

Matthew Fredrickson For Ward 1 Lakewood City Council

Matthew Fredrickson

I am running for Ward 1 Lakewood City Council and look forward to combining business acumen and an acute understanding of politics and issues along with compassion to serve the residents of Lakewood.

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Volume 15, Issue 15, Posted 2:59 PM, 08.07.2019

Supporting Meghan George For Mayor

When Lakewood elects a new mayor, on November 5, Meghan George will have my vote.

I have gotten to know Meghan as a person and as a professional. In my experience, she is an inherently genuine and principled individual. I have seen her embrace tough challenges with strength, and make difficult decisions with poise.

On City Council she uses her knowledge and awareness to make a positive difference for our city. Meghan studies the issues and does what’s right for Lakewood residents.

Meghan appreciates Lakewood’s significant history. She takes a long-term view of development and other proposals, recognizing that today’s decisions need to make sense in years to come. This is the thoughtfulness and maturity we need at City Hall.

I strongly believe Lakewood’s future will be bright if we elect Meghan George as Lakewood’s next mayor.

Claire Vincent

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Volume 15, Issue 15, Posted 2:59 PM, 08.07.2019

You Can Have Your Home Fries And Crispy Too!

Breakfast Special with Gyro.

It was a drizzly, humid morning in mid-July, and I was hungry. I also needed to check out the thrift store to find a black bowtie for an event I was catering. First things first, my stomach was grumbling, I had visions of Audrey ll screaming “Feed Me” to Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors.

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Volume 15, Issue 15, Posted 2:59 PM, 08.07.2019

Watercolor Art Exhibit-Bernie D'Ettorre-August 3-31, 2019

Watercolor art exhibit featuring the works of Bernie D'Ettorre August 3rd - 31st with a reception on August 10th from 5-7 p.m. at the Winton Place.

Watercolor art exhibit August 3-31 at the Winton Place, 12700 Lake Avenue, Lakewood, Ohio. Artist reception Saturday August 10th from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Winton Place, 12700 Lake Avenue, Lakewood, Ohio. 

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Volume 15, Issue 15, Posted 2:59 PM, 08.07.2019

Council Passes Resolution Endorsing Climate Action on Multiple Fronts

Lakewood resident Glenn Campbell holds a copy of the newly passed climate resolution surrounded by supporting council members (left to right) Dan O'Malley, Tristan Rader, and Tom Bullock.

Lakewood City Council has voted unanimously in favor of robust U.S. leadership away from fossil fuel pollution and toward a future of better jobs and clean energy.

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Volume 15, Issue 15, Posted 2:59 PM, 08.07.2019

Sinatra CLE In Concert

Sinatra CLE

Re-live the glory days of Ol’ Blue Eyes and the Rat Pack when Sinatra CLE takes the stage at the Main Library Auditorium at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 11, 2019. One of Cleveland’s premier Frank Sinatra tribute acts, Sinatra CLE was founded by vocalist Patrick Lynch. In addition to performing iconic songs of Ol’ Blue Eyes, Sinatra CLE also performs the hits of Dean Martin, Michael Buble, and Elvis. This iconic jazz ensemble will take you back in time to the great Rat Pack performances of the ‘50s and ‘60s.

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Volume 15, Issue 15, Posted 2:59 PM, 08.07.2019

KB Confections Celebrates Its 7th Anniversary With An Ice Cream Birthday Bash!

KB Confections Store Front.

KB Confections announced it’s celebrating 7 years in business with an Ice Cream Birthday Bash, Saturday, July 27th at their bakery in Lakewood, OH.

KB Confections began as a childhood dream of owner Karen Bosworth. After years of making wedding cakes out of her house, in 2012, Karen and family opened the doors to their bakery located inside the old Winterich’s Florists Greenhouse across from St. Edward High School.

“KB Confections is a young girl’s dream turned into a reality. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine going from the kitchen in my home to owning a successful full service bakery in the town I raised my family in.” said Karen.

Since then, KB has become known for the quality of their product and their friendly family atmosphere.

“We really like to focus on two things. Great tasting sweets and our customers,” said Karen. “If it doesn’t taste great, it’ll never leave the shop. We owe it to our customers. They are like family to us and they’ve invited us to be a part of their special occasions. It’s really means a lot to us.”

Some of their standouts include their renowned macarons, custom cakes and cookies, cassata cake (available at local landmark, Angelo’s Pizza), and their banana pudding.

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Volume 15, Issue 14, Posted 7:18 PM, 07.17.2019

Keep Lakewood Beautiful - Beautiful Homes Awards

Each year Keep Lakewood Beautiful (KLB) sponsors a Beautiful Homes award. The winning homes are chosen for well-maintained landscaping that beautifies the neighborhood for the enjoyment of all. The seven winners for 2018 were recognized with a plaque for each home at the City Council meeting in May. The homes honored are 1603 Clarence Ave., the Mohar Family; 13926 Clifton Blvd., Heather Rudge; 1245-47 Edwards Ave., Jim and Mary McCarthy; 2016 Elbur Ave., Suzanne Sauvinsky; 1365 Lakeland, The Shelgunov Family; 1577 Riverside Drive, Joe and Eileen Papplardo; and 1458 Woodward, Cat Donovan. Congratulations to the winners and thank you from all of us for helping Keep Lakewood Beautiful. The winning addresses and names will also be posted on the KLB page of the city’s web site (

Know a beautiful yard or garden in your neighborhood? We’re looking for nominees for 2019. The grounds can be charming, exquisite, magnificent. The landscaping can contain annuals, perennials, shrubbery, etc., in any combination. The only requirements are that the home is in Lakewood and the nomination is submitted by July 31. You can nominate a beautiful home through the Keep Lakewood Beautiful page on the city website ( If you prefer, you may call the Mayor’s Office at 529-6600 with your nomination. You will need to supply the address of the nominee and your name and contact information. Thank you and we hope to have many nominations this year.

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Volume 15, Issue 14, Posted 7:18 PM, 07.17.2019

In HARMONY At Good Goat Gallery

by Lizzie Essi

In HARMONY is a collaborative art exhibition by Lizzie Essi and Catherine Reitz. The show will feature works revolving around the themes of transformation, balance, growth, rebirth and coexistence. The show will include paintings, prints, multimedia and digitally produced content. This project was funded by the Cleveland Foundation through Cleveland Institute of Art’s Creativity Works “build-your-own internship” program. When generating ideas for the collaborative project with different approaches to thinking and making we wanted to embrace the common goal of creating expressive works in the spirit of fun and freedom of making and also create a space where these differences are in harmony with another. The artists works alongside each other showcase and celebrate the contrast and commonality between varied modes and results of making that emphasizes the idea of coexistence. The show seeks to offer spaces for a viewer to slow down, realize, and meditate on the world that surrounds and shapes us.  The work provides insight into the process and concept as it offers many levels of contrast and commonality emphasizing the theme of coexistence.

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Volume 15, Issue 15, Posted 7:18 PM, 07.17.2019

Lakewood Arts Festival Scholarship Recipient - Lillian Horschke

Lillian Horschke - 2019 Lakewood Arts Festival Scholarship recipient

Congratulations to the 2019 Recipient: Lillian Horschke, Lakewood High School Class of 2019. Lillian will be attending Ohio University School of Art and Design in the fall. Regarding her work Lillian said, “I want to create, to inspire and most importantly, express myself.” Her portfolio will be on display at the Library during the Festival. Thank you to Lakewood Public Library for celebrating the work of young artists and thank you to the talented arts educators at Lakewood High School for nurturing and developing their students.

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Volume 15, Issue 15, Posted 7:18 PM, 07.17.2019

Lakewood Arts Festival: Original Artwork, Original Music, Original Food

For one glistening summer day, Lakewood closes Detroit Avenue, between Belle to Arthur Avenues, and bring artists of all disciplines together along with 15,000 collectors and art lovers. The juried festival hosts over 180 regional and national artists and makers displaying paintings, prints, photography, art glass, ceramics, jewelry, sculpture, fiber and more.

Returning to the festival this year will be Lakewood ceramic artist Yumiko Goto, “2017 Best of Show” featuring hand thrown stoneware.Yumiko participates in the festival “to share love and joy under the sun.” Phillippe Laine from Palm Beach, Florida, a festival favorite, offers one of a kind hand-painted silk fabric, and Heather Smotzer, fine jeweler, uses traditional metalsmithing techniques in modern designs. Fine art includes works by George Kocar and Brian James Jasinski of Grey Cardigan. Grey Cardigan is celebrating their ten year anniversary as one of the premier creative anddesign firms in the region.

The Lakewood Arts Festival was originally founded in 1978 to bring artists to the city for a street festival. In 1981 the Board of the non-profit decided to fund an annual scholarship for Lakewood seniors continuing to art school. After the Festival the Board will present $4,000 to the 2019 recipient, Lillian Horschke, who will attend the Ohio University Arts program this year. 


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Volume 15, Issue 15, Posted 7:18 PM, 07.17.2019

When I Look In Your Eyes, I See Your Eyes: Reviews Of Recent Releases By Local Bands, Pt. 90

Human Switchboard - Who's Landing In My Hangar? - Fat Possum Records - 10 songs - LP, digital

I always seem to see Human Switchboard listed as "Cleveland punk" even though their path to Cleveland was a wayward and inconsistent one (they were in Syracuse, and then Cleveland, and then Columbus, and then Kent, and then…) and they aren't really all that punk. What they are is garage/power pop/new wave, that kind of thing. It's very '60s-based (Farfisa is all over it), but with a bit of that late '70s punk energy, ya know? A good comparison would be their contemporaries Saucers, if that helps anyone. The songs Myrna Marcarian takes the lead on are especially good, like the opening "(Say No To) Saturday's Girl" and the excellent "I Can Walk Alone," but I really like Bob Pfeifer's songs too. The thing about his songs is that he's a little bit goofy. I don't mean that in a bad way, but there's something that seems a bit self-conscious about him. He also does this thing on a few songs that's particularly noticeable on the slow, Velvets-y burner "Refrigerator Door" where he almost seems like he's doing a Jonathan Richman impression (it's really, really apparent on "In My Room," which isn't on this album, but is similar in execution to "Refrigerator Door")– the question is, is he trying to sound like Jonathan Richman or did he and Jonathan just both independently copy the same elements of Lou Reed? Does "Refrigerator Door" borrow its style from "Hospital," or are both songs just inspired by "Heroin?" Hard to say. Most of the time, it doesn't sound like the Modern Lovers, it's just something in Pfeifer's vocal style. In any case, I think it's a good record. The peppy stuff is good ("(I Used To) Believe In You," the title track) as are the other things they do, like the sinister "Don't Follow Me Home" or the strange, arty closer "Where The Light Breaks." Mostly upbeat, very catchy stuff, and consistently good if you can look past the things I find funny about it that I don't even know why I find funny. You, reader, probably won't even find it that funny, so maybe just ignore my babbling. 4/5


Are you a local-ish band? Do you have a record out? Email or send it directly to Observer headquarters: The Lakewood Observer, c/o Buzz Kompier, 14900 Detroit Avenue, Suite 205, Lakewood, OH 44107.


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Volume 15, Issue 15, Posted 7:18 PM, 07.17.2019

2019 Artist List

Visit for booth numbers.

Drawing, Illustration, Printmaking                           

Keith Allen, 5am Press, Olmsted Falls, Ohio
Sara Bicknell, Unibrow Society, Lakewood, Ohio
April Bleakney, Apemade, Cleveland, Ohio
Mark Brabant, Avon, Ohio
Matthew Buchholz, Alternate Histories, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Jodi Burton, Jodi Lynn’s Emporium of Doodles, Hamtramck, Michigan
Danielle Capotosto, Dippity and Snark, Akron, Ohio
Nikki Castiglione, Lake Erie Design Co., Eastlake, Ohio
Stephanie Crossen, Lakewood, Ohio
Kerry Cumpstone, Chagrin Falls, Ohio
Christopher Deighan, Chris Deighan Art, Sagamore Hills, Ohio
Laura Drapac, Triple Threat Press, Lakewood, Ohio
Mel Fleck, Fleck Studios, Louisville, Kentucky
Jason Frederick, Lakewood, Ohio
Allison Glancey, strawberryluna, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Mike Guyot, Streets, Strongsville, Ohio
Doc Harrill, Refresh Collective, Cleveland, Ohio
Beth Hess, Tart Boutique, Rocky River, Ohio
Sean Higgins, The Bubble Process, Lakewood, Ohio
Becki Hollen, everyday balloons print shop, Ashville, Pennsylvania
Emily Howard, The Diggingest Girl, Erlanger, Kentucky
Alan Jackson, Raw Sugar Art Studio, Lakewood, Ohio
Brian Andrew Jasinski, Grey Cardigan, Lakewood, Ohio
Amelia Kieras, Amelia Kieras Paper Arts, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Gil Kudrin, Premiere Screening, Cleveland, Ohio
Evan Laisure, Pastimes, Lakewood, Ohio
Valerie Lesiak, Picture Book Studio, Rocky River, Ohio
Jon Lund, Hudson, Ohio
Kelly McGreehan, Kay-Em Apparel, Lakewood, Ohio
John Musarra, Architectural Renderings, Lakewood, Ohio
Angela Oster, Angela Oster Studios, Rocky River, Ohio
Susan Rich, Hazelmade, Kent, Ohio
Paul Serrianne, Rustbelt Relics, Rocky River, Ohio
Andy Taray, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Adam Taseff, Cuyahoga Collective, Lakewood, Ohio
W. Michael Winston, Marker Magic, Twinsburg, Ohio


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Volume 15, Issue 15, Posted 7:18 PM, 07.17.2019

An Event Not To Be Missed!


Photo courtesy of Lakewood Historical Society

A committee of Lakewood Historical Society members is busy assembling the most amazing collection of wedding history ever seen in Lakewood. The oldest dress is from 1890 and the newest from 1990.

What is this event?

It’s a three-day extravaganza at the Nicholson House exploring wedding fashion from 1890 – 1990 with more than 30 wedding dresses, accompanied by accessories, and supported with pictures and stories about the weddings. The exhibit concludes with wedding cake and punch on the tented Nicholson House side yard. Truly an event not to be missed and never to be repeated.

Go to or call 216-221-7343 for more information and to purchase advance tickets to avoid waiting in line for this fabulous exhibit. Don’t delay. Coming soon: July 19, 20, 21.

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Volume 15, Issue 15, Posted 7:18 PM, 07.17.2019