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Healthy Lakewood Foundation Announces Inaugural Executive Director

Kate Ingersoll, Executive Director Healthy Lakewood Foundation

The Healthy Lakewood Foundation (HLF) board of directors is pleased to announce the selection of Kate Ingersoll as the inaugural executive director of the local nonprofit. Launched in September 2018, HLF is dedicated to advancing programs, policies, and practices that inspire a Lakewood community in which health and wellness are reflected in all aspects of life.

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Volume 17, Issue 13, Posted 6:39 AM, 06.17.2021

Mayor's Corner: Back To Summer

On June 16th, the City held a virtual meeting to provide an update on Clean Water Lakewood, our City’s plan to improve and update our 100-year old sewer system. The discussion also included how we plan to use American Rescue Plan Act funding to reduce rate increases and implementation of the new Impervious Surface Fee to help fund a modern sewer system that better protects our waterways from pollution. I look forward to presenting this to City Council later this month.

As of late May, Lakewood has officially entered into our energy supply contract with NOPEC, which will provide the city’s public facilities with 100 percent renewable energy. Lakewood is one of the first communities in Ohio to commit to a completely renewable energy contract. I believe that sustainability and clean energy are foundational values of Lakewood and its residents, and I hope to continue to expand on these renewable energy efforts for years to come.

The City of Lakewood has teamed up with Lakewood Vineyard Church and Friends of Madison Park to create a new community event series entitled “Third Thursdays in Madison Park.” Four free events will take place during the third Thursday this summer and will feature family-friendly activities and local restaurants at Madison Park. Events will be held on June 17th, July 15th, August 19th, and September 16th. More information can be found at, www., and

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Volume 17, Issue 13, Posted 1:56 PM, 06.16.2021

Frequently Asked Questions About The City Of Lakewood's Proposed Impervious Surface Fee

What is an impervious surface?

Impervious surfaces are the hard surfaces on a property like pavements and roofs. These surfaces cause rainwater and snowmelt to run off the property into the City’s storm drains. During large storms, this water can overwhelm the City’s combined stormwater and sewer system that makes up our wet weather infrastructure and cause pollution to run into Lake Erie.  

What is an Impervious Surface Fee?

The City needs to invest about $274 million into upgrading and modernizing our 100-year-old sewer system to meet the regulatory requirements of both the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and United States EPA and prevent pollution from reaching the Rocky River and Lake Erie. Currently we are funding these infrastructure projects from the water and sewer rates we charge customers on their water bills, which is based entirely on the volume of drinking water a customer uses. However, water use is not connected to the demand a property puts on the City’s wet weather infrastructure.

The City is considering implementing an Impervious Surface Fee to help us recover the costs of these wet weather infrastructure improvements in a way that is more directly tied to the demand customers place on this infrastructure. The Impervious Surface Fee would be a small set amount for single family residential and small multifamily properties, since these properties have very similar amounts of impervious surfaces across the entire city. For large multifamily, commercial, industrial, and institutional properties, which have more variable amounts of impervious surfaces, the fee would be based on the amount of paved and hard surfaces each property has. The Impervious Surface Fee would be placed on your water bill as a separate line item.

What is driving the need for an Impervious Surface Fee?

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Volume 17, Issue 13, Posted 1:56 PM, 06.16.2021

Lakewood Native And Creative, Cassie Bishop Is Hemorrhaging Music This Year

Cassie Bishop pictured on the cover of the new Origami Moon EP, "My Raw Heart."

Lakewood native and creative, Cassie Bishop has music and art in her veins. Musically, she describes her original songs and sound as a dark ambient folk.  You can decide when you hear her music while you read this article. She has released her most recent recordings under the name “Origami Moon” found on Bandcamp or Spotify.

Bishop’s creative ways have translated into her current full-time gig as a personal designer with Stitch Fix, where she helps create custom wardrobe options for individuals that she has never met. This career path took a front row seat at the start of the pandemic. She had prior been managing an art studio, which required an in-person component.

It was during the pandemic that she started working solely from home. This gave her the time and space to conceive and gestate her latest solo EP release, “My Raw Heart” out on July 2. “Writing songs is part of me,” says Bishop, “…even if no one ever listened, it is a way to release emotions and to express my truth in a tangible way.”  

Cassie started writing songs and playing in bands during her time in high school at age 17, but she confesses to having taken an occasional hiatus. “I would join bands and then stop playing for periods of time,” says Bishop. During those times however, she accomplished quite a bit. She did some travelling before coming back home to earn her bachelor’s in psychology and a master’s in education from Cleveland State University. Not to mention, she also wrote and published a children’s book.


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Volume 17, Issue 13, Posted 1:56 PM, 06.16.2021

Carl Lishing Receives 2021 Best Of Cleveland Award

Carl Lishing of HealthMarkets Insurance Agency in Lakewood has been selected for the 2021 Best of Cleveland Award in the Insurance category by the Cleveland Award Program.

Each year, the Cleveland Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Cleveland area a great place to live, work and play.

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Volume 17, Issue 13, Posted 1:56 PM, 06.16.2021

Seeking Satisfaction

June 1965, The Rolling Stones released “I Can’t Get No”… Satisfaction. Nearly sixty years later, satisfaction eludes many. 

What is satisfaction anyway? Satisfaction is the fulfillment of a need or a desire. Satisfaction is also strongly linked to happiness, which greatly affects general well-being. If you have your needs met, the first tier of human fundamentals is covered. If your desires are fulfilled, generally you have a more exciting life. Raising your joy factor promotes good health. Happy people tend to sleep better, eat healthier, move more, communicate with kindness, and have meaningful relationships. All of which lead to greater well-being and longevity.

What keeps us from being truly satisfied? For one, most people believe that true happiness, or satisfaction comes from a particular occurrence, versus being in a state of satisfaction or generally happy as a common practice and state of mind. Becoming good at anything, including being satisfied, requires patience, practice, and consistency.

How to cultivate greater life satisfaction:


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Volume 17, Issue 13, Posted 1:56 PM, 06.16.2021

La Loca Chica

Photo by Fernanda Quiroga

Crazy Girl! This wonderful work is by the Chilean artist Carola Guerra, who a few years ago decided to venture on a trip that could help her to grow personally and professionally.

In California she found love, and the motivation to retake art in all its colors ... but the adventure did not end there because that gave way to traveling together to different places and expanding her creativity, that is how La Loca Chica was born, which represents the journey towards fantasy, the dreamlike, the simple and infinite in an image ... everything can happen when you dream, they represent imagination and fantasy on a physical plane, it makes it feel real.

For 20 years she worked in the glass trade in different disciplines: Vitrofusion, Vitreaux, Flame working and she enjoyed it but in being reunited with painting, acrylic, watercolor and means of expression in crafts, she discovered the connection with herself and its essence.

Now she is here, showing her art at The Root Cafe for all of June and she also will be showing in December.

Fernanda Quiroga is a traveler from Chile.

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Volume 17, Issue 12, Posted 1:55 PM, 06.16.2021

The Case for Diversity, Equity And Inclusion In City Government

Our local government has something no other entity has: the unique mission of service to its residents. Our city government is responsible for ensuring our food is safe to eat, our water is drinkable, and our streets are safe, plowed, and paved. No other organization is responsible for these community missions. This is exactly why local governments must be diverse, equitable and inclusive.

Bringing diversity to our city leadership must be a deliberate act - a step on a path to build a future where residents from different backgrounds, bringing their own unique qualities, experiences, and viewpoints feel like they matter. The existence of racism, sexism, bigotry, homophobia, ageism, xenophobia, transphobia, ableism, classism and other forms of discrimination towards our residents make the need for equity critical. As a culture, city and society, we must be prepared to take that first step and place a chair at the table of opportunity.

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Volume 17, Issue 12, Posted 1:55 PM, 06.16.2021

Keep Sarah Kepple On Lakewood City Council

Councilperson Sarah Kepple with family

Hi neighbors! I’m your friendly Lakewood City Councilmember at Large Sarah Kepple, and I’m running to continue to make your local government accessible and responsive to you. I was honored to be unanimously appointed to complete the term vacated by then newly elected Mayor George. I felt called to serve then as I am now because my experience and expertise as a small business owner, volunteer community organizer, and longtime public servant working for and with diverse populations make me uniquely suited to unite our community to take on the challenges facing our city together.

I began my career in public service at Lakewood Public Library where I met my husband Andrew Harant. At the Cuyahoga County Public Library, I worked in a number of communities throughout the county, and I had the opportunity to notice that children attending lower funded schools were not getting enough access to vital technology skills to help them prepare for 21st Century higher education and job markets. I began teaching technology classes for kids and eventually moved to the Library’s Administration building where I developed curriculum, trained staff, and coordinated county-wide efforts including coding camps, robotics classes, and music and video recording studios. Having experience connecting people through technology was extremely helpful in my first term on council during the global pandemic! I wrote my first ordinance less than a month after being sworn in to allow council to meet remotely to continue the people’s work, and I worked with our IT department to enable and encourage public participation through new and convenient technology such as our eComment platform. I also kept residents informed via timely video updates and social media posts.


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Volume 17, Issue 12, Posted 1:55 PM, 06.16.2021

Sweet Designs Is Going To The Dogs With A BEST DOG Essay Contest

Painted Portrait of Otis, by Renee Fisher

“We know how much people love their dogs,” said Carly Moran, General Manager, Sweet Designs Chocolatier, “so we thought it would be great fun to have an essay contest with a custom dog portrait as the top prize.”

Why is your pooch the most deserving canine pal on the planet to merit a portrait?  Tell us, in no more than 250 original words, and the portrait could be yours.  

The lucky winner will get a custom 16” x 20” portrait painted by Renee Fisher, whose day job at Sweet Designs is creating lovely decorations for the European-style chocolates. A graduate of the College of Art & Design in Columbus, Renee is also a working artist who specializes in dog portraits.

Key details for the contest:

  1. Your original essay should answer the question why your dog is the most deserving dog on the planet to win a portrait.
  2. Entries will be evaluated by a panel of dog-loving judges and the winner will be announced in the August issue of Truffles, the Sweet Designs newsletter.
  3. Entries must not exceed 250 words.
  4. Deadline for entries is July 24, 2021 (at 11:59pm)
  5. Please include your dog’s name and your name and phone number along with your entry.
  6. Send your entry and any questions to:


Carly Moran is the General Manager of Sweet Designs Chocolatier in Lakewood.

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Volume 17, Issue 12, Posted 1:55 PM, 06.16.2021

Graduation Speech: "Lost Threads"

Tovi Vega with his violin.

I have been writing this speech for five weeks. I’ve far surpassed the time I’ve been allotted to write it and have written 3 drafts overall. Three revisions later and I’m still without a thread. When someone’s chosen to speak for commencement, they usually have some idea of what they’re writing⁠—what they’re going to say to the hundreds of people that are stepping out of the first 18 years of their lives and moving on to greener pastures. These speakers had to have a thread⁠—some intangible topic or driving idea that ties their speech together.  As of May 28th 2021, I don’t. And that’s okay.

It’s nerve wracking, not knowing what I’m going to say to my contemporaries and teachers and parents. It’s anxiety in the flesh. Then I thought about something. This entire speech writing process is analogous to the culmination of the past four years. Writing, revision, scrapping, rewriting⁠…trying to find a lost thread. 

Lakewood High School was a thread for all of us⁠— some had it neatly braided and tied in the nicest bows, some of us not so much. Highschool hasn’t been the kindest as you all know. We’ve had to deal with last minute essays, hours of concert rehearsal, daily football or track practices, half baked AP tests, and delayed commencements. But then, 2020 happened. Little did we know how much this year would change everything. 


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Volume 17, Issue 12, Posted 1:55 PM, 06.16.2021

Congratulations, LHS Class Of 2021!

Congratulations, graduates! 

(316 graduates)  

Baylee Abbott
Sawsar Abdi
Jameelah Abdul-Haqq
Shamsa Abdullah
Bilal Abuaun
Gabriel Abuaun
Fatima Abukhalil
Sami Abukhalil
Deana Abuzahriyeh
Nelson Addison
Anthony Adkins
Safiya Akhunshikova
Yekatreena Alamouri
Ahlam Alhanash
Nawar Alhomsi
Muzafar Ali
Feruza Aliyeva
Omar Almutairi
Mohammed Alniserawiy
Ibrahim AlSabbar
Grace Alven
Mya Amato
Brianna Anderson
Aya Awad

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Volume 17, Issue 12, Posted 1:55 PM, 06.16.2021

Friends Of Madison Park, Lakewood Vineyard Church Launch ‘Third Thursdays In Madison Park’ Event Series

Two Lakewood organizations are teaming up with local city government this summer to help activate a beloved park.

Friends of Madison Park and Lakewood Vineyard Church proudly announce the launch of Third Thursdays in Madison Park, a quartet of free community events held in partnership with the City of Lakewood featuring refreshments from local eateries, family-friendly activities and neighborly conversation.  Each event – scheduled for June 17, July 15, Aug. 19 and Sept. 16 – will take place on a Thursday evening (6 to 7:30 pm) in the grassy area next to Madison Park’s main picnic pavilion near the softball field.

Tentative Schedule for Third Thursdays in Madison Park:
June 17 - Putt-Putt Golf + EuroGyro Pizza
July 15 - Trikeable Treats Ice Cream + Wiffle Ball Home Run Derby
Aug. 19 -  Live Reggae Music by Local Band Lake Irie + Taco Tontos Baby Burritos
Sept. 16 - Yoga Hosted by Om Land CLE + TOST Baked Goods

“This free community programming is part of our ongoing emphasis on the vitality and inclusivity of this city park we value so dearly,” said Matt Bixenstine, president of Friends of Madison Park. “Third Thursdays in Madison Park would not be possible without the outstanding commitment of our partner, Lakewood Vineyard Church, and lead pastor Matt Shetler.  We are also appreciative of the City of Lakewood for its tremendous support as a partner in this effort.  We hope members of our community will join us for these four fun evenings in Madison Park.”


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Volume 17, Issue 12, Posted 1:55 PM, 06.16.2021

Three Arches Foundation Welcomes New Board Members

Chesley Cheatham

Crampton Elected Chair of the Foundation’s Board of Directors

Three Arches Foundation, a community-focused grant making foundation, added three new members to the board of directors and elected Mary Anne Crampton as its new chair. Adam Bechler, Chesley Cheatham and Monica Yepes-Rios, M.D. join the 19-member volunteer board. The Foundation also recognized the leadership contributions of former chair Chas Geiger and outgoing directors Jay Foran and Jim Hekman, M.D.

Crampton will lead the Foundation as it carries out its work of investing in the advancement of solutions that impact access to care, specifically those that remove barriers and improve behavioral and physical health. She previously served as chair-elect and brings a wealth of non-profit and civic leadership to the role. An engaged resident of Lakewood for over thirty years, Crampton is principal of MACC Partners, a consulting firm that specializes in organizational planning and strategic alignment in the nonprofit sector. Previously, she co-founded and was executive director of LakewoodAlive, Lakewood’s nonprofit development corporation.


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Volume 17, Issue 12, Posted 1:55 PM, 06.16.2021

Sale On The Grounds: Worth The Wait

Members of the Lakewood Historical Society have been busy preparing for their annual sale, the 33rd Sale on the Grounds will be held on June 17, 18, 18, 20th. Thanks to everyone's (least) favorite pandemic, we were forced to take a year off. But we are back and bursting at the seams with treasures! 

The Historic Nicholson House, located across from St. Edward's High School, is filled to the brim with antiques, collectibles, decorative and personal items; tents set up in our yard offer a huge selection of kitchen and craft items, toys, games, sporting goods, tools, electronics, and lawn, garden and picnic items. Items start at just one dollar and there is something for everyone - from Tupperware to tools. This year we have a large selection of Mid-century modern items, a mini stationery store filled with boxed stationery and individual greeting cards, lots of jewelry and tons of crafting and sewing items. Set aside plenty of time to shop as not only is the Nicholson House filled, so is the 70’ tent and several smaller tents covering the grounds. 

This is the perfect place to outfit a new house or apartment or find a special vintage piece to add to your collection. Our great deals get even better on Sunday, when everything except the Antiques Room is half price. Even gamblers don’t wait till Sunday, though—they won’t risk it.

The sale will be held rain or shine at 13335 Detroit Avenue, Lakewood 44107. For questions or more information, call (216) 221-7343.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, June 17, 18, 19 the public sale opens at  9 a.m. and runs through 2 p.m.

Sunday, June 20th sale hours are noon to 3 p.m.

If you’ve shopped this sale before, no doubt it’s already on your calendar. If you’ve never been to this sale, make a point to come. This is one event you don’t want to miss! All proceeds fund programing and building upkeep of the Historical Society and the event is operated solely by volunteers. 

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Volume 17, Issue 12, Posted 1:55 PM, 06.16.2021

Letter To The Editor

It seemed strange to me that there were no concerns noted in your last issue, June 2nd, about how our country is facing its greatest challenge since the Civil War. I would think, after the insurrection of January 6th and the way the Republican Party’s lies have tried to erase history and restrict voting rights across the nation, someone might have mentioned the peril we are experiencing. 

That’s what prompted this letter. Voices were also silent in the 1930’s in Germany. That didn’t turn out well.

Michael Lawless 

Michael Lawless and his wife have lived in Lakewood since 1981. He is a Navy Veteran who is very concerned about where our country is headed.

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Volume 17, Issue 12, Posted 1:55 PM, 06.16.2021

Coffee With The Subconscious... Out Of The Closet...

"Coming Out I" depicts the stuck internal energies of my subconscious.

Chalk Pastel on Paper 26" x 20"

I'm writing again...

Sometimes we don't realize how STUCK we are. Stuck... Stuck... ME...Really?!  

Amazing what it took for me to realize what was sooo buried in my subconscious. He kept drilling me to talk about the drawings I intuitively produced. I couldn't explain where they came from. I couldn't bear to have my drawing professor scrutinize the uncontrollable tears I could no longer contain. I had no choice but to flee from the room... 

This next phase of my life began over a cup of coffee. We would periodically meet to walk our Golden Doodles around Clifton Park. There was something about Jill's energy that brought me comfort. When life brought her to move to the west coast, I somehow knew I would see her again.

It was a spur of the moment text that brought us together at Blackbird Bakery. Jill noticed one of my drawings on social media and encouraged me to schedule an interview at the Cleveland Institute of Art.

I didn't know how to respond. I didn't know how to assess the stirring that I felt sooo deep inside. I was afraid. In my heart I always felt like an artist, but could I actually be accepted into the art world?  Was I worthy? Did I have what it took?


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Volume 17, Issue 12, Posted 1:55 PM, 06.16.2021

LHS Honors Max Close And Alejandro Mercado

The Lakewood community gathered on May 25 to honor Lakewood High Class of 2020 graduates Max Close and Alejandro Mercado with a dedication of a memorial garden at Lakewood High School and the awarding of two scholarships in the names of the two young men who tragically died in a car crash in February.

The Close and Mercado families were joined by more than 100 family, friends, LCS staff and community members as the garden was unveiled as what Principal Mark Walter called "a place for family, friends and community to sit, reflect and find solace for those we have lost and as a place for renewal and hope."

The garden was created by support from the Lakewood Council of PTAs, West Shore Career-Tech, teacher Shannon Snare and her Horticulture classes, the LHS maintenance and custodial staff, the City of Lakewood’s Forestry Manager, Sam Bonvisutto, and Volkswagen of Streetsboro. It is anchored by two spring-flowering trees, two benches and a memorial plaque. 


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Volume 17, Issue 12, Posted 3:01 PM, 06.02.2021

Updated Summer Events

City of Lakewood 2021 Summer Events Update

Based on the most recent guidance from the CDC and the Ohio Department of Health, the City of Lakewood is pleased to announce this updated list of events that will be taking place in Lakewood this summer

Fourth of July – The city will hold its annual fireworks display, as originally stated, on Sunday, July 4th at Lakewood Park.

Friday Night Flicks – Our regular Friday Night Flick schedule will resume this summer.  There will be four movies at Lakewood Park and one at Madison Park.  More information on dates and movies to be shown will be announced soon.

Concerts in the Park – We are hoping to have modified concert series starting later in the summer provided we can secure the necessary vendors.

Cleveland Shakespeare Festival – The Cleveland Shakespeare Festival will return to Lakewood Park this summer.  On Friday, August 6th at 7:00 PM, the Cleveland Shakespeare Festival will perform Romeo & Juliet.

Lakewood Arts Festival – The City of Lakewood and the Lakewood Arts Festival Board are pleased to announce that the Lakewood Arts Festival will return this summer.  The festival is set for Saturday, August 7th from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM on Detroit Avenue in Downtown Lakewood.  For more information, click here.




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Volume 17, Issue 12, Posted 3:01 PM, 06.02.2021

Mayor's Corner: Moving Forward

It’s hard to believe that 2021 is nearly half over. This year is flying by, but I am excited to share all that the City of Lakewood has been up to this past month.

On May 18th, Shawn Leininger, Director of Planning and Development, and I delivered our final Virtual State of the City Addresses in each of Lakewood’s four wards. My goal with these Addresses was to discuss events of this past year, COVID-19, objectives for 2021 and beyond, current and future infrastructure projects, and certain ward specific items. I would like to thank everyone who attended and I look forward to seeing you all face-to-face again very soon. If you missed them, you can watch the recordings on the City’s YouTube channel. 

The City of Lakewood is slated to receive $47 million as part of the American Rescue Plan Act. On May 10th, the U.S. Department of the Treasury released initial guidance on the use of the American Rescue Plan Act funds. The initial guidance indicated that these funds may be used in the following areas: 

• Support public health expenditures, by, for example, funding COVID-19 mitigation efforts, medical expenses, behavioral healthcare, and certain public health and safety staff
• Address negative economic impacts caused by the public health emergency, including economic harms to workers, households, small businesses, impacted industries, and the public sector



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Volume 17, Issue 11, Posted 3:01 PM, 06.02.2021

One Reporter's Stance: Reviews Of Recent Releases By Local Bands, Pt. 116

Part-Time Lover - Living In The Past - Just Because Records - 17 songs - cassette, digital

"Living In The Past" collects the complete recordings of Part-Time Lover– that's two cassette EPs, two 7"s, one digital single, and one entirely unheard song. I've reviewed almost all of this before, but it's actually really interesting to revisit it in this context. Speaking of living in the past, a lot of this came out when I was in high school and it does kinda take me back. By and large, I would call Part-Time Lover a psychedelic pop band. Their songs are catchy and sunshiny but with a sense of haziness and some fuzz guitar leads courtesy of Mandy Look. I think probably a lot of this material has grown on me over the years– I really enjoy most of this tape. I'm not saying every song is completely fantastic, but there are a lot of genuinely good tunes collected here. Within their sound, they also cover a decent amount of ground–- sometimes it's the pure laid back psych (the title track, "Everything In Season"), sometimes (particularly, in two different ways, on the driving (no pun intended) "Motorist" or the semi-soulful "What's So Good About His Love") singer/guitarist Jason Look ends up in full Greg Cartwright/Reigning Sound territory. "Kelly Cruise Kelly" is Beatlesque (particularly with its "around round round" part right out of "Dear Prudence"), "Magic Child" sounds like Neil Young, and weirdly enough, something about "It Stresses My Beast" reminds me pretty strongly of "Don't Tell A Soul"-era Replacements. My favorite Part-Time Lover song, though, would have to be "Day Glow Lemon Yellow Colored Tongue." I don't know what it is about it, but I once played it for a local record guy known for being…particular about his tastes and even he thought it was really good, so there you go. Pat O'Connor and Roseanna Safos are a great rhythm section and Aaron Terkel's keys always provide a nice layer on the songs–- a good band all around is what I'm saying. I have a sneaking suspicion that this is the final statement from Part-Time Lover based on some vague things I've heard. That would be pretty sad if it's true, but this is a darn solid legacy to leave if it is. 4/5


Spike In Vain - Death Drives A Cadillac - Scat Records - 13 songs - LP, digital

This is the famous third album by Spike In Vain, following the classic debut LP "Disease Is Relative" and the cassette-only "Jesus Was Born In A Mobile Home." The difference between this one and the previous two is that this one has never actually been released (I'm not exactly sure of why it ended up getting scrapped other than I think the band broke up sometime relatively shortly after it was recorded, maybe?) There's a definite change in style on this one: while most of the weirder elements are still around, they've left behind most of the hardcore sound and dug deeper into the post-punk and deathrock styles. The opening "Too Cool" particularly shows off the deathrock influence. They also seem to have gotten very into the Gun Club and other sort of swampy bands like that– "Rattlesnake's Wedding" could be the Gun Club if not for the fact that it has an abrupt intense and dissonant part that could only be Spike In Vain. "Big Black Locomotive" and the closing "Gospel Motel" (which, indeed, has a gospel-style interlude where the band chants "Jesus is the man that I've been looking for–- can't you tell me where he's gone?" while Robert Griffin (the singer on this song) rants and occasionally joins in) both also have that kind of feel. The songs that have the most in common with the earlier stuff are probably "Abysmal Child" (an excellent song) and "Escape From The Zoo." I've thought before that in these songs it's evident that this band will splinter, half into Prisonshake and half into Soul Vandals, and I'll stand by that–- you can hear nascent versions of both of those bands present here. I don't say that as a bad thing, either– I quite like both of those bands. My favorite song on here is probably "Party In The Ground," which might be the most un-Spike In Vain sounding song they ever did. I might almost call it jangly, although Chris Marec's unique vocal stylings set it well apart from anything else you'd describe that way (listen to how quickly he spits out that line about the military recruiter). Here's my conclusion: maybe it isn't as good as "Disease Is Relative," but taken on its own it is still a very good album. "Disease" may be one of the most unique, insane punk albums I've ever heard, but this one's pretty out there (in a good way) too. So when is "Jesus Was Born In A Mobile Home" finally gonna get released on vinyl? 4/5


Are you a local-ish band? Do you have a record out? Email or send it directly to the Observer: PO Box 770203, Lakewood, OH 44107.

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Volume 17, Issue 12, Posted 3:01 PM, 06.02.2021

Dr. G's Mugs: Congratulations LHS Class Of 2021

Seventy Four! I now have 74 mugs, representing about 65 different schools, all from former students. How did it start? One day, after having once again treated/bribed/rewarded my students with premium chocolate, I made an off handed remark that, for all my generosity, they should bring me a mug from their college. Well, one day to my surprise, Annalisa Perez and Derek Dashiell (both '12) had actually taken me seriously, and showed up with mugs from OSU and Kenyon, respectively, and the mug collection was off to the races. Now, 9 years and 74 mugs later, I look forward to one day in the distant future sitting in my retirement den with my cat, books and fond memories of all the fabulous LHS students who I had the honor of teaching.

For the record, we are all equally proud of those students who have chosen to pursue work via our fabulous WestShore/Career Tech programs such as Construction Trades, Electronics, Culinary Arts, Auto Mechanics, etc. The magic of LHS is that we aspire to serve the entirety of the community and the myriad interests/goals of our citizens.
Try to find a school around here whose curriculum matches ours—AP classes, CCP classes, electives, career tech...

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Volume 17, Issue 12, Posted 3:01 PM, 06.02.2021

Dr. G's Lakewood Rangers' Baseball Round-Up

MAY 20
The Lakewood Rangers Baseball season ended today (16-11) with a loss—the way seasons end for the overwhelming majority of teams. The future is bright with many underclassmen getting significant playing time this year (5 of of 9 starters today were sophomores). Senior Jameson Supinski (pictured setting up for his last at bat), who had one of the best seasons of any Ranger in recent memory, will be headed off to Division II Findlay to continue his playing career. It was also the last day of school for Jameson and his senior teammates, including starting shortstop Carlos Cintron and reserves Patrick Burke, Zack Krost, David Coleman and Hubert Carlin, all of whom made valuable contributions this year.

The guys from the 44107 lost today to an excellent Brunswick squad, the champions of their league. It was a fun and rewarding season, with an all-state candidate like Supinski, the emergence of junior Will Hyatt as a bonafide starting varsity pitcher, the twin Jablonowski sophomores improving as the season went on, the solid two way play of sophomores Sully Stois and Mason Ivinskas, who will likely be pitching mainstays next year. Cintron was a stong leadoff hitter who played well at shortstop. Junior Lucas Winters had many key hits and was a tough out all year. Sophomore Emmett Frantz joined the varsity mid way through the season and played solid defense in center and had some timely hits. The return of sophomore Eli LaDue from injury happened just in time for big help in the tournament win over Cleveland Heights. Freshman Keegan Schroeder logged valuable time at second base, playing sound defense and collecting his first varsity hits.

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Volume 17, Issue 12, Posted 3:01 PM, 06.02.2021

The View From City Council

Lakewood Pools and Foster Pool Survey

With summer right around the corner, it’s time for Lakewood pools to open for the season. Madison Park’s Becks Pool opens on June 2nd and Lakewood Park’s Foster Pool opens on June 9th. For more information about Lakewood public pools, please visit the Lakewood City Schools Recreation Department's website:

As I mentioned in the last issue of The View from Ward 2, next year Foster Pool will be undergoing renovations/redesign. Lakewood is interested in hearing your vision for the Pool, and wants to incorporate your ideas into the final pool plans. Please share your thoughts and ideas by completing the Foster Pool survey by clicking here.  

Public Art Advisory Board Applications

Interested in creating a strategic direction and having a voice in public art in Lakewood? The City is accepting applications for the Public Art Advisory Board. The PAAB is responsible for “collaborating with City officials regarding its public art policies and practices, promoting the City' s public art programs and educating residents on the benefits of public art on public and private properties.”

To apply please complete the Public Art Advisory Board (PAAB) application and submit it along with your resume to Applications are due by 4:00 PM on June 7th.  

Andrews Avenue Block Club Meeting


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Volume 17, Issue 12, Posted 3:01 PM, 06.02.2021

Starr Gazer


ARIES: Cool your Jets Ram! If you don’t slow down, you may end up with “foot-in-mouth” disease. Be patient, (yes, I know that’s challenging for a Ram). However, remember the Tortoise wins the Race.

TAURUS: Double-check your bank account Bull…I also wouldn’t advise jumping on board with any “get-rich-quick” scams. Stay away from the stock market & don’t play the ponies.

GEMINI: It’s about the Twins, the Rx is hitting your first house, time for a make-over, maybe a new do, one from the past perhaps? Hit the gym, even if mental exercises are more your speed.

CANCER: You can run but you can’t hide is the Crab’s motto for this Rx. You find yourself digging up bones from the past, an old sailor shows shore. It’s a good time to heal old wounds.

LEO: The Lion may have to look to his/her friends for support, you’ve got enough of them in that Jungle of yours, time to re-join a club or organization that you belonged to in the past.


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Volume 17, Issue 11, Posted 3:01 PM, 06.02.2021

Our Lakewood Progress: ADA Accessibility Will Ensure Inclusive Economic Recovery

Economic recovery is on the minds of most Lakewood residents and businesses. Local economies all around the country face an uncertain future due to the continued presence of COVID-19. As we look to the future of Lakewood’s local business landscape, it is important that we remember to support our small business owners. It is also important to ensure that every person in our community can equitably access the goods and services we have to offer. Not only is it the right thing to do for our neighbors with physical limitations, but it makes good business sense.

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Volume 17, Issue 11, Posted 3:01 PM, 06.02.2021

Harley-Davidson Toy Run Benefiting Fairview Hospital Pediatrics Needs Riders

Calling all riders!  Community West Foundation announced that the Harley-Davidson Toy Run benefiting Fairview Hospital Pediatrics will take place on Sunday, July 11 at 10 a.m.  After a year hiatus due to the pandemic, the ride will start at Rock-n-Roll City Harley-Davidson located at 4985 W. 150th and parade through town ending at Fairview Hospital in West Park.

Riders participating typically have toys such as stuffed animals strapped to their massive bikes during the event.  Once at the hospital, the toys are collected and donated to the hospital for placement in the pediatric playroom where the littlest patients can enjoy them. 

This larger than life event is fun for the whole family!  Crowds typically form along the route to celebrate dozens of riders as they make their way for a good cause.  Single rider participants are $30 while double riders are $50.  All pre-registered riders receive an event t-shirt, breakfast prior to the ride and more! 

Sign up today at

Sponsor inquiries should be sent to Clare Brim at


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Volume 17, Issue 11, Posted 3:01 PM, 06.02.2021

It Is Okay Not To Be Okay

Tess Neff, Lakewood City Council Ward 1

May was Mental Health Awareness month. If you know someone who suffers from mental health disorders, and chances are you do, the awareness of their own mental health is every day. Over the past 15 years I have learned about and experienced the effects of mental distress on various levels. Through my work as a magistrate at the Juvenile Court, I dealt with children and families who suffered from mental health disorders. If untreated, the disease can break a family and utterly ruin a life.

On a more intimate level, I have lived through my brother’s journey with mental health disorders. It has been a painful, devastating, frustrating, frightening, sad and sometimes happy ride. Our childhood was chaotic with seven kids in a small three-bedroom house. My brother and I have always been close and growing up he seemed “normal” to me. He was popular in school, a great athlete, and very intelligent. However, when I rewound the video of his life as a young adult, I realized I (and my family), missed all the signs that were readily apparent to anyone with a little education about mental health disorders.


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Volume 17, Issue 11, Posted 3:01 PM, 06.02.2021

Keep Kepple On Council

Dear Neighbors:

This is a letter of support for Sarah Kepple for Lakewood City Council.  As I expected when she was unanimously chosen to fill Mayor George’s council seat, Sarah Kepple has risen to the occasion.  Her knowledge of computer communication systems has allowed all of us in Lakewood to continue to actively participate in our local government during the COVIC-19 reduced capacity and stay-at-home orders.  In her first month on the job, Sarah wrote an emergency ordinance upgrade software to run live meetings AND allow people to interact

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Volume 17, Issue 11, Posted 3:01 PM, 06.02.2021

June Virtual Meet The Author Events

Lakewood Public Library will feature three new virtual Meet the Author events during the month of June. You can watch these programs on and on Thursday evenings at 7:00 p.m. 

June 10

Raechel Anne Jolie, author of "Rust Belt Femme" shares her story of how she survived growing up in rural Ohio against a backdrop of poverty and tragedy, covering a lot of ground with vignettes of love, punk rock, gender and addiction.

June 17

Watch local author Susan Petrone talk about her latest book "The Heebie-Jeebie Girl." Set in 1977 Youngstown, the year that the city’s largest steel mill closed, eight-year-old Hope has the eerie ability to pick the winning lottery numbers. This supernatural power leads to an unfortunate crime, and Hope sets out to find the perpetrator.

June 24

Akron author David Giffels discusses "Barnstorming Ohio," an account of his travels around the state, visiting people and places to try to better understand America, and why Ohio has long been considered the bellwether state.

If you miss the premiere, the videos will also be available on the Library’s website

Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on library news, programs and events.  



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Volume 17, Issue 11, Posted 3:01 PM, 06.02.2021

Imagining A Better World: The Artwork Of Nelly Toll Now On Display At Lakewood Public Library

Lakewood Public Library is pleased to host "Imagining a Better World: the Artwork of Nelly Toll"  on display now through July 31 in the Main Library Second Floor Gallery. This exhibition was organized by the Massillon Museum, with support from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. 

The exhibit features the artwork of Nelly Toll, who was a young Jewish girl living in Poland during World War II.  Nelly and her mother hid from the Nazis in the home of a Catholic family for over a year. While in hiding, Nelly’s mother encouraged her to paint and write, and she created nearly sixty watercolor paintings imagining what life would be like outside of hiding.  

Nelly and her mother were the family’s only survivors and eventually immigrated to the United States in 1951. Nelly went on to become an artist, therapist, professor, and lecturer. 

In 2003, "Behind the Secret Window: A Memoir of a Hidden Childhood During World War II" was published, featuring Nelly’s artwork and journal entries.

Massillon Museum has created this traveling exhibition with a collection of high quality reproductions from Nelly’s original works. The originals are being held in the permanent collection of the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum in Israel or with private collectors. 


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Volume 17, Issue 11, Posted 3:01 PM, 06.02.2021

Seckers Earns National Merit Scholarship

Congratulations to Lakwood High School senior Nina Seckers, who has earned a $2,500 scholarship from the National Merit Scholarship Corp. National Merit $2500 Scholarship winners are the National Merit Finalists in each state judged to have the strongest combination of accomplishments, skills, and potential for success in rigorous college studies. The 2,500 Merit Scholar winners were chosen from a talent pool of some 16,000 outstanding Finalists in the 2021 National Merit Scholarship Program.

These Scholars were selected by a committee of college admissions officers and high school counselors, who appraised a substantial amount of information submitted by both the Finalists and their high schools: the academic record, including difficulty level of subjects studied and grades earned; scores from the PSAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test; contributions and leadership in school and community activities; an essay written by the Finalist; and a recommendation written by a high school official.

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Volume 17, Issue 11, Posted 3:01 PM, 06.02.2021

District Receives $15,000 Kiwanis Centennial Gift

Part of the tradition of the Lakewood Kiwanis is to have a signature project to mark important anniversaries of the organization. For the group’s 75th anniversary in 1996, the Kiwanis gifted an announcement sign for the Lakewood Board of Education property located then on Warren Road. A quarter century later and in conjunction with its centennial celebration, the Kiwanis have graciously given the Lakewood City Schools $15,000 to place a new sign at the Board’s new home at the Taft Center for Innovation (formerly Taft Elementary).

“We are extremely grateful for the longstanding partnership the District has with the Kiwanis and appreciate the many ways they serve our students, whether it be through scholarships for seniors, service clubs at our school buildings, or now this generous gift for our community,” said Superintendent Mike Barnes.

The Kiwanis marked their 100th anniversary with a gala on May 14 where Board President Betsy Bergen Shaughnessy accepted the $15,000 gift on behalf of the Board. 


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Volume 17, Issue 11, Posted 3:01 PM, 06.02.2021

Children/Youth Events At Lakewood Public Library

Library Pen Pal

For children three years old through sixth grade

Do you miss the Library?  We miss you too! Write a letter to a Library staff member telling us about anything from the last book you read to your favorite animal or even include a drawing. A staff member will read your letter and write you back.

Send your letter to:

Children’s and Youth Services

Lakewood Public Library

15425 Detroit Avenue

Lakewood, Ohio 44107

Virtual Local Children’s Author Event – Keith Allen

For all ages

Join local author and illustrator Keith Allen virtually as he reads his children’s picture book "What a Mess: a pop-up Misadventure."


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Volume 17, Issue 11, Posted 3:01 PM, 06.02.2021

The Rebirth Of Lakewood Rangers Softball

The myth of the Phoenix is so enduring because it goes to the deepest of human wants—that is, the hope of rebirth, of coming back from the dead, of recapturing long lost glory. Well, the once proud Lakewood Rangers Softball program was already all but dead, and then we entered into Covid-19 dystopia—a lost season for all spring sports. Low point, rock bottom.

But thanks to dedicated parents, a fresh approach to coaching/program building, and of course a bunch of hard working players, the Ranger Softball Team rose off the ash heap, posting a 12-6 record in the GLC (13-12 overall). First year coach Lucas Yousko, who had been an assistant in previous years, brought an upbeat, positive, fun approach, that included Saturday afternoon cookouts between games but at the same time put forth some serious, focused work on the field. Softball is once again an event at LHS. Coach Yousko concurs. “We tried to make softball an event that could attract girls back to the sport. The Saturday tailgate parties seemed to be a big hit and we are hoping next year gets even better. “ 

Of course, the main actors in the drama are the players, and this year the Rangers had many strong contributors. Junior Inga Wilhelmy, (1st Team GLC /3rd team all Cuyahoga County), led the offense, while freshman Mia Carroll-Greeves (2nd team All GLC) and sophomore Jordan Rossen (Honorable Mention GLC) were stalwarts on the mound. Junior Alesha Hanna-Kotula also earned an Honorable Mention with timely hitting a solid defense. Yet, the success of the the season also depended upon many others.


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Volume 17, Issue 11, Posted 3:01 PM, 06.02.2021

A Heartfelt "Thank You" To Susannah Selnick And Friends Of Madison Park

Susannah Selnick with Artistic Director Richard Cole. 

An Open Letter to Susannah and the Friends of Madison Park:

As I reflect on the past two Sundays of music in Madison Park, I want to express my deepest gratitude for allowing us to rehearse with you and share our passion with the people of Lakewood.

You and your fellow citizens welcomed the North Coast Men’s Chorus with open arms, and we found your community to be welcoming and accepting, as you promised. Our performers were deeply touched by the outpouring of support from those who came and heard the rehearsal. The words of kindness, applause, and sincere gratitude that was expressed mean a great deal to our group.

We are grateful for the effort you and your team put in to bringing us to Madison Park, spreading the word, and ensuring that our group and the attendees had an enjoyable experience. You and the Friends of Madison Park provided us with a first class experience!

I know the community of Lakewood has experienced many challenges in recent weeks and months. It is our hope that these two Sunday afternoons brought a measure of relief. We look forward to an ongoing partnership with you, the Friends of Madison Park, and your great community.

With Gratitude,

Jon Kozesky

Executive Director – North Coast Men’s Chorus

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Volume 17, Issue 11, Posted 3:01 PM, 06.02.2021

Tracy Marie Releases New Album, “A Dark Place”

A still from Tracy Marie's music video for "A Dark Place."

"A Dark Place” is a breakthrough album – raw, authentic and powerful. I sat down with local Singer/Songwriter, Tracy Marie at her Lakewood home on Thursday afternoon to talk about her new release.

My first question: what was the inspiration for the title song, “A Dark Place”?

Tracy described a time she was just feeling crushed. “There is something in that space of doom that just makes way for creativity. I thought about what a dark place I was in at that moment. The song manifested from that thought and feeling. “  

Tracy seems to have the ability to inhabit many musical genres, her catalogue includes blues, folk, and jazz. A Dark Place is different. It’s a really hard sound, but also very melodic. The instrumentation and production are top notch. 

Tracy, whose career spans 20+ years admits that early in her career she was experimenting and learning, playing many different genres and roles as a keyboard player, guitarist, and vocalist, whatever fit the bill. “I was often playing in venues where some of the darker stuff I’d been comfortable writing might not have fit in. I worried about alienating some of my fans, but the response has been so enthusiastic.”


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Volume 17, Issue 11, Posted 3:01 PM, 06.02.2021

When Ronald Reagan Came To Lakewood Park (And Jimmy Stewart Too)

Ronald Reagan came to Lakewood Park on Saturday June 5, 1976, forty-five years ago. He appeared along with the great actor Jimmy Stewart and Ken Curtis, who played Festus on the Gunsmoke TV series. He was campaigning for the Republican presidential nomination which he didn't win. Four years later he was elected president of the United States and served for two terms.

It was nice weather for the crowd of about 1,000 people gathered around the band shell as they heard speeches by Reagan, Jimmy Stewart and others. Politics aside, it was fun seeing and hearing these celebrities up close and personal.

When it was over and everyone was gone I headed for home along a path that took me behind the band shell. There I found a small bag filled with Reagan campaign buttons. It made a nice addition to my collection and a souvenir of a fun event.

Jeff Fritz enjoys exercise, politics, economics, writing jokes and songs, and reading non-fiction.

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Volume 17, Issue 11, Posted 3:01 PM, 06.02.2021

Mayor Swears In Police Promotions

On April 23rd, I had the pleasure to swear in three members of the Lakewood Police Department into their new supervisory roles.

Lt. Duane Brown was hired by the Lakewood Police Department on June 3, 1996, after previously serving with the University Circle Police Department. A native of Streetsboro and a Streetsboro High School graduate, he comes from a law enforcement family, as his father served as the Chief of Police for the Streetsboro Police Department. At Lakewood PD, Lt. Brown previously served as a Field Training Officer, and was promoted to sergeant in 2011. Lt. Brown has two grown children and has a special spot in his heart and house for his two dogs. He is scuba diving and travel enthusiast. Lt. Brown is now the 7pm-7am Shift Commander.

Sgt. Bryan McNeeley was hired by the Lakewood Police Department on August 11, 2008. He is a native of Parma Heights and a graduate of both Holy Name High School and Cleveland State University. Sgt. McNeeley comes from a law enforcement family, as his father is a retired lieutenant from Cleveland PD, and his twin brother is a police officer in suburban Chicago. He is married with two children, all of whom keep him busy. Sgt. McNeeley most recently was assigned as a Neighborhood Police Officer and continues to serve as a member of both the Critical Incident Team and the Crisis Negotiating Team. He enjoys working on home projects and giving out repair advice that is mostly correct. Sgt. McNeeley now serves as on 7am-7pm ‘B’ Platoon.


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Volume 17, Issue 10, Posted 11:40 AM, 05.19.2021

League Of Women Voters Of Lakewood Create The Mary Warren Impact Scholarship

Mayor George and City Council recognize 100 years of the League of Women Voters on February 18, 2020.

Mary Warren is a super hero among community activists. 

A true defender of democracy, Mary is a 58-year-member of the League of Women Voters.  To honor her activism, the Lakewood Chapter of the League of Women Voters Greater Cleveland will award several $1,000 scholarships to Lakewood High School seniors in her name.

“We thought this was a wonderful way to honor Mary Warren, who has worked tirelessly for more than five decades,” said Cindy Strebig, Lakewood Chapter active member. “At the same time, we know how important civic education and engagement are for today’s student. This is a great way to tie the two together and introduce students to the resources of the League. We are working to increase our student members.”


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Volume 17, Issue 10, Posted 11:40 AM, 05.19.2021

Memorial Day Grave Decorating - Volunteers Needed!

To honor our veterans, the Lakewood/Rocky River Joint Veterans Council annually places flags on veteran graves at Lakewood Park Cemetery for Memorial Day. For over twenty-five years, the City of Lakewood’s H2O “Help to Others” program has recruited volunteers to assist the veterans with this project.  Due to Covid-19, they weren’t able to do this tradition last year, but they’re back and want you all to join us! 

As a senior at Lakewood High, this act of service has always been a great opportunity to spend the day outside with friends and family as we honor those who have served our country. Seeing the myriad of diverse graves is always a fascinating thing to experience. I remember my friends and I being absorbed with the different, and sometimes recognizable, last names. The trees are beautiful, and the gravestones are lovely. No matter who you are, there is always something you can be enthralled with during this act of service. 


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Volume 17, Issue 10, Posted 11:40 AM, 05.19.2021

Dr. G's Lakewood Rangers' Baseball Round-Up

In a tight struggle with Rocky River, Lakewood Ranger Baseball squad, per usual, got contributions from many players, but two stood just a bit taller than the rest. Junior Will Hyatt again pitched a complete game 2-1 victory, but this time he had one of the key hits, a two out RBI single in the 5th that seemed like it might be the game winner. The Pirates had other ideas, however, scratching out a run with two down the the bottom of the 7th on an infield hit. With rain lurking to the west, the Rangers had perhaps one chance to win the game before a delay.

Carlos Cintron led off with his third hit, followed by Lucas Winters second hit of the game. Up stepped Jameson Supinski, the leagues leading hitter, who had been 0-2 and had only one hit in his previous seven at bats. Jameson ended his micro slump, and the Pirate hopes, with a two strike laser to right center. In fact, he hit the ball so hard that the River fielder got on it quickly, hit the relay man, and Cintron ended up sliding in just before the tag.

The young Rangers (14-7, 13-3 GLC) have improved steadily as the season has progressed. Will Hyatt, a junior, has thrown two consecutive one run complete game wins against quality opponents (Bay and River). The story of this season has many authors, but Will and Jameson (pictured with Coach Ribar) were the main writers of this chapter. More good things to come.

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Volume 17, Issue 11, Posted 11:34 AM, 05.19.2021

Northeast Ohio’s Largest LGBTQ+ Choir Coming To Lakewood’s Madison Park

Photo Credit: Jim Greenfield

The Northcoast Men's Chorus performing at their "Burn, Baby, Burn!" show in 2019. 

The North Coast Men’s Chorus, the largest LGBTQ+ choral arts society in Northeast Ohio, is bringing their talents to Madison Park in Lakewood this Sunday, May 23rd. They will be holding rehearsals that are open to the public from 2:30pm and 4:30pm.

“This is a group of incredibly gifted singers whose passion, joy, and authenticity light up a room,” said Susannah Selnick, a member of Friends of Madison Park and a volunteer of the North Coast Men’s Chorus. “I love listening to this amazing group sing, and I am so excited they are coming to our community. This is a huge win for our residents as we will enjoy these talented entertainers and their encouraging message that extends well beyond the gay community. I cannot think of a better fit for Lakewood and a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than listening to North Coast Men’s Chorus in our park.”


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Volume 17, Issue 11, Posted 11:34 AM, 05.19.2021

Mayor's Corner: Sustaining Our Water Infrastructure

As I have shared since the beginning of my time as Mayor, I am committed to clean water and building on the progress Lakewood has made in improving our century-old sewer system. 

Last week, the federal government released interim guidance regarding the $47 million dollars the City of Lakewood is slated to receive from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). While this legislation was being developed and deliberated in Congress, I advocated strongly for flexibility in how it could be deployed by recipient communities like ours. One of the categories of eligible expenditures was the modernization of antiquated water and sewer infrastructure systems to clean up our lakes, rivers, and streams and limit the runoff that ends up in Lake Erie. 

Upon finalization of the federal rules, I will be requesting that City Council allocate $25 million dollars of our ARPA funds towards our City’s significant water and sewer infrastructure needs. ARPA funds will enable the City to significantly lower necessary rate increases, which will benefit all of our citizens as we all recover from the pandemic’s financial impacts. These one-time ARPA funds will not cover all of the project costs that the City will face in the decades ahead, but it most certainly will help us ease every customer’s burden during these unprecedented times, and further provide us with an opportunity to transition to a more equitable method of sustaining our infrastructure. :

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Volume 17, Issue 11, Posted 11:34 AM, 05.19.2021

Got Scurvy?: Reviews Of Recent Releases By Local Bands, Pt. 115

Bad Batch - Bad Batch - self-released - 6 songs - cassette, digital

Like most Cleveland hardcore bands, this new group features members of other Cleveland hardcore bands. This time, however, they're all under assumed names (except Twisted Tim, which I believe is actually what's on his birth certificate). I know there's at least one member of Spike Pit, at least one member of Rat Fucker, and at least two members of Weed Whacker here, though where those intersect I cannot be certain. As you'd expect from the collective pedigree here, Bad Batch play pretty decent hardcore. This isn't a bad tape by any means, and certainly recommended if you like bands from Fried Egg to Prison Moan (who had a record with similar looking artwork to this tape, so there's another possible connection), but is a largely indistinctive one. The lyrics are appropriately angry but rather joyless across the board, and while the music is good, it could be a lot of other bands– but hey, this is a first demo, that's what these things are for. What is most identifiable about the group at this point in time, and how I would pick them out of a lineup, is the lead guitar. It's pretty dumb but also pretty good, sometimes there's some wah-wah on it (particularly noticeable on the lead track, "I Know They're Watching")– it's enjoyable. A likable enough addition to your local hardcore collection, if that's your bag. That's where I'm filing it. 3/5


Richard Hamilton - My Perfect World - self-released / Tetryon Tapes - 10 songs - CD, cassette, digital

It's been a while since the name R. Hamilton graced these pages. I think the last time may have been with that Ricky Hell and the Voidboys LP in 2019. I'm not sure whether Ricky considers this his (I think) 4th solo record or whether this is the debut from an entirely new project under his proper name, but in any case, here it is. It doesn't seem to have the Quality Time name or logo on it, so that's an interesting change from previous RH product. Joining the now-based-in-LA Ricky on here is fellow Cleveland transplant John Alberty (whose work with The Roobydocks and Bulsch is in no way similar to the music here) on drums and Jared Javier on bass (who isn't from Cleveland at all unless I've really missed something). More than anything else he's done so far, this feels like Ricky/Richard's fullest embrace of pop music– which, granted, he's never been too far from, but still. "My Perfect World" sets the stage for the album right

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Volume 17, Issue 11, Posted 11:34 AM, 05.19.2021

Superintendent Barnes' Message

May 14, 2021

Dear Families:

I hope this message finds you and your family well. As we wind down this most unusual school year, I wanted to share a mix of updates and opportunities with everyone. I am looking forward to the wonderful end-of-year events in these last weeks and to celebrating the graduation of our seniors! 

Summer Learning Opportunities

The District is pleased to be able to offer free to all our enrolled students a smorgasbord of summer learning opportunities. The District is offering Instrumental Jump Start Camp for rising 5th and 6th graders, Kick Start to Kindergarten and middle school Project Lead the Way STEM  in June, Camp Invention in July, and August Academies (by invitation), which focus on STEM, social emotional learning, literacy and math skills, and FUN! Registration for all of the free summer courses is through the Recreation Department. Please check under Summer 2021 Programs - Youth - Camps to see which camps still have availability.


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Volume 17, Issue 11, Posted 11:34 AM, 05.19.2021

The View From City Council

Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program

In May 3rd’s City Council Meeting, the Director of Planning & Development, Shawn Leininger, announced that after months of development his department is ready to implement the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program (NTCP). The NTCP is a result of lessons learned from the Marlow Traffic Calming Pilot Project and officially formalizes the process in which residents can request to receive a traffic calming device on their street.

The development of a traffic calming plan will follow the following five step process:

·       Step 1: Receipt of Initial Traffic Complaint/Submission of Complaint

o   Review for basic program eligibility

o   Milestone 1 (Basic Eligibility Determination)

·       Step 2: Data Collection and Analysis

o   Review traffic conditions

o   Resident notice and initial survey (seeking 50% resident support)

o   Prioritization

o   Milestone 2 (Determination to proceed with full traffic calming plan)

·       Step 3: Draft and Refine Traffic Calming Plan

o   Development of draft plan


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Volume 17, Issue 11, Posted 11:34 AM, 05.19.2021

LakewoodAlive To Host A Virtual Community Conversation On May 26 Celebrating Historic Preservation Month

Historic Detroit-Warren Building then and now.

LakewoodAlive announces it will host a community conversation entitled “Historic Preservation: Embracing the Past to Invest in the Future” from 7 to 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 26 via Zoom. This conversation will offer insightful dialogue about how we can celebrate our historic building stock, take steps to preserve what we have and leverage resources to breathe new life into these buildings’ second century.

Often called a Streetcar Suburb, Lakewood’s historic roots run deep from Native American trails to farms to plank roads. While the streetcars are long gone, much of our history is visible today in our homes and businesses. How can we work to ensure that these beautiful buildings remain viable and central to the unique sense of place Lakewood celebrates?

The community is invited to attend this free conversation as LakewoodAlive seeks to discuss how communities that celebrate historic preservation stand apart from others and how preservation can be an economic driver for the future. The discussion will delve into the two recently established national historic districts in Lakewood (Downtown and Clifton Park South) and what that means for those neighborhoods while exploring the desire and importance of seeking new historic districts in our pre-war historic community.


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Volume 17, Issue 10, Posted 11:40 AM, 05.19.2021

Children/Youth Events At Lakewood Public Library

Library Pen Pal

For children three years old through sixth grade

Do you miss the Library?  We miss you too! Write a letter to a Library staff member telling us about anything from the last book you read to your favorite animal or even include a drawing. A staff member will read your letter and write you back.

Send your letter to:

Children’s and Youth Services

Lakewood Public Library

15425 Detroit Avenue

Lakewood, Ohio 44107

Virtual Local Children’s Author Event – Kimberly Soderberg

For all ages

Join local children’s illustrator Kimberly Soderberg virtually as she reads picture books she illustrated, Just Like MeMy Mask and Me, and Smile With Me.


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Volume 17, Issue 10, Posted 11:40 AM, 05.19.2021

Geist Honored For 50 Years Of Rotary service

District 6630 Governor Pat Myers congratulates Thom Geist on 50 years of membership in the Rotary Club of Lakewood and Rocky River.

When Thom Geist joined the Rotary Club of Lakewood and Rocky River in June of 1970, his father asked him why he wanted to go to lunch with a bunch of old guys who sat around and sang songs. It didn’t take long for Geist to realize that there was far more to Rotary.

Honored last month at the 2021 Ohio Rotary District Conference for his 50 years of service as a Rotarian, Geist has served on various club committees and in numerous leadership roles including as the club historian.

He led the club as president from 1984-1985 when the Rotary Club of Lakewood and Rocky River was the third largest club in District 6630. Subsequently, he was elected to the club’s Foundation board where he served as chair.

There have been many favorite projects including participation in the distribution of dictionaries each year to all third-grade students in Lakewood and Rocky River and the planning of club social events including the annual clambake and wassail bowl Christmas party.


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Volume 17, Issue 10, Posted 11:40 AM, 05.19.2021

Grace Family Players' Redux

The Grace Family Players, of Grace Presbyterian Church, are offering an original play called, “The Arrival: The Story of Pentecost.”  Written by Nancy Sander, former script writer for WKYC’s “Hickory Hideout,” the play takes the audience back to the Upper Room where twenty followers await the resurrected Jesus and the Power. After forty days of waiting, frustrations run high, giving a real human and comedic touch to the people who awaited the arrival.

     The performance takes place at Grace Presbyterian Church, 1659 Rosewood Avenue (on the corner of Madison and Hilliard), on May 20th at 7:00 P.M. Because of COVID reservations are being taken.  If there are vacancies last minute persons can also be admitted at the door on a first come, first served basis.  There are three ways to make a reservation: 1) e-mail the church at; 2) log onto and follow the link; and 3) call the church at 216-221-6060 to leave a message. Masks are required and there is no charge for this production.For more information call: Nancy Sander: 216-571-3611.

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Volume 17, Issue 10, Posted 11:40 AM, 05.19.2021

Historical Society Spring Sale is On!

Lakewood Historical Society is excited to announce our annual Spring Sale will return after a year hiatus. This year the sale will be held at The Haber Family Center for History at 13314 Detroit on May 20,21,22 from 9:00 a.m. -3:00 p.m. each day. A fine selection of everything exquisite will be artfully displayed for your shopping pleasure, including crystal, china, silver, jewelry, linen and many more decorative items. 

If you have never been to one of our sales it's a local must see.The society operates on funds raised at our sales and we appreciate your purchase given the interesting year we have all had. Whether you are entertaining or treating yourself, we have something for all budgets. This year we have several beautiful sets of china, serving pieces, collectibles, antiques, jewelry, artwork, an Arhaus rug, and an armoir.  From 100 year old treasures to new with tags our selection spans the decades. 

This sale is a prelude to the annual Sale on the Grounds, which will take place at the Historic Nicholson House on June 17, 18, 19, and 20th. We have been storing items for two years and you won't want to miss the sale this year.

All Covid protocols will be followed and masks are required. Come shop—you’re sure to find a treasure to take home. 

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Volume 17, Issue 10, Posted 11:40 AM, 05.19.2021

Come Golf With The Lakewood Rangers Education Foundation!

The Lakewood Rangers Education Foundation (LREF) is proud to offer the annual Ranger Classic Golf Outing to benefit the educational experiences of students at Lakewood City Schools. Back by popular demand in 2021, the Ranger Classic will be held at Valley of the Eagles Golf Course in Elyria, Ohio, on Friday, June 11 with a shotgun start at 11:00 a.m.

Experienced golfers, newcomers, and everyone in between will enjoy this tournament held amidst the beauty of the Black River Valley. We welcome foursomes and individual golfers for a fun-filled day that will include 18 holes of golf, skills contests, swag bags, and lunch. Our signature raffles offer dining packages, travel opportunities, exclusive excursions, golfing opportunities, and a top-shelf liquor basket. The fun and camaraderie of this lively event is sure to bring you back year after year. Registrations for foursomes and individuals are selling out quickly, so don’t delay! The fee for foursomes is $600, or sign up as an individual for $150. Visit for more information.


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Volume 17, Issue 10, Posted 11:40 AM, 05.19.2021

Cancer Survivor To Juggle Soccer Ball 5K For TGP Fundraiser Race For The Place

Bottom of Solstice Steps overlooking Lake Erie at sunrise, Lakewood Park

On June 6th, National Cancer Survivor's Day, The Gathering Place (TGP) will hold their annual fundraiser event Race for the Place. To help promote and encourage participation, Lakewood resident and breast cancer survivor, Frances Inak, will walk 5K while juggling a soccer ball around Lakewood Park a few days before. If you are interested in donating or participating in the virtual race, you can register on The Gathering Place website:

The Gathering Place, which has two locations one in Westlake and one in Beachwood, offers free services to cancer patients and their families. The wide range of services include but are definitely not limited to physical, emotional, nutritional, and financial guidance, assistance with navigating complicated medical information for many different types of cancers, as well as group discussions and activities such as arts and crafts, cooking, Zumba, yoga, and tai chi.  They provide free wigs and have even offered personal massage and reiki sessions.  In general, they provide amazing comprehensive programming to uplift the body, mind, and spirit and support the needs of those touched by cancer in an inviting, friendly, warm, safe environment.


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Volume 17, Issue 10, Posted 11:40 AM, 05.19.2021

Lessons From The Pandemic

Sara Fagnilli

We do not need to be reminded of the extreme difficulties and life altering events of the past year. The over half million lives lost, the death of George Floyd, the pandemic that got worse before it had any hope of getting better. The list of 2020 and 2021 negatives is long and sometimes feels overwhelming...

During the first beautiful Saturday morning not long ago, the summer-like weather in April allowed me to get on my bike for12 miles, which is my time to be with my own thoughts.  While riding through Lakewood and Lakewood Park, I saw adults, children, and pets out enjoying the day.  My thoughts could have gone to the last year and all of the missed events; no charity bike rides, cancelled sporting events, restaurants, shopping, and even the parks were limited or closed, the civil unrest.


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Volume 17, Issue 10, Posted 11:40 AM, 05.19.2021

Lakewood Kiwanis Awards $100,000 To Graduating Seniors

Lakewood Kiwanis Scholarship Foundation is proud to announce our 2021 recipients for this year’s graduating seniors. The following 10 graduates are being awarded $10,000 over the next 4 years in $2500 increments for their academic, citizenship and leadership abilities.

This scholarship fund is funded through the efforts of The Kiwanis Club of Lakewood. The Lakewood Kiwanis Golf Outing  and Annual Scarecrow Festival were  just two of our major fundraisers. 

The winners of the 2021 Lakewood Kiwanis Scholarships are:

Molly Becker, St Joseph Academy

Michael Butterfield, St Edward High School

Quinn Costanzo, Lakewood High School

Lillian Germaine, Lakewood High School

Mohamed Manaa, Lakewood High School

Zoltan Nagy, St Edward High School

Morgan Peura, St. Joseph Academy

Taylor Peura, Magnificat High School

Sam Saracina, Lakewood High School

Jane Sessions, St. Joseph Academy



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Volume 17, Issue 10, Posted 11:40 AM, 05.19.2021

Registration Now Open for 2021 Summer Meltdown Hybrid 5K & Family Fun Run

Ready, sweat, go! Registration is now open for LakewoodAlive’s Hybrid Summer Meltdown 5K and 1 Mile Family Fun Run & Walk with an in-person race on Sunday, July 25 and a virtual race taking place July 10 through 23.

In an effort to ensure comfort and safety during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Lakewood Summer Meltdown sponsored by Melt Bar and Grilled will be orchestrated as a hybrid event with a virtual and in person race, to ensure that all participants have the opportunity to continue this long-held Lakewood summer tradition. The Hybrid Meltdown 5K serves as a fundraiser for LakewoodAlive, a community centered non-profit organization.

VIRTUAL OPTION: Run anywhere and support LakewoodAlive! Complete the race at your convenience anytime between July 10 and July 23, by running through your neighborhood, favorite park or using a treadmill and recording your time on our event page.


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Volume 17, Issue 10, Posted 11:40 AM, 05.19.2021

Arrest Made In Domestic Murder On Elmwood

Sunday morning around 9:30 am a call went into Lakewood Police that a woman had heard 5 shots, and then saw a man in a mask run east- bound on Madison. Around the same time a man bicycling by called police reporting that he had seen a man in a mask running down Madison getting into a dark blue Chevy Cobalt and taking off eastbound on Madison.

It was about that time the the first police were arriving at the scene. Entering the apartment building the police located a middle aged male (44) who had been shot in the head and was deceased. Meanwhile police had started looking for the alleged shooter, believed to be a family of the mur- dered man’s girlfriend. Within 10 minutes they had pulled over a gray car on Elmwood and Hillard being driven by a 19-year-old who was believed to be in the apartment at the time. The police detained him and then released him later that day.


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Volume 17, Issue 10, Posted 12:33 PM, 05.05.2021

Susannah Selnick Launches Candidacy for Lakewood City Council At-Large

Susannah Selnick, a local business owner and community leader, launches her candidacy for Lakewood City Council. Learn more at 

As a pledge to serve every resident of the diverse Lakewood community, I am announcing my candidacy for City Council, on the heels of a recent example of local officials failing to represent the community, as they removed basketball hoops at Madison Park – a move that I  protested.

There are so many inconsistencies that I see between what our City enacts and the reality of how it affects people’s lives, and the recent decision regarding the basketball hoops affirmed my calling to step up and make a difference. I spoke out and brought my own hoop to the Court - and I’m just getting started as I make the case that the way our Council operates must change. Lakewood has so much to offer, but that means working hard, having uncomfortable conversations, and seeing a vision for change. I am ready to do that work, to talk to our residents, and embrace a vision for a sustainable, equitable future for Lakewood.

I am running because I am proud to call Lakewood home, and I love everything it stands for – access, progress, and acceptance, too often; however, we only talk about these things, and I want us to actually be these things. The recent counter-productive decision to remove the basketball hoops at Madison Park was the last straw. Rather than search for equitable solutions, connect with the community, and truly engage, our City’s first instinct was to take away something that so many of our residents hold dear. This showed me that it is time for fresh leadership, and I’m committed to being the voice for ALL Lakewood.


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Volume 17, Issue 10, Posted 12:24 PM, 05.05.2021

Staff Spotlight Honorees: Corrigan & Sedlak

Katy Corrigan

Each month the Lakewood City Schools selects one or two staff members to be honored as part of its Staff Spotlight feature. The staff members are nominated by their peers. April's honorees are District Nurse Katy Corrigan and Lakewood High and West Shore Career-Tech teacher Bob Sedlak. Read below for more on each of these outstanding staff members:


When life began to slow down for everyone due to restrictions necessitated by the pandemic, Katy Corrigan’s pace of life significantly ramped up. That’s because Corrigan, in her role as District School Nurse, suddenly became the expert on all things COVID for our district. She has been working non-stop ever since.

Corrigan’s job became guided by one simple mission: “What can we do in our school system to safeguard students and staff” during this pandemic. We all know that the strategies to contain the pandemic and protocols to stay safe and healthy have constantly evolved. It has been Corrigan's job to stay on top of all those changes and then advise District leaders on how to move forward with the District’s educational mission while maintaining the safety and health of everyone.

In her role, Corrigan keeps abreast of all the guidelines issued from national, state and local health organizations. She is the recordkeeper of all reported student and staff COVID cases. She conducts contact tracing and determines who must isolate or quarantine and then communicates that with those affected. She researches and shares the protocols for keeping the students and staff safe in the buildings. And she answers the continuous stream of staff and parent emails and phone calls at all times of the day, dispensing the latest guidelines for when to stay home and when to return to school. 


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Volume 17, Issue 9, Posted 12:23 PM, 05.05.2021